Other Precautions - Panasonic 4CW056MA01 Applications Manual

Horizontal scroll compressors
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8) Heat the joint uniformly by moving the torch around the joint to flow braze material evenly around the
9) Slowly move the torch to area 3 to draw the braze material into the joint.
10) Do not overheat the joint. A cherry red color indicates overheating and can weaken the joint and fittings.
4.12.5 Compressor Replacement for Motor Burn Out
If a motor burn out is present, follow the procedure as below:
1) Evacuate the system per section 4.12.2.
2) Remove the compressor as outlined in sections 4.12.3 and then follow proper clean-out procedures as
detailed in system instructions.
3) Replace the liquid line filter dryer and install a properly sized suction line filter dryer.
4) Run system and recheck pressure drop across suction filter dryer within 48 hours. If pressure drop is
excessive, replace both the liquid line and suction line filter dryers.
4.12.6 Returning Failure Compressor
1) The failure compressor should be sealed on suction tube and discharge tube to prevent the refrigerant
oil flowing out during transportation.
2) Please record the following items in a list: Compressor Model, Manufacturing Series Number, Air-
conditioning Model and Air-conditioning Manufacturing Number, Failure Time, Failure Descriptions and
Failure Reasons, etc.
The field information should be returned together with compressor. It is strongly recommended to record
as detailed as possible for the accurate failure analysis.

4.13 Other Precautions

1) Installation should be completed within 15 minutes after removing the rubber plugs.
2) Do not use the compressor to compress air.
3) Do not energize the compressor under vacuumed condition.
4) Do not tilt over the compressor while carrying it.
5) Do not remove the paint.
6) When compressor running, the phase voltages difference should be lower than 2% of the rated voltage.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents