Tips For Great Results; Planetary Mixing Action; Mixing Time; Mixer Use - KitchenAid 5KSM7990XBSM Original Instructions Manual

6.9 l professional bowl-lift stand mixer
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Planetary Mixing Action

During operation,
the Flat Beater
moves around
the stationary
bowl, at the same
time turning in the
opposite direction
on its own axis.
The diagram
shows the complete coverage
of the bowl made by the path of
the Beater.
The 5KSM7990 is rated 500 Watts
and uses a Direct Current motor. It
is a quiet and highly efficient motor,
combined with a direct drive transmission
system : this enables to drive 1.3 Horse
Power at peak power (output motor
power), enabling fast and outstanding
mixing results even with heavy dough.

Mixing Time

Your KitchenAid Mixer will mix faster
and more thoroughly than most other
electric mixers. Therefore, the mixing
time in most recipes must be adjusted
to avoid overbeating.
To help determine the ideal mixing time,
observe the batter or dough and mix
only until it has the desired appearance
described in your recipe, such as "smooth
and creamy." To select the best mixing
speeds, use the "Speed Control Guide"

Mixer Use

To avoid personal injury and
damage to the beater, do not
attempt to scrape bowl while
mixer is operating; turn mixer
off. Should scraper or other
object drop into bowl, turn
motor OFF before removing.
The bowl and beater are designed to
provide thorough mixing without frequent
scraping. Scraping the bowl once or twice
during mixing is usually sufficient.
The Stand Mixer may become warm
during use. Under heavy loads with
extended mixing time periods, you may
not be able to comfortably touch the top
of the Stand Mixer. This is normal.

Mixing Tips

Adding Ingredients
Always add ingredients as close to side of
bowl as possible, not directly into moving
beater. The Pouring Chute can be used to
simplify adding ingredients. Use Speed 1
until ingredients have been blended. Then
gradually increase to desired speed.
Adding Nuts, Raisins, or Candied Fruits
Follow individual recipes for guidelines on
including these ingredients. In general, solid
materials should be folded in the last few
seconds of mixing on Speed 1. The batter
should be thick enough to keep the fruit
or nuts from sinking to the bottom of the
pan during baking. Sticky fruits should be
dusted with flour for better distribution
in the batter.
Liquid Mixtures
Mixtures containing large amounts of liquid
ingredients should be mixed at lower speeds
to avoid splashing. Increase speed only after
mixture has thickened.
NOTE: If ingredients in very bottom of
bowl are not thoroughly mixed, then the
beater is not far enough into the bowl.
See the "Setting Up Your Stand Mixer"


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents