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Lowrance Satellite Weather Radio Module LWX-1 Installation Instructions Manual

Lowrance electronics satellite weather radio module installation instructions.
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Satellite Weather Radio Module

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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    LWX-1 WEATHER WEATHER Satellite Weather Radio Module Installation Instructions 988-0158-13A...

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    Copyright © 2009 Navico All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be copied, reproduced, republished, transmitted or distributed for any purpose, without prior written consent of Lowrance Electronics. Lowrance® is a registered trademark of Navico. Navico may find it necessary to change or end our policies, regulations and special offers at any time.

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    This document covers the installation and status/diagnostic indicators available for the Lowrance LWX-1. It also details how to activate a SIRIUS subscription. LWX-1 package include: Main Components: Antenna Receiver (AR) pre-configured for a mast mount • AR Interconnect Cable (attached to AR) connects to IM Interface Module (IM) •...

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    LWX-1 Installation Options The LWX-1 can be mounted in three basic configurations: AR Mast Mount (factory-installed option) AR Flush Mount with cable routed through the mounting surface (e.g. deck) AR Flush Mount with cable routed on top of the mounting surface...

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    1. AR Mast Mount Installation The LWX-1 AR is shipped in the retail box factory-configured for a mast mount. To use AR Mast Mount Installation: Loosen the four AR Bolts & Nuts (a couple of counter-clockwise turns on each). The AR Mast Boot will loosen, allowing the AR Mast Mount to turn. Insert the AR Interconnect Cable into the Antenna Mount and route it carefully to the Interface Module (IM).

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    2. AR Flush Mount Installation (through deck) AR Flush Mount with cable routed through the deck. To use AR Flush Mount through-deck installation: Remove the four AR Bolts & Nuts (the AR Cover and AR Base are factory fitted – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEPARATE THEM) Use the AR Gasket as a template to mark where the AR Mounting Screws and AR Interconnect Cable holes are to be pre-drilled Drill the 1/32 inch diameter starter holes for the AR Mounting Screws...

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    3. AR Flush Mount Installation (above deck) In this AR Flush Mount installation, the cable is routed out the back of the LWX-1. This installation is the same as AR Flush Mount through-deck Installation, except the AR Interconnect Cable is routed under the LWX-1 and out the back above the deck instead of through the deck.

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    IM Installation With all of the AR installation options, it is recommended that the IM is mounted/ installed below deck. To install the IM: Open the IM enclosure by unscrewing the two IM Enclosure Screws on the front panel Insert the male RJ45 connector on the end of the AR Interconnect Cable into the female...

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    LWX-1 Status Indicators The LWX-1 status indicators are the two LEDs on the Interface Module. The IM in- dicators are to be used to obtain connectivity with the end-user device, where more detailed problem diagnosis is available. Power LED indicates LWX-1 Power: LED OFF —...

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    If LED blinks ON/OFF three times during the power-up cycle and then turns OFF, an Ethernet loop back connector should be connected to the IM Network Cable and the LWX-1 should be power cycled. If the blinking during power-up does not recur, then the IM Network Cable is good, and the end-user device should be checked.

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    Signal strength, ESN and antenna status are shown on the SIRIUS status screen To activate a SIRIUS subscription: After the LWX-1 module is installed, locate the label on the front flap of the LWX-1 carton Record your ESN number (SIRIUS ID) and contact SIRIUS at 1-800- 869-5480.

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    LWX-1 Diagnostic Report The following information is shown in the Diagnostic Report retrievable by the Chartplotter. To view the Diagnostic report, access the SIRIUS Status screen and press MENU. Name Description LWX-1 Software Software version LWX-1 is Version running LWX-1 Revision Revision level of the LWX-1 Level hardware...

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    Name Radio Activation Status - Data Radio Activation Status – Audio Radio Active Radio Antenna Status SIRIUS Module Information Description Indicates the activation status of the SIRIUS Radio Module. The first value indicating an active subscription. Parameter 1 — indicates is set to ‘1’...

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    Radio Signal Strength Radio Channel – Data Radio SIRIUS ID Radio Channel - Audio Indicates the signal strength received by the SIRIUS Radio Module. The value is in the range of 0-3 with 3 being maximum. Values are defined as follows: 0 = no signal 1 = weak signal...

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    NAVICO LIMITED TWO-YEAR LOWRANCE WARRANTY “We,” “our,” or “us” refers to NAVICO, the manufacturer of this Lowrance product. “You” or “your” refers to the first person who purchases this product as a consumer item for personal, family or household use. We warranty this product against defects or malfunctions in materials and workmanship, and against failure to conform to this product’s written specifications, all for two (2) years from the date of original purchase by you.

  • Page 16 988-0158-13A © Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved Pub. 012809 Navico...

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