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Philips 170S7FG/00 User Manual

Philips lcd monitor 170s7fg 17" sxga.
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Philips LCD Monitor Electronic User's Manual
file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/INDEX.HTM2006/2/17 下午 05:47:13


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  • Page 1

    Philips LCD Monitor Electronic User’s Manual file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/INDEX.HTM2006/2/17 下午 05:47:13...

  • Page 2

    DC power cord for normal operation. Please use approved power cord provided by Philips all the time. If your power cord is missing, please contact with your local service center. (Please refer to Customer Care...

  • Page 3

    ● ● ● file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/safety.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 2 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:20 extreme cold. In order to maintain the best performance of your monitor and use it for a longer lifetime, please use the monitor in a location that falls within the following temperature and humidity ranges.

  • Page 4

    What are the .inf and .icm files on the CD-ROM? How do I install the drivers (.inf and . icm)? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_faq.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:27 Recommended video mode for Philips 17": 1280x1024 @60Hz.

  • Page 5

    Will the LCD monitor accept an interlaced signal under PC models? What does the Refresh Rate mean for LCD? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_faq.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:27 Your video card/graphic driver and monitor together determine the available resolutions.

  • Page 6

    How should I clean the LCD surface? Can I change the color setting of my monitor? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_faq.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:27 from the top to the bottom of the screen determines flicker, an active matrix display uses an active element (TFT) to control each individual pixel and the refresh rate is therefore not really applicable to LCD technology.

  • Page 7

    Yes. Philips LCD monitors have this optional feature. For standard VESA mount holes on the rear cover allows the user to mount the Philips monitor on most of the VESA standard arms or accessories. We recommend to contact your Philips sales representative for more information.

  • Page 8

    MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_faq.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:27 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Yes. All Philips LCD monitors are fully compatible with standard PCs, Macs and workstations. You may need a cable adapter to connect the monitor to your Mac system.

  • Page 9

    What is a Liquid Crystal Display? What differentiates passive matrix LCDs from active matrix LCDs? What are the advantages of TFT LCD compared with CRT? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_faq.htm 第 6 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:27 or printer. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 10

    Why is there no flicker on an LCD Monitor? Why is an LCD monitor virtually low of Electro Magnetic Interference? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_faq.htm 第 7 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:27 method. Unlike a CDT monitor, the TFT LCD panel has a fixed resolution. For example, an XGA monitor has 1024x3 (R, G, B) x 768 pixels and a higher resolution may not be available without additional software processing.

  • Page 11

    European 'Law' that relates to health, safety, environment and consumer protection, much the same as the U.S. National Electrical Code and UL Standards. Yes. Philips LCD monitors conform to the guidelines of MPR-II and TCO 99/03 standards for the control of radiation, electromagnetic waves, energy reduction, electrical safety in the work environment and recyclability.

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    AUTO button not working properly Imaging Problems Display position is incorrect Image vibrates on the screen file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_troub.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:33 Check these items Make sure the power cord is plugged into the power outlet ●...

  • Page 13

    Green, red, blue, dark, and white dots remains For further assistance, refer to the representative. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_troub.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:33 Press the Auto button. ● Eliminate the vertical bars using the Phase/Clock of More ●...

  • Page 14

    Troubleshooting file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_troub.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:33...

  • Page 15: Regulatory Information

    IT equipment in a more user-friendly direction. Our labelling system started with displays in 1992 and is now requested by users and IT-manufacturers all over the world. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/regs/regulat.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 10 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:41 170S7...

  • Page 16

    Philips establishes technically and economically viable objectives to optimize the environmental performance of the organization's product, service and activities. From the planning, design and production stages, Philips emphasizes the important of making products that can easily be recycled. At Philips, end-of-life management primarily entails participation in national take-back initiatives and recycling programs whenever possible, preferably in cooperation with competitors.

  • Page 17

    CE Declaration of Conformity Philips Consumer Electronics declare under our responsibility that the product is in conformity with the following standards - EN60950-1:2001 (Safety requirement of Information Technology Equipment)

  • Page 18

    To prevent damage which may result in fire or shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or excessive moisture. THIS CLASS B DIGITAL APPARATUS MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS OF THE CANADIAN INTERFERENCE- CAUSING EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/regs/regulat.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 10 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:42 OFF (Sleep) Amber < 1 W Switch Off <...

  • Page 19

    N'utiliser que des câbles RF armés pour les connections avec des ordinateurs ou périphériques. CET APPAREIL NUMERIQUE DE LA CLASSE B RESPECTE TOUTES LES EXIGENCES DU REGLEMENT SUR LE MATERIEL BROUILLEUR DU CANADA. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/regs/regulat.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 10 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:42 Trade Name: Philips Philips Consumer Electronics North America P.O.

  • Page 20

    A protection mark "B" confirms that the equipment is in compliance with the protection usage requirements of standards PN-93/T-42107 and PN-89/E-06251. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/regs/regulat.htm 第 6 頁 / 共 10 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:42 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

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  • Page 22

    Zeichenkontrast wären die Folge). Der arbeitsplatzbezogene Schalldruckpegel nach DIN 45 635 beträgt 70dB (A) oder weniger. End-of-Life Disposal file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/regs/regulat.htm 第 8 頁 / 共 10 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:42 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE ACHTUNG: BEIM AUFSTELLEN DIESES GERÄTES DARAUF ACHTEN, DAß...

  • Page 23

    Please find out about the local regulations on how to dispose of your old monitor from your local Philips dealer. (For customers in Canada and U.S.A.) This product may contain lead and/or mercury.

  • Page 24

    Regulatory Information file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/regs/regulat.htm 第 10 頁 / 共 10 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:42 1. The GREEN AND YELLOW wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter "G" or by the Ground symbol or coloured GREEN or GREEN AND YELLOW.

  • Page 25

    15 A, 250 V. The Cord Set should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment will be installed and / or be marked HAR. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/safety/saf_other.htm2006/2/17 下午 05:47:45 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 26: About This Manual

    • Notational Descriptions About This Guide This electronic user's guide is intended for anyone who uses the Philips LCD Monitor. It describes the LCD monitor's features, setup, operation and other important information. Its contents are identical to the information in our printed version.

  • Page 27

    All rights reserved. Reproduction, copying, use, modification, hiring, renting, public performance, transmission and/or broadcasting in whole or in part is prohibited without written consent of Philips Electronics NV file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/about/about.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 2 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:49 NOTE: This icon indicates important information and tips that help you make better use of your computer system.

  • Page 28: Product Information

    FlexiHolder holds notes, cards or photos on top of a monitor RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Philips eliminated toxic substances like lead from its displays. Lead-free display helps protect your health and promotes environmentally sound recovery and disposal of waste from electrical and electronic equipment.Philips complies with the European Community stringent RoHS Directive...

  • Page 29

    - Video - Sync • Input signal levels • Sync input signal • Sync polarities file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57 TFT LCD 17" visual 0.264 x 0.264 mm 1280 x 1024 pixels R.G.B. vertical stripe Anti-glare polarizer, hard coated 337.9 x 270.3 mm...

  • Page 30

    1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz (analog input) 17 factory preset modes: H. freq (kHz) file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57 6 o'clock x: 0.283 y: 0.297 (at 9300°K) x: 0.313 y: 0.329 (at 6500°K)

  • Page 31

    Switch Off This monitor is determined that this product meets the Physical Specifications • Dimension (WxHxD) * • Weight • Tilt file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57 60.023 1024*768 67.500 1152*870 60.000 1280*960 63.981 1280*1024 79.976...

  • Page 32

    Pin Assignment The 15-pin D-sub connector (male) of the signal cable: Pin No. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 30 W* (typ.) 5° C to 40° C (operating) -20°...

  • Page 33

    Follow the links to see various views of the monitor and its components. Front View Product Description Physical Function Tilt file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 6 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57 Green video ground Blue video ground RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 34

    Product Information FlexiHolder file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 7 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57...

  • Page 35

    Product Information RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/product.htm 第 8 頁 / 共 8 2006/2/17 下午 05:47:57...

  • Page 36

    Introduction Philips SmartManage is an advanced solution for users, corporate/institution IT administrator in particular, to manage their Philips monitors as part of the asset management environment. The solution includes three essential components, Philips SmartManage Administrator, and Philips SmarControl and Agent.

  • Page 37

    SmartManage Philips SmartControl The SmartControl and SmartManage Agent are deployed and installed in computers using Philips monitors. With SmartControl and SmartManage Agent, monitors and PCs can interact with the administrator's inquiries. Because SmartControl operates on individual PC, end users can also use SmartControl to adjust monitor's performance settings.

  • Page 38

    SmartManage ● ● file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/smart.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 6 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:01 Position Users can adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the screen by moving the sliding bar left and right. This function is disabled when using DVI-D (digit) input.

  • Page 39

    Such choices are disabled when using DVI-D (digit) input. Q&A What is the difference between SmartManage, SmartControl? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/smart.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 6 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:01 General Click on General for general information including driver information, device information, and monitor control.

  • Page 40

    When LightFrame is enabled, the sRGB adjustment is disabled automatically. To use sRGB, you need to disable LightFrame first. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/smart.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 6 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:01 Change video graphic adapter to another one Update video driver...

  • Page 41

    SmartManage RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/smart.htm 第 6 頁 / 共 6 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:01...

  • Page 42

    TFT LCD panels used in flat panel monitors are sometimes unavoidable. No manufacturer can • Pin Assignment guarantee that all panels will be free from pixel defects, but Philips guarantees that any monitor with an unacceptable number of defects will be repaired or replaced under warranty. This notice explains •...

  • Page 43

    Philips also specifies tolerances for the proximity of pixel defects. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/pixel.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:06 Bright dot defects appear as pixels or sub pixels that are always lit or 'on'. That is,...

  • Page 44

    In order to qualify for repair or replacement due to pixel defects during the warranty period, a TFT LCD panel in a Philips flat panel monitor must have pixel or sub pixel defects exceeding the tolerances listed in the following tables.

  • Page 45

    Philips Pixel Defect Policy Note: * 1 or 2 adjacent sub pixel defects = 1 dot defect Your Philips monitor is ISO13406-2 Compliant file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/product/pixel.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:06 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 46: Installing Your Lcd Monitor

    Front View Product Description • The Base • Getting Started • Optimizing Performance file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/install.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:11 To switch monitor's power On and Off To access OSD menu To adjust the OSD...

  • Page 47

    This is included on this CD. Step-by-step instructions are provided to guide you through the installtion process. Click on the link to know more about this file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/install.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:11 Kensington anti-thief lock...

  • Page 48

    Installing Your LCD Monitor program. More about file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/install.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:11 FP_setup4.3.exe RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 49: Connecting To Your Pc

    • Connecting to Your PC • Getting Started • Optimizing Performance • The base Connecting to Your PC file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/connect.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:18 Power cord VGA cable EDFU pack RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 50

    Connecting to Your PC Connect the power cord to the back of the monitor firmly. (Philips has pre-connected VGA cable for the first installation. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/connect.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:18...

  • Page 51

    Connecting to Your PC Connect to PC file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/connect.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:18 Turn off your computer and unplug its power cable. Connect the monitor signal cable to the video connector on the back of your computer.

  • Page 52

    • Getting Started Put monitor face down on the safe surface. • Optimizing Performance • Unfold the Base • Fold the Base • Remove the Base Pull up the base. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/base.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:24...

  • Page 53

    The Base Fold the Base Push down the head of monitor. Remove the Base Condition: ● file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/base.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:24 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE for VESA standard mounting applications...

  • Page 54

    The Base Remove the screw and then remove the top cover. Remove the 3 screws and then remove the base from the LCD monitor. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/base.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:24...

  • Page 55

    The Base Note: This monitor accepts a 100mmx100mm VESA-Compliant mounting interface. RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/base.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:24...

  • Page 56: Getting Started

    Use the information file ( .inf) for Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP or later • Optimizing Performance The built-in VESA DDC2B feature in Philips Monitors supports Plug & Play requirements for Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP. This information file ( .inf) should be installed in order that your Philips monitor can be enabled from the 'Monitor' dialog box in Windows®...

  • Page 57

    Getting Started For Windows® Me For Windows® XP file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/gt_start.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:28 Click on the 'Start' button, point to 'Settings', and then click on 'Control Panel'. Double click on the 'Display' Icon.

  • Page 58

    If your Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP version is different or you need more detailed installation information, please refer to your Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP user's manual. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/install/gt_start.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:28 Click on the 'Have disk...' button, then click on the 'Browse...' button and then select the appropriate drive F: (CD-ROM Drive).

  • Page 59

    Description of the On Screen Display What is the On-Screen Display? This is a feature in all Philips LCD monitors. It allows an end user to adjust screen performance of the monitors directly through an on-screen instruction window. The user interface provides user- friendliness and ease-of-use when operating the monitor.

  • Page 60

    On-Screen Display when you want to work your way around the different adjustments later on. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/osd/osddesc.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 5 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:38...

  • Page 61

    On-Screen Display file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/osd/osddesc.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 5 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:38...

  • Page 62

    On-Screen Display RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/osd/osddesc.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 5 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:38...

  • Page 63

    On-Screen Display file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/osd/osddesc.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 5 2006/2/17 下午 05:48:38...

  • Page 64

    • Ireland • Spain EASTERN EUROPE: Turkey LATIN AMERICA: Peru • NORTH AMERICA: PACIFIC: ASIA: Pakistan AFRICA: MIDDLE EAST: file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warranty.htm2006/2/17 下午 05:48:47 Austria • Belgium • Denmark • Italy • Luxembourg • the Netherlands • Norway • United Kingdom Czech Republic •...

  • Page 65

    Philips helpdesk directly to benefit from your Philips F1rst Choice Warranty. This three-year service warranty entitles you to a swap model on-site if your monitor turns out to be faulty or defective. Philips aims at a swap within 48 hours of your call being received.

  • Page 66

    Note that products that are not originally designed, manufactured, approved and/or authorized for usage within the Philips F1rst Choice countries, do not apply to the Philips F1rst Choice Warranty. In these cases the Philips global warranty terms are valid.

  • Page 67

    Your Philips F1rst Choice Warranty file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/war_1st.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:00...

  • Page 68

    Ireland Italy Luxembourg The Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warfirst.htm2006/2/17 下午 05:49:07 Telephone number Tariff 0820 901115 € 0.20 070 253 010 € 0.17 3525 8761 Local call tariff 09 2290 1908 Local call tariff 08 9165 0006 €...

  • Page 69

    Your Guarantee in Central and Eastern Europe Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Philips product, which has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. If, unfortunately, something should go wrong with this product Philips guarantees free of charge labor and replacement parts during a period of 36 months from date of purchase.

  • Page 70

    In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we advise you to read the operating instructions carefully before contacting our dealers or Information Centers In case your Philips product is not working correctly or is defective, please contact your Philips dealer or directly the Website: file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/war_ee.htm 第...

  • Page 71

    CZ - 160 00 Praha 6 Tel: 800 100 697 CROATIA Renoprom d.o.o. Mlinska 5, Strmec HR - 41430 Samobor Tel: +385 1 333 0974 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:18 • Argentina • Australia • Bangladesh •...

  • Page 72

    115, Mihai Eminescu St., Sector 2 RO - 020074 Bucharest Tel: +40 21 2101969 SERBIA & MONTENEGRO Tehnicom Service d.o.o. Bulevar Vojvode Misica 37B YU - 11000 Belgrade Tel: +381 11 3060 886 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:18...

  • Page 73

    Tel: +48 22 7501766 Email: RUSSIA Tel: +7 095 961-1111 Tel: 8-800-200-0880 Website: TURKEY Türk Philips Ticaret A.S. Yukari Dudullu Org.San.Bolgesi 2.Cadde No:22 34776-Umraniye/Istanbul Tel: (0800)-261 33 02 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:18...

  • Page 74

    Phones: 11 21210203 -São Paulo & 0800-701-0203-Other Regions without São Paulo City CHILE Philips Chilena S.A. Avenida Santa Maria 0760 P.O. box 2687Santiago de Chile Phone: (02)-730 2000 Fax : (02)-777 6730 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 75

    Fax: (595 21) 664 336 Customer Desk: Phone: 009 800 54 1 0004 PERU Philips Peruana S.A. Customer Desk Comandante Espinar 719 Casilla 1841 Limab18 Phone: (01)-2136200 Fax : (01)-2136276 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 76

    Phone: (800) 479-6696 Pacific AUSTRALIA Philips Consumer Electronics Consumer Care Center Level 1, 65 Epping Rd North Ryde NSW 2113 Phone: 1300 363 391 Fax : +61 2 9947 0063 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 6 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 77

    HONG KONG Philips Electronics Hong Kong Limited Consumer Service Unit A, 10/F. Park Sun Building 103-107 Wo Yi Hop Road Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong Phone: (852)26199663 Fax: (852)24815847 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 7 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 78

    New Dehli 110 015 INDONESIA Philips Group of Companies in Indonesia Consumer Information Centre Jl.Buncit Raya Kav. 99-100 12510 Jakarta Phone: (021)-7940040 ext: 2100 Fax : (021)-794 7511 / 794 7539 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 8 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 79

    48F PBCOM tower 6795 Ayala Avenue cor VA Rufino St. Salcedo Village 1227 Makati City, PHILS Phone: (02)-888 0572, Domestic Toll Free: 1-800-10-PHILIPS or 1-800-10-744 5477 Fax: (02)-888 0571 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 9 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 80

    1768 New Petchburi Road Khwaeng Bangkapi, Khet Huaykhwang Bangkok10320 Thailand Tel: (66)2-6528652 E-mail: cic Africa MOROCCO Philips Electronique Maroc 304,BD Mohamed V Casablanca Phone: (02)-302992 Fax : (02)-303446 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 10 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 81

    Fax: +27 (0) 11 471 5123 E-mail: Middle East DUBAI Philips Middle East B.V. Consumer Information Centre P.O.Box 7785 DUBAI Phone: (04)-335 3666 Fax : (04)-335 3999 file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/warcic.htm 第 11 頁 / 共 11 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:19...

  • Page 82: Your International Guarantee

    In the event you require service whilst in another country a dealer address can be given to you by the Philips Consumer Help Desk in that country, the telephone and fax number of which can be found in the relevant part of this booklet.

  • Page 83

    International Guarantee file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/war_intl.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 2 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:23...

  • Page 84

    WHAT IS EXCLUDED? file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/warranty/war_usa.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 4 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:29 All Philips monitors are designed and manufactured to high standards and deliver high-quality performance, ease of use and ease of installation. Should you encounter any difficulties while installing or using this product, please contact Philips directly to benefit from your Philips F1rst Choice Warranty.

  • Page 85

    ● Where IS SERVICE AVAILABLE? Warranty service is available in all countries where the product is officially distributed by Philips Consumer Electronics. In countries where Philips Consumer Electronics does not distribute the product, the local Philips service organization will attempt to provide service (although there may be a delay if the appropriate spare parts and technical manual(s) are not readily available).

  • Page 86

    Please contact Philips at: (800) 479-6696 Three years free parts and three years free labor will be provided at Philips Canada depot or any one of its authorized service centers. (In Canada, this warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties. No other warranties are expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

  • Page 87

    ● Just a phone call away Philips’ customer help desks are located worldwide. Within the U.S. you can contact Philips customer care Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-9:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM ET hrs by using one of the contact phone numbers.

  • Page 88

    The width-to-height ratio of the active area of a display. In general, most monitors have an aspect ratio of 4:3. Wide monitors or TVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10. Backlight file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35 G H I R S T U V...

  • Page 89

    (degrees Kelvin). Lower Kelvin temperatures such as 2400° K are red; higher temperatures such as 9300° K are blue. Neutral temperature is white, at 6504° K. Philips monitors generally offers 9300° K, 6500° K, and user define. Contrast The luminance variation between light and dark areas in an image.

  • Page 90

    An energy conservation program launched by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), promotes the manufacture and marketing of energy-efficient office automation equipment. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Reduce signal loss and video noise in signal due to less signal conversion.

  • Page 91

    Color defined as having hue are know as chromatic colors. White, black, and grays possess no hue. IPS (In Plane Switching) file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 4 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE = 256 levels. For a color...

  • Page 92

    A measure of the brightness or luminous intensity of light, usually expressed in units of Candelas per square meter (cd/m2) or foot Lamberts. 1 fL=3.426 cd/m2. A unit of luminance equal to 1 cd/m2 or 0.292 ftL. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 5 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 93

    Using a standard unified color space, sRGB will help represent pictures taken by an sRGB compatible device correctly on your sRGB enabled Philips monitors. In that way, the colors are calibrated and you can rely on the correctness of the colors shown on your screen.

  • Page 94

    Attachment points are referred to as ports. Each hub converts a single attachment point into multiple attachment points. The architecture supports concatenation of multiple hubs. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 7 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35 USB automatically determines resources (like driver software and USB eliminates "case anxiety"...

  • Page 95

    The direction of data flow from the host or away from the host. A downstream port is the port on a hub electrically farthest from the host that generates downstream data traffic from the hub. Downstream ports receive upstream data traffic. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 8 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35...

  • Page 96

    Vertical refresh rate Expressed in Hz, it is the number of frames (complete pictures) written to the screen every second. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/170S7/glossary/glossary.htm 第 9 頁 / 共 9 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:35 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE...

  • Page 97

    3. Choose where you would like to save the file; click 'Save' (if prompted to save as either 'text' or 'source', choose 'source'). Printing instructions: file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/download/download.htm 第 1 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:38 Adobe® Acrobat Reader for Apple Macintosh. 170S7.pdf...

  • Page 98

    'source', choose 'source'). Exit your browser and install the FPadjust Program. ● Read the "FP_Readme4.3.txt" file before installing. file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/download/download.htm 第 2 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:38 RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE FPadjust Program: FP_setup4.3.exe...

  • Page 99

    Download and Print RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE file:///F|/OEM MODELS/philips/CD Manual/17/170S7/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/download/download.htm 第 3 頁 / 共 3 2006/2/17 下午 05:49:38...

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