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Huawei VPC800 User Manual

Huawei VPC800 User Manual

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Packing List
HDMI cable
Note: The HDMI cable is used
to connect the VPC800's HDMI
port to a videoconferencing
1/4"-20UNC-7 mm screw
Used to fix a support.
Power adapter
Quick Start Guide
Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.
Power cable
Note: Power cables may
vary between countries.
Certificate of Compliance
& Safety Precautions &
Warranty Card
Issue: 08 (2020-11-05)


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  • Page 1 Note: The HDMI cable is used Warranty Card to connect the VPC800's HDMI port to a videoconferencing endpoint. 1/4"-20UNC-7 mm screw Used to fix a support. Issue: 08 (2020-11-05) Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.
  • Page 2 OLED screen Displays the camera model and version information and then license information (1080p or 4K) when a VPC800 is powered Displays settings when a VPC800 is running properly. Displays error codes if self-check or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) errors occur.
  • Page 3: Installation

    If the display is thicker than 170 mm or the display is wall-mounted, the VPC800 can be installed in any possible way other than be mounted on top of the display. If the display is 170 mm or thinner, the VPC800 can be mounted on top of a display or placed horizontally.
  • Page 4 Use the L-shaped bracket to secure the VPC800 on top of the display. The following figure shows the installation Mounted on Top of a Display procedure.
  • Page 5: Wall-Mounted

    Use the L-shaped bracket to mount the VPC800 on a wall. Wall-Mounted Prepare the hammer drill, rechargeable electric screwdriver, hammer, and Phillips screwdriver by yourself. Drill four holes in the wall for mounting the bracket, each with a diameter of 8 mm (0.31 in.) and depth of 35–40 mm (1.38–1.57 in.). The two holes in the upper part must be parallel to the horizontal plane to ensure that the endpoint is horizontally installed.
  • Page 7: Ceiling-Mounted

    1/4"-20UNC screw delivered with the purchased bracket rather than a 1/4"-20UNC screw delivered with the VPC800 because the length of the latter may be too long or too short to hold up the purchased bracket.
  • Page 8: Controlling The Camera

    On the OSD configuration screen, press them to move to desired options. To learn more about the remote control, visit and search for the TE30&TE40&TE50&TE60&TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint V600R006C00 Administrator Guide. After finding this guide, open it and view the "Understanding the Remote Control"...
  • Page 9 1080i 60 fps, 1080p 60 fps, 4K2Kp 30 fps, or 4K2Kp 60 fps based on the site requirements. VIDEO 4K2Kp 60 Select a video format. These video formats are available only after the VPC800 have 4K2Kp 50 a 4K license loaded. 4K2Kp 30 4K2Kp 25 1080p 60 Select a video format.
  • Page 10 SELECT Mode Description 1080i 50 1080p 30 1080p 25 720p 60 720p 50 Set FLIP to ON if the camera is ceiling-mounted. FLIP To disable the video flip function, set FLIP to OFF (default value). Automatically detects the installation mode (mounted on top AUTO of a display or ceiling-mounted) of a camera and automatically enables or disables the video flip function.
  • Page 11: Specifications

    Specifications Category Item Specifications Lens Imaging component 12.4-megapixel and 1/1.7'' SONY IMX226 imaging chip Optical zoom Digital zoom Focal length and aperture Focal length: 4.2 mm to 50.4 mm Aperture: F1.8 to F2.8 (±5%) Video Output video formats 4K: 4K x 2K 50 fps, 4K x 2K 59.94 fps, 4K x 2K 60 fps, 4K x 2K 25 fps, 4K x 2K 29.97 fps, 4K x 2K 30 fps, 1080p 50 fps, 1080p 59.94 fps, 1080p 60 fps, 1080i 50 fps, 1080i...
  • Page 12 Category Item Specifications Vertical Range: ±30° Speed: 2°/s to 25°/s Relocation precision: < ±0.1° Automatic Automatic white balance Automatic, manual, and one-push adjustment (AWB) Automatic exposure (AE) Automatic, manual, Iris priority, and shutter priority Automatic focus (AF) Automatic and manual RF remote RF signal reception Control distance: 25 m without barriers and 10...
  • Page 13: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Before you use the product, contact the product vendor for version mapping information and to confirm compatibility with other videoconferencing equipment. Do not use any power adapter other than the one provided with the device. In addition, do not refit the adapter.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Question Why can't I use PTZ to control the camera from an HD videoconferencing endpoint? Answer The serial connection between the camera and the HD videoconferencing endpoint is incorrect. The serial port of the HD videoconferencing endpoint is set incorrectly. Question The camera startup diagnosis fails along with one of the following symptoms: (1) the camera fails to start;...
  • Page 15 Why cannot the cameras be controlled after they are connected? Answer The Huawei VPC800 supports the Video System Control Architecture (VISCA) protocol and thereby can be cascaded. Connection method: Use a keyboard that supports the VISCA protocol to connect the cameras.
  • Page 16 Dimensions...
  • Page 17 Pin Assignment Pin (VISCA IN) Pin (VISCA OUT) IR OUT...

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