Sling Media Sling Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 User Manual

Sling media wireless multimedia networking device user's guide.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Sling Media, Inc. Other products and companies mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners and not Sling Media, Inc. This product is designed in the United States and manufactured in Indonesia. 082-10025 ....

  • Page 3: Welcome

    WELCOmE! Thank you for purchasing the Slingbox PrO-HD. Follow these instructions to connect your new Slingbox and to start watching your TV programs almost anywhere. If you run into any problems along the way, visit our support web site where you can find video tutorials, technical articles and ways to contact Sling for help: WHAT’S IN THE BOX :...

  • Page 4: Here's What You Can Connect To Your Slingbox

    HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN CONNECT TO YOUR SLINGBOX The Slingbox PrO-HD supports connecting up to three audio/video sources: • One high definition (HD) device using component cables for video. You can use either analog or digital cables for audio. • One standard definition (SD) device using composite cables for audio and video.

  • Page 5: Before You Begin Setup

    BEFORE YOU BEGIN SETUP : To make the setup process easier, write down the type, brand and model of the a/V sources, along with information about your home network. This will come in handy when you configure the software later on. HD - High Definition Source SOUrCE TyPE : [Ex : Digital Video recorder (DVr)]...

  • Page 6: Step 1: Connect Your Hd Source, Connect Hd Source

    STEP 1 : CONNECT YOUR HD SOURCE VIDeo : If you have a high-definition device, you can connect it to your Slingbox with the included component video cables. Component video cables have a set of green, blue and red connectors. Connect these cables to the component jacks labeled In on your Slingbox PrO-HD.

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    AuDIo : analog audio connectors are usually red and white. To connect using analog audio, use the included stereo audio cable. The red connector is for the right audio channel, and white is for the left audio channel. Insert one end of these audio cables into the jacks labeled In on your Slingbox PrO-HD.

  • Page 8: Step 2: Connect Your Sd Source, Connect Sd Source

    STEP 2 : CONNECT YOUR SD SOURCE VIDeo : If you have an SD (standard definition) a/V device, you can connect it to your Slingbox using the included composite cables. Composite cables have a yellow connector for video, along with red and white connectors for audio. Insert the yellow connector into the yellow composite jack labeled In on your Slingbox PrO-HD.

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    AuDIo : Composite cables also have red and white connectors for audio. Insert the red connector into the red composite jack labeled In on your Slingbox PrO-HD. These jacks are also in the top row on the back of your Slingbox. Connect the other end of this cable to the red output audio jack on your SD source.

  • Page 10: Step 3: Connect Your Coax Source, Connect Coax Source

    STEP 3 : CONNECT YOUR COAX SOURCE Coaxial cable carries both video and sound. They're used to connect antennas or to some cable TV systems. Connect your coaxial source to the jack labeled COax In on your Slingbox PrO-HD. If your coaxial a/V source is already connected to your TV with a coaxial cable, disconnect it from the TV and then re-connect this cable to the COax In jack on your Slingbox.

  • Page 11: Attach Remote Control Ir Cable

    STEP 4 : ATTACH REMOTE CONTROL IR CABLE Connect the remote control Ir cable to the Ir jack on the Slingbox. next, place a remote control Ir cable head on the top or bottom of your a/V device so it points at its Ir sensor. Make sure that the head of the remote control Ir cable extends out far enough over the front your a/V device to send a signal to it.

  • Page 12: Step 5: Link To Your Network, Link To Network

    Internet connection or a broadband home network. you must have a router to use the Slingbox. TIP : For best video performance, Sling Media recommends that you use wired Ethernet to connect Slingbox PrO-HD to your home network. Wireless connections may not be able to handle the large amount of information in a high-quality video stream.

  • Page 13: Step 6: Attach The Power Adapter, Attach Power Adapter

    STEP 6 : ATTACH THE pOwER ADApTER • Connect the power adapter cable into the Slingbox POWEr jack. • Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. WARNING: THE INCLUDED POWER SUPPLY IS FOR THE SLINGBOX PRO - HD. DO NOT USE THIS POWER SUPPLY ON THE SLINGBOX CLASSIC, THE SLINGBOX AV OR THE SLINGBOX PRO.

  • Page 14: Step 7: Install The Software, Step 8: Enjoy Your Slingbox

    STEP 7 : INSTALL THE SOFTwARE now that you have the Slingbox connected, you’re ready to install the software. before you do, make sure that your computer is on the same network as your Slingbox. next, go to and follow the instructions to download the latest software to your PC or Mac.

  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING 1. If the power light is not on: Disconnect the power cable from both the Slingbox and the electrical outlet and reconnect them - making sure that they are secure. 2. If the network light is not on: Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the back of the Slingbox and re-insert it. you will hear a click when it is fully inserted.

  • Page 16: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SLINGBOX PRO-HD (US/CAN) SPECIFICATIONS : Dimensions (unit only) Weight (unit only) Power requirements Inputs Outputs Source Control network Display SLINGBOX PRO-HD POWER ADAPTER (US/CAN) : Make Model number Input Voltage range Input Frequency range Input Current Output Voltage Output regulation Output Load range 10 14...

  • Page 17: Warranty, Safety, Regulatory

    (1) year from the original date of purchase. What will sling Media Do? Sling Media will repair or replace it with the same product, or another product with similar features. how Do You Get Warranty service? support team at 1 - 877 - gO - SLIng (option #4) to verify eligibility.

  • Page 18

    Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Sling Media may charge for out-of-warranty service at a rate of $150 (USD), which includes costs to ship the repaired or replacement product to you.

  • Page 19

    Sling Media returns Center or to the corporate offices without an rMa number will be rejected. Upon receipt at the designated Sling Media returns Center, Sling Media will refund the purchase price of your product (including tax).

  • Page 20: Important Safety Instructions

    Important safety Instructions Please read all of these instructions and retain for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions. • Do not use a Slingbox near water. • Do not place the product near heat sources such as direct sunlight, radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

  • Page 21: Replacement Parts

    Lightning For added protection of this product during a lightning storm, or when it is left unattended and unused for long periods, unplug it from the wall outlet. servicing Do not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.

  • Page 22

    The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature...

  • Page 23

    Slingbox reaches its end of life, contact your local authorities to learn about recycling options. Sling Media cares about the environment. Some of our packaging materials are made from recycled paper and all of our packaging is designed to be recycled.

  • Page 24

    This equipment has been certified to comply with the limits for a class b computing device, pursuant to FCC rules. Operation with non-approved equipment or cables is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception. The user is cautioned that changes and modifications made to the equipment without the approval of manufacturer could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment.

  • Page 25: Legal Notices

    Legal Notices soundTouch SlingPlayer software uses the SoundTouch Sound Processing Library (, which is licensed under the terms of the gnU Lesser general Public License ( licenses/). SoundTouch Library Copyright © Olli Parviainen 2001-2005. Microsoft This product includes technology owned by Microsoft Corporation and under a license from Microsoft Licensing, gP .

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    NOTES: 10 24...

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    pro - hD...

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  • Jose Alvarez Mar 03, 2016 06:26:
    Need direction to connect a Comcast Xfinity X1 DVR to my Slingbox PRO-HD SB300.
    Thi​s SB300 was previously connected to a Comcast Scientific Atlanta 3800.
    The X1 DVR has a HDMI connection and a COAX connection outputs.
    C​an I use the X1 COAX output to the COAX input on the SB300 while connecting the TV to the X1 HDMI output?
    Pl​ease advice the correct way to connect so the laptop can recognize the connection and allow for the setting on the SB300
    Than​ks for your assistance​.
    Jose M. Alvarez
  • Jose M. Alvarez Mar 03, 2016 06:18:
    Need directions to connect a Comcast X1 Infinity DVR to my Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100
    ​The X1 box is connected to the TV using the HDMI out, the X1 also has a Coax out.
    Conne​cting the X1 Coax to the input on the SB300 makes the light on the SB300 blink bright and dim alternatel​y.
    HELP Please