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Introduction - Canon DM-E1D User Manual



The Multi-Function Shoe Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1D is an external microphone
for video shooting that can be mounted on cameras equipped with a Multi-Function Shoe.
Read before use
To avoid shooting problems and accidents, first read the
Advanced User Guide carefully to ensure correct use.
The microphone is not dustproof or waterproof. Do not allow rain, sand, dust, etc. to enter
the microphone.
Read this instruction manual while also referring to your camera's
instruction manual
Before using the product, read this "Advanced User Guide" and the detailed guide of your
camera to familiarize yourself with their operations.
* Explanations in this guide are based on use with an EOS DIGITAL camera.
Using the transmitter with a camera
This product can only be used with cameras equipped with a multi-function shoe.
Instruction Manual
About This Guide
Safety Instructions
Names of Parts
Instructions. Also read this



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