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Bosch DWK67EM60 User Manual And Installation Instructions

Bosch DWK67EM60 User Manual And Installation Instructions


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User manual and installation instructions


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  • Page 1 Extractor hood DWK67EM60, DWK87EM60, DWK67EM60B, DWK87EM60B User manual and installation instructions [en]...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    en Safety Table of contents The appliance can only be used safely if it is correctly installed according to the safety in- structions. The installer is responsible for en- suring that the appliance works perfectly at its USER MANUAL installation location. Only use this appliance: Safety ..............
  • Page 3: Safety

    Safety en ney). With the extractor hood switched on, air Hot oil or grease ignites very quickly. is extracted from the kitchen and the adjacent ▶ Always supervise hot oil and fat. rooms. Without an adequate supply of air, the ▶ Never extinguish burning oil or fat with wa- air pressure falls below atmospheric pressure.
  • Page 4: Preventing Material Damage

    en Preventing material damage ▶ Take hold of the filter cover after opening Improper repairs are dangerous. until it no longer swings out. ▶ Repairs to the appliance should only be ▶ Close the filter cover slowly. carried out by trained specialist staff. Risk of injury when opening and closing the ▶...
  • Page 5: Operating Modes

    Operating modes en 4  Operating modes 4.1 Air extraction mode The air which is drawn in is cleaned by the grease fil- ters and conveyed to the exterior by a pipe system. The air must not be discharged into a flue that is used for exhausting fumes from appliances burning gas or other fuels (not applicable to appliances that only discharge the air back into the...
  • Page 6: Familiarising Yourself With Your Appliance

    en Familiarising yourself with your appliance 5  Familiarising yourself with your appliance 5.1 Controls Switch the appliance on or off ⁠ Switches on fan setting 1. The controls are used to configure all functions of your appliance and to obtain information about the operat- ⁠...
  • Page 7: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting en 8.5 Cleaning glass Observe the information regarding the cleaning agents. Observe the information regarding the cleaning Soak the grease filter in hot soapy water. agents. Use special grease solvent for stubborn dirt. You Clean with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. can obtain grease solvents from after-sales service or the online shop.
  • Page 8: Customer Service

    en Customer Service ▶ ▶ Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it by trained specialist staff. must be replaced by trained specialist staff. ▶ Only use genuine spare parts when repairing the appliance.
  • Page 9: Accessories

    Disposal en Accessories Order number Accessories Order number Odour filter for the DZZ0XX0P0 Clean Air Plus odour filter DZZ1XX1B6 CleanAir recirculation (replacement is required) module, can be regener- LongLife air recirculation DWZ0XX0J0 ated Clean Air Plus air recircu- DWZ1DX1I6 lation set 12 ...
  • Page 10 en Installation instructions ▶ Always ensure adequate fresh air in the room if the 13.4 Instructions for the electrical appliance is being operated in exhaust air mode at connection the same time as a room air-dependent heat-produ- In order to be able to safely connect the appliance to cing appliance is being operated.
  • Page 11: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions en ▶ To ensure correct installation, you must use a mater- 13.7 Instructions for the exhaust air pipe ial which is sufficiently stable and suitable for both The appliance manufacturer does not provide any war- the structural conditions and the weight of the appli- ranty for faults attributable to the pipeline.
  • Page 12 en Installation instructions The bottom edge of the appliance is identical to the Remove the protective foil from both flue duct sec- lower edge of the drilling template. tions. Note: Ensure that there are no electrical wires, gas pipes or water pipes in the area where holes are to be ¡...
  • Page 13 Installation instructions en Insert the brackets for the filter cover into the open- ings on the appliance and lock into place. Remove the edge protection.
  • Page 16 Expert advice for your Bosch home appliances, help with problems or a repair from Bosch experts. Find out everything about the many ways Bosch can support you: Contact data of all countries are listed in the attached service directory.

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