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Before Setting Surface Controls - Frigidaire FCCG3627AS Use & Care Manual

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Gas surface burner types
The cooktop is equipped with gas surface burners
with diff erent BTU ratings. The ability to heat food
quickly and in large amounts increases as the burn-
er size increases.
Small burners are best used for low-fl ame heat-
ing of small amounts of food.
Standard burners can be used for most surface
cooking needs.
The largest burner is best used for bringing
large quantities of liquid rapidly up to tem-
perature or when preparing larger quantities
of food. The large burner is located at the right
front position on the cooktop.
Regardless of size, always select cookware that
is suitable for the amount and type of food being
prepared. Select a burner and set the fl ame size
appropriately for the pan. Never allow fl ames to
extend beyond the outer edge of the pan.
Burner Cap
Burner Head
Orifi ce Holder
Figure 1: Burner cap, burner head, ignitor, and
orifi ce
Do not allow spills, food, cleaning agents, or
any other material to enter the gas orifi ce
holder opening.
Always keep the burner caps and burner
heads in place whenever the surface burners
are in use.
Never place fl ammable items on the cooktop.


Assembly of the Burner Caps
Make sure that all of the surface burner caps and
surface burner grates are installed correctly and at
the correct locations.
2. Make sure burner head and caps are properly
Important: The burner head has a hole which fi ts
over the ignitor. Make sure the head fi ts snugly be-
fore placing the burner caps.
Note: Unpack the burner grates and position them
on the cooktop after the burner heads and caps are
properly installed.
Remove all packing material from the cooktop
placed on the surface burners.



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