Rca lcd flat panel hdtv user's guide.
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  • Page 1

    LCD FLAT PANEL HDTV contents connections remote features menus FAQs warranty...

  • Page 2: Important Information, Product Registration, Product Information

    Safety Instructions on the next page. Product Registration Please fill out the product registration card (packed separately) and return it immediately. For US customers: Your RCA Consumer Electronics product may also be registered at www.rca.com/television. Registering this product allows us to contact you if needed.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 8.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions ... i Chapter 1 I Connections & Setup Things to Consider Before You Connect ... 6 Protect Against Power Surges ... 6 Instructions at the Beginning of User's Guide ... Position Cables Properly to Avoid Audio Interference ... 6 Use Indirect Light ...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Programming Remote to Operate Other Devices Find Out If You Need to Program Remote ... Programming Remote ... 27 How to Use the Remote After You’ve Programmed It ... 28 Modes of Operation ... 28 Manual Reset of Remote Control ... Remote Code List ...

  • Page 6: Connections

    1 Connections and Setup Things to Consider Before You Connect Protect Against Power Surges • Connect all devices before you plug any power cords into the wall outlet or power strip. NEVER plug your TV into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. •...

  • Page 7: Attaching Tv To Table Stand

    Attaching TV to Table Stand Your TV comes without the table stand attached so that you can choose to mount your TV either to its table stand or to a wall (wall mount sold separately). If you want to mount your TV to the wall, don’t attach the table stand, and instead, follow the Mounting Your TV to the Wall instructions on page 13.

  • Page 8

    Step 3 Attach the table stand to the TV cabinet by inserting the stand into the stand connector support, and aligning the three screw holes, from the bottom, tighten- ing three M4 St-screws with a screwdriver. Table Stand Assembly for model L32HD31 Parts List 1 Stand Table 1 Post Support...

  • Page 9

    Step 2 Take the Stand Base, Post Support and 3 Size M4 screws. 2. Locate the Post Support on the Stand Base by aligning the screw holes. Attach the Post Support to the Stand Base with 3 Size M4 screws, from the top, with a screwdriver.

  • Page 10

    Step 4 Secure the table stand to the TV cabinet by tightening the Size M8 screw with a Philips head #3 screwdriver. Swivel Table Stand Assembly for models L32HD36 and L40HD36 Parts List 1 Stand Table 1 Hinge for model L40HD36 1 Hinge Cover for model L40HD36 1 Size M8 Screw...

  • Page 11

    Step 1 1. Take the TV bag and place it on a flat table. 2. Take the TV set and place it face down on the TV bag. Step 2 Take the Stand Base and the Hinge. 2. Position the Hinge by aligning the slot on the Hinge and the notch on the Stand Base.

  • Page 12

    Step 3 1. Take the Stand Base Assembly and the Hinge Cover. 2. Locate the Hinge Cover by aligning the biggest tab fastener to the biggest slot on the Stand Base. Push and fasten the Hinge Cover to the Stand Base. sure all 3 tab fasteners snap firmly in place.

  • Page 13: Mounting Tv To Wall

    Step 6 Secure the Table Stand to the TV cabinet by tightening the Size M8 screw with a Philips head #3 screwdriver. Mounting TV to Wall To mount your TV to the wall you need to purchase a VESA wall mount Models L26HD31/L26HD31S Models L32HD31/L32HD36 Model L40HD36...

  • Page 14: Get The Picture, Getting Channels

    Get the Picture The first part of connecting your TV is to get the picture, also known as the signal. The back panel of your TV allows you to receive analog and/or digital channels by using the ANTENNA/ CABLE INPUT. Getting Channels What You Need Antenna ("rabbit ears") or outdoor antenna with coaxial cable...

  • Page 15: Choose Your Connections

    16-17 ment system and instruct you in its operation. For details about this service, call 1-888-206-3359. For additional pages 17-18 assistance while using your RCA product, please visit www.rca.com/ customersupport. pages 18-19 Connections and Setup Chapter 1 If you...

  • Page 16: Composite Video Connection

    Connecting a Device with Composite Video (Good) This connection allows you to connect a device that has a Video Out jack, for example, a DVD player. Using the example of a DVD player: 1. If necessary, connect your cable and/or off-air antenna as described on page 14. 2.

  • Page 17: Component Video Connection

    Component Video Connection This is an example of a connection using the component video jacks. Go to page 16 for specific instructions. COMPONENT VIDEO CABLES (Y Pb Pr) ARE COLOR CODED- GREEN, BLUE AND RED Connecting a Device with HDMI (Best) High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) technology is an uncompressed digital connec- tion that carries both video and audio data by way of an integrated mini-plug cable.

  • Page 18

    HDMI/DVI Connection (Best) This is an example of a connection using the HDMI2/DVI jack. Go to page 17 for specific instructions. Don’t forget: If necessary, connect antenna or cable to get a picture. Go to page 14 for instructions. Connecting a PC Device This connection allows you to connect to a personal computer and use your TV as a monitor.

  • Page 19: Pc Connection

    PC Connection This is an example of a connection using the PC VIDEO jack. Go page 18 for specific instructions. ViewingPicture from Connected Device 1. Plug in the TV (see page 20 for details) and the device, if they aren't already plugged in. 2.

  • Page 20: Plug In Tv, Put Batteries In Remote, Turn On Tv

    Plug in TV Plug the end of the power cord into the back of the TV. Plug the other end into an outlet. Insert the plug completely into the outlet. Do not plug into an outlet controlled by a light switch. Put Batteries in Remote •...

  • Page 21: Complete Channel Setup, Complete Initial Setup, Set Menu Language, Set Tv Location Mode

    Complete Initial Setup The menu system in your TV allows the TV’s features to work properly. The first time you turn on your TV, the language screen appears. Set Menu Language The first part of the setup allows you to select your preferred language for the menu system. If English is your preferred language, press OK and go to set the TV Location Mode.

  • Page 22: What To Expect, Watching Tv, Changing Channels

    What To Expect Watching TV • Remember: Look for an A at the top of the screen to see if you're watching an analog channel. Analog video is sent in a 4/3 format, or your TV can display these channels in a16/9 format by pressing the FORMAT button to view the different formats available.

  • Page 23: Explanation Of Jacks (in Alphabetical Order)

    Explanation of Jacks (in alphabetical order) This section describes the jacks on the back panel of your TV. There are several ways to connect devices. ANTENNA/CABLE INPUT Lets you connect a coaxial cable to receive the signal from your antenna, cable, or cable box. AUDIO/VIDEO INPUT 1 (VID1) such as a VCR or DVD player.

  • Page 24: Buttons And Other Jacks On Your Tv, Side Input Jacks, Side Panel Buttons

    Buttons and Other Jacks On Your TV Side Input Jacks Headphones VIDEO INPUT 2 console, VCR, or DVD player. To access a device connected to the VIDEO jack, press the INPUT button on your remote repeatedly to select VID2 displayed at the top of the screen. AUDIO L and R Note: Do not connect...

  • Page 25: Remote

    2 Using the Remote Control Remote Control Buttons Alphanumeric Buttons Enter channel number; time setting; and options with letters, using these buttons. To enter a channel, press the number buttons and press OK (or just let the entry timeout). To enter a digital channel with a sub-channel, enter the main channel, then press the right arrow button to enter the sub-channel and press OK.

  • Page 26: Using The Input Button

    The universal remote can be programmed to operate many brands of remote-controllable VCRs, audio devices, DVD players, cable boxes, satellite receivers and other devices. In addition to being programmed to operate your television, it’s already programmed to operate some RCA devices. Notes: •...

  • Page 27: Programming Remote

    Programming Remote The CANCEL button is used as visual feedback during the programming operation. During programming, the CANCEL button will light up when buttons are pressed and turn off when buttons are released. When programming is finished, the CANCEL button will long blink to indicate success and short blink to indicate fail.

  • Page 28: Modes Of Operation

    to Use Remote After Programming It Once the remote has been programmed successfully, it is ready to operate your devices. To operate a device: 1. Press the appropriate device button (SAT/AUX or DVD) to set the remote to control the device, for example, press DVD to control your DVD player.

  • Page 29

    Manual Reset of Remote Manual Reset is used to reset the remote settings to default. Note: The reset can also be done by replacing the batteries, but replacing the batteries does not always cause a reset, so you can perform a manual reset if the remote doesn’t reset after battery replacement.

  • Page 30: Remote Code List

    Polaroid ...436 Polk Audio ...026 073 328 Proscan ...083 Pyle ...169 Radio Shack ...133 434 RCA ...007 022 074 079 080 083 093 099 363 367 372 380 393 434 RCA & Dimensia ...437 Realistic ...125 Regent ...138 Rio ...116 Rotel ...334...

  • Page 31: Using The Remote Control

    Proceed ...045 Proscan ...041 125 184 Provision ...093 Pye ...356 Qwestar ...026 239 260 RCA ...000 008 027 041 043 046 125 130 179 184 191 197 228 288 338 389 401 411 422 447 regent ...034 Rio ...066 Rotel ...044 Rowa ...028...

  • Page 32: Vcr Codes

    [407 089] [407 105] [371 061] Philips ...[156 009] [391 075] Polaroid ...[390 074] [423 112] Presidian ...[391 075] RCA ...[389 073] [401 083] [411 097] [422 110] Samsung ...[368 005] [384 070] [396 078] [405 087] [412 098] [415 087] Sanyo ...[424 113] Sony ...[360 048] [361 049] [362 050]...

  • Page 33

    Radio Shack/Realistic ...015 020 021 022 025 026 028 Radix ...022 035 Randex ...022 035 RCA ...003 012 017 021 025 030 042 073 083 097 110 Realistic ...010 015 020 021 022 023 025 026 028 035 125 Ricavision ...038 Ricoh ...034...

  • Page 34: Features, Channel Banner

    TV to the VID1 input, for example, when only works with you want to watch a tape on the VCR. To set up the Autotuning feature: other RCA devices. 1. Press MENU (the Main Menu appears). Highlight Setup and press OK on your remote.

  • Page 35: Parental Controls And V-chip, How V-chip Works For Usa And Canada

    You can select from the following inputs or channels: Disabled Choose this if you don’t have a device connected to the TV or if you don’t want the TV to automatically tune to the correct channel/input when you’re using this device. Channel 3 or 4 Device is connected to the ANTENNA/CABLE jack on the back of the TV, and you want the TV to tune to channel 3 when you press the corresponding button on the remote.

  • Page 36: Lock/unlock Parental Controls, Us V-chip Tv Ratings

    Lock/Unlock Parental Controls Parental Control Go Back • When the Parental Control menu is accessed from the Main menu and the parental controls Lock Parental Control Select Channel 51 MTV are permanently unlocked, the following message is displayed: Block Channel Button Block V-Chip “Parental controls are UNLOCKED.

  • Page 37: Us V-chip Movie Rating Limit

    6. Use the MENU button repeatedly to get back to the Parental Control menu. Select Lock Parental Control from the Parental Control menu for rating limits to take effect, you must press OK and enter a 4-digit password. To view age-based ratings after you've locked them, follow the same steps as above to unlock. Blocking Specific Content Themes You can block programs based on their content.

  • Page 38: Blocking Canada V-chip Ratings, Future Rating Region, Blocking Unrated/exempt Programs, Button Block

    Blocking Canada V-Chip Ratings English Ratings Go Back If you receive Canadian programs you can block Canadian English and French V-Chip by CE-18+ CE-14+ ratings only. When you block a particular rating, you automatically block the higher rated pro- CE-PG CE-G CE-C8+ grams as well.

  • Page 39: Additional Features, Change Password, Screen Formats

    Change Password This option let you set a new V-chip password. 1. Press MENU on the remote control (the TV's Main Menu appears). 2. Select Parental Control. 3. Select Change Password and press OK to display the password resetting menu. 4.

  • Page 40: Menus, Using Menu System, Picture Menu

    Using TV Menu Using Menu System This section explores the menus of your TV. Each menu is outlined and detailed to help you Main Menu Exit get the most from your TV. The Parental Control menu is discussed in Chapter 3. To access the Picture Sound menu system:...

  • Page 41: Sound Menu

    Film Mode (3:2 Pulldown) Automatically detects video sources that were originally recorded on film (like most movies) and subsequently converted to a different format (for TV broadcast, for example). Film mode processes the converted signal so that it looks as close as possible to the original.

  • Page 42: Channel Menu, Parental Control Menu, Setup Menu

    Channel Menu The Channel Setup menu lets you configure the TV to fit its surroundings and your preferences. Channel Press MENU on the remote, and then select Channel from the Main Menu. Go Back Channel List Channel List Auto Channel Search List and Lables channel list.

  • Page 43: Time Menu

    Analog CC Type If available, lets you select the captioning mode used for displaying captioning information. If you are unsure of the differences among the modes, you may prefer to leave the closed captioned mode set to CC1, which displays complete text of the program in the primary language in your area.

  • Page 44: Faqs, Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

    5 Other Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What’s the quickest way to view High Definition (HD) video? Connect an off-air antenna to the ANTENNA/CABLE Input to view free local digital channels. You might need to purchase an antenna. Go to page 14 for more information. Visit www.antennaweb.org for help deciding what type of antenna to use to receive the local digital channels available to you.

  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Most problems you encounter with your TV can be corrected by consulting the following troubleshooting list. TV Problems TV won’t turn on • Make sure the TV is plugged in. • Check the wall receptacle (or extension cord) to make sure it is “live” by plugging in something else. •...

  • Page 46

    Buttons don’t work • The side panel controls may be locked (disabled). Use the remote control to unlock the side panel controls by selecting the Button Block feature in the Parental Control menu and press OK to uncheck the box. •...

  • Page 47

    Then plug in the TV, turn on the TV, and see if the problem is fixed. If the problem remains, then please click on the Customer Support Menu at www.rca.com/television for updated FAQs or contact RCA Customer Support at the support number provided in your Warranty under How To Get Service.

  • Page 48: V-chip Rating Explanations, Us V-chip Rating System, Canadian English V-chip Rating System

    V-Chip Rating Explanations US V-Chip Rating System TV-MA (Mature Audience Only) Specifically designed to be viewed by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. It contains one or more of the following content themes: crude indecent language (L), explicit sexual activity (S), or graphic violence (V).

  • Page 49: Canadian French V-chip Rating System

    G (General Audience) Programming considered acceptable for all ages groups. While not designed specifi- cally for children, it is understood younger viewers may be part of the audience. Violence Guidelines: Will contain very little violence, either physical or verbal or emotional. Will be sensitive to themes which could frighten a younger child, will not depict realistic scenes of violence which minimize or gloss over the effects of violent acts.

  • Page 50: Warranty

    • Ninety (90) days from date of purchase for parts. What we will do: • At TTE’s discretion, pay an Authorized RCA Service Center for both labor charges and parts to repair your television, or replace your television with a refurbished/remanufactured unit. See “How to get service”...

  • Page 51: Care And Cleaning

    Please complete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit or register on-line at www.rca.com/television. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary. The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage.

  • Page 52

    TTE Technology, Inc. 101 West 103rd Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 @2008 TTE Technology Inc. RCA and associated marks are trademarks of THOMSON S.A. used under license to TTE Corporation. Printed in USA 72-RS86A1-E001B Part No.:...

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