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Program Rating Lock; Game Mode - Samsung UN40EH6000F User Manual

6000/6050 series led tv.
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Table of Contents
■ Contents: When the On Time is activated, you can turn on a
specific channel or play back contents such as photo or audio
- TV/USB: Select TV or USB. (Make sure that an USB device is
connected to your TV.)
- Antenna: Displays the current antenna source.
- Channel: Select the desired channel.
- Music/Photo: Select the folder containing MP3/JPEG files on
the USB device.
The maximum displayed number of files, including sub
folders, in one folder of USB storage device is 2000.
The media may not be playing smoothly when using the
device lower than USB 2.0.
■ Repeat: Select Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat,
Sat~Sun or Manual to set at you convenience. If you select
Manual, you can set up the day you want to activate the timer.
❑ Other Features

Program Rating Lock

The Program Rating Lock feature automatically locks out
programs that are deemed inappropriate for children. The user
must enter a PIN (personal identification number) before any of the
Program Rating Lock restrictions are set up or changed.
Program Rating Lock is not available in HDMI or
Component mode.
The default PIN number of a new TV set is "0-0-0-0".
■ Program Rating Lock: You can block rated TV Programs.
■ TV Parental Guidelines: You can block TV programs
depending on their rating. This function allows you to control
what your children are watching.
■ MPAA Rating: You can block movies depending on their MPAA
rating. The Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA) has
implemented a rating system that provides parents or guardians
with advanced information on which films are appropriate for
■ Canadian English: You can block TV programs depending on
their Anglophone Canadian.
■ Canadian French: You can block TV programs depending on
their French Canadian rating.
■ Downloadable U.S. Rating: Parental restriction information can
be used while watching DTV channels.
■ Change PIN: The Change PIN screen will appear. Choose any
4 digits for your PIN and enter it in Enter New PIN. Re-enter
the same 4 digits in Confirm New PIN. When the Change
PIN screen disappears, press the
memorized your new PIN.
If you forget the PIN, press the remote-control buttons in
the following sequence, which resets the pin to "0-0-0-0" :
(off) →
Set the menu language.
Choose between English, Español and Français.

Game Mode

When connecting to a game console such as PlayStation™ or
Xbox™, you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience by
selecting the game menu.
Precautions and limitations for game mode
To disconnect the game console and connect another external
device, set Game Mode to Off in the setup menu.
If you display the TV menu in Game Mode, the screen shakes
button. The TV has
→ 8 → 2 → 4 →
Game Mode is not available when the input source is set
to TV.
After connecting the game console, set Game Mode to On.
Unfortunately, you may notice reduced picture quality.
(On-Screen Text Messages)
■ Caption: You can switch the caption function on or off. If
captions are not available, they will not be displayed on the
The Caption feature does not work in Component or
HDMI mode.
■ Caption Mode: You can select the desired caption mode.
Default / CC1~CC4 / Text1~Text4: (analog channels only) The
Analog Caption function operates in either analog TV channel
mode or when a signal is supplied from an external device to
the TV. (Depending on the broadcasting signal, the Analog
Caption function may or may not work with digital channels.)
Default / Service1~Service6 / CC1~CC4 / Text1~Text4:
(digital channels only) The Digital Captions function works with
digital channels.
Service1~6 may not be available in digital caption mode
depending on the broadcast.
■ Digital Caption Options: (digital channels only)
Size: Options include Default, Small, Standard and Large. The
default is Standard.
Font Style: Options include Default and Styles 0 to 7. The
default is Style 0.
Foreground Color: Options include Default, White, Black, Red,
Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.
You can change the color of the letter. The default is White.
Background Color: Options include Default, White, Black, Red,
Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. You can change the
background color of the caption. The default is Black.
Foreground Opacity: This adjusts the opacity of text. Options
include Default, Transparent, Translucent, Solid and Flashing.
Background Opacity: This adjusts the opacity of the caption
background. Options include Default, Transparent, Translucent,
Solid and Flashing.
Return to Default: This option sets each Size, Font Style,
Foreground Color, Background Color, Foreground Opacity and
Background Opacity to its default.
Digital Caption Options are available only when Default
and Service1 ~ Service6 can be selected in Caption
The Foreground and Background cannot be set to have
the same color.
Set so that a melody plays when the TV is turned on or off.
The Melody does not play.
When no sound is output from the TV because the
button has been pressed.
When no sound is output from the TV because the volume has
been reduced to minimum with the
When the TV is turned off by Sleep Timer function.
Auto Protection Time
■ Auto Protection Time (Off / 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours / 10
hours): If the screen remains idle with a still image for a certain
period of time defined by the user, the screen saver is activated
to prevent the formation of ghost images on the screen.
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Table of Contents

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