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Infinity 3C Owner's Manual

Cascade speaker system owner's guide
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Brochure - 9 pages
Owner's manual - 24 pages
Brochure - 4 pages


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  Summary of Contents for Infinity 3C

  • Page 1 ASCADE NFINITY ASCADE ™ PEAKER Owner’s Guide Model Five Model Seven Model Nine Model Three V Model Three C ™ YSTEMS...
  • Page 2 ™ ) waveguide, combine to deliver ™ uncompromised performance in any stereo or multichannel home theater system. In addition, Cascade Series speakers are magnetically shielded for safe placement adjacent to a television. NPACKING THE PEAKERS If you suspect damage from transit, report it immediately to your dealer.
  • Page 3: Home Theater

    LACEMENT Stereo Before deciding where to place your Cascade speakers, survey your room and think about placement, keeping the following points in mind and using Figure 1 as a guide: • For best results, place the speakers 6' – 8' (1.5m – 2.5m) apart.
  • Page 4 1-1/8" max. Spike End (included for use CARPETED FLOORS This cross section shows how to install the spikes onto the bottom of a Cascade Model Nine and Model Seven. CASCADE SPEAKER SYSTEMS 5/8" Round End Nylon Dome on wood floors)
  • Page 5: Wall Mounting

    Attaching the Grilles The Cascade loudspeakers use a unique frameless grille. Each end of the grille cloth contains a magnet. Simply curl the magnet assembly behind the grille cloth, place one end of the grille just above the tweeter and then gently pull the grille taut, attaching the other end of the grille just below the woofer.
  • Page 6 Doing so will cause poor imaging and diminished bass response. Figure 4.This figure shows how to connect bare wires to the terminals. CASCADE SPEAKER SYSTEMS Figure 5.This example shows how to connect bare wires to the terminals. Banana plugs may also be inserted directly into the rear of the connector.
  • Page 7: Final Adjustments

    ARE OF PEAKER YSTEM Each Cascade Series enclosure has a finish that does not require any routine maintenance. When needed, use a soft cloth to remove any finger- prints or dust from the enclosure. NOTE: Do not use any cleaning products or polishes on the cabinet or grille.
  • Page 8: Specifications

    Infinity, Harman International and CMMD (patent nos. 6,327,372 and 6,404,897) are trademarks of Harman International Industries, Incorporated, registered in the United States and/or other countries. Cascade, Maximum Radiating Surface and Constant Acoustic Impedance (patent pending) are trademarks of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

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