Pipe Surface Stress; Allowable Incline; Vibration - Panasonic 4CW056MA01 Applications Manual

Horizontal scroll compressors
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2.14 Pipe surface stress

The stress of pipes connecting the compressor and other parts of the refrigeration systems, shall not be more
than 12.26MPa when the compressor is operating, and shall not be more than 34.32MPa during 'start - stop'.

2.15 Allowable incline

The allowable incline shall not be more than 10°during operation.

2.16 Vibration

Since C-SW series compressors are designed with high back pressure shell, the oil level inside of crankcase
is more stable during operation. The installation direction of the compressor could be perpendicular or parallel
to the running direction of the vehicle.
Initial operation test for the system at full range of speed must be conducted to prevent vibration transmission
into any lines attached to the unit.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents