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Sony Walkman NWZ-A864 Function Manual

Operation guide for enjoying “music unlimited” function
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Operation Guide for enjoying
"Music Unlimited" function
NWZ-A864 / A865 / A866 / A867
©2011 Sony Corporation
4-299-586-11 (3)



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  Summary of Contents for Sony Walkman NWZ-A864

  • Page 1 Operation Guide for enjoying “Music Unlimited” function NWZ-A864 / A865 / A866 / A867 ©2011 Sony Corporation 4-299-586-11 (3)
  • Page 2 Table of Contents About “Music Unlimited” ... 3 Listening to “Channels” ... 4 Listening to songs in “My Library” ... 7 About the “Music Unlimited” licence ... 8...
  • Page 3: About "Music Unlimited

    About “Music Unlimited” “Music Unlimited” is a new online music subscription service, brought to you by Sony. “Music Unlimited” offers instant access to over 7 million new releases and all- time favourites, for playback on your “WALKMAN. ” To use the “Music Unlimited” function on your “WALKMAN, ” you need to: –...
  • Page 4: Listening To "Channels

    Using “Music Unlimited” Service Listening to “Channels” Songs in “Channels” can be categorized by genre, SensMe™, era, etc.  Press the HOME button to display the Home menu.  [Music Unlimited]. The [Music Unlimited] screen appears.  [Channels]. The [Channels] screen appears. Music Unlimited Channel name Category name...
  • Page 5 Using “Music Unlimited” Service  Tap a desired channel. Songs in the selected channel start to play back.  You can add your personal impression to “Channels” by marking songs with [Like] or [Dislike] as you listen. For details, see “About [Like]/[Dislike]” on page 6. ...
  • Page 6 Using “Music Unlimited” Service About [Like]/[Dislike] While listening to “Channels, ” you can mark a song with [Like] or [Dislike] according to your impression. This will be reflected in both “Channels” and “Favorites Channel. ” Note  This function does not work on “Favorites Channel. ” ...
  • Page 7: Listening To Songs In "My Library

    Using “Music Unlimited” Service Listening to songs in “My Library” You can listen to specific songs by selecting from [All Songs], [Album], [Artist], or [Playlists]. You can also search for a desired song with the search function. All Songs Album Artist Playlists ...
  • Page 8: About The "Music Unlimited" Licence

    Using “Music Unlimited” Service About the “Music Unlimited” licence You can enjoy “Music Unlimited” by purchasing the “Music Unlimited” licence (Basic or Premium) on your computer. The “Music Unlimited” licence has an expiry date depending on your contract. This chapter will explain about the licence when enjoying “Music Unlimited”...

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