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Host a Toy Party and enjoy an
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Hosting your own Toy Party is great!
What you get:
10% Commission on Total Party Spend!
(payable in goods of your choice from the range)
A further 10% discount off any additional purchases
A complimentary gift
A fun and sociable evening with friends and family
All you have to do is invite all your friends, provide refreshments
for your guests and a suitable place for us to set up - and that's it!
So go on... book a Toy Party today, have some fun!
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Summary of Contents for Canon BJ/BJ148

  • Page 1 Fancy doing something different? Host a Toy Party and enjoy an evening of fun with friends and family in the comfort of your own home! Hosting your own Toy Party is great! What you get: 10% Commission on Total Party Spend! (payable in goods of your choice from the range) A further 10% discount off any additional purchases A complimentary gift...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Our Ethos Our aim is to provide you with a wide range of the highest quality, toys, games and gifts at sensible prices which also provide extended play value for your children. We also recognise how important it is to be able to try things out, ask questions and take your time making choices which is why we offer you the opportunity to purchase via home parties as well as direct from us.
  • Page 3: New Baby

    All these items are beautifully presented in a gift box with a canvas keepsake bag which is available with neutral, pink or blue detail – ideal for Christenings or to mark the arrival of a new baby. Please specify colour on orderform Silver Rattle Piggy Bank...
  • Page 4 This range of lovable animals will help bring tranquility and comfort to your precious ones. Each of the friends calm a different sense, to help the whole family get a better nights sleep. Cuddle Cub helps comfort and ease children to sleep with his unique heart shaped unit which mimics mums heartbeat by gently vibrating.
  • Page 5: Early Play

    Nature Lacing Beads Develop dexterity through threading and lacing with chunky nature themed beads. Order: JC/301197 £9.00 Rolling Shape Sorter Wooden, roll-along shape sorter with colourful wooden shapes. Excellent for development of coordination, shape and colour recognition. (15x20cm). Order: BJ/BB005 £8.50 Rainbow Sound Blocks Children will learn sorting and matching of colours,...
  • Page 6 Music Set Including a tambourine, maracas, harmonica and recorder this is a perfect starter kit. Brightly coloured and themed with a ladybird motif. Order: M/NCT0401 £16.00 Tingaling Tiger Fish Castanets Hand held wooden rattle These brightly coloured which is perfect for little hands wooden fish themed to shake.
  • Page 7: Games & Puzzles

    Order: BJ/VG031 £4.50 Number Jigsaw Colourful, wooden, numerical lift-out jigsaw. Order: BJ/VG029 £4.50 Games & Puzzles Magnetic Numbers A box of 100 colourful wooden magnetic numbers. Order: JC/301177 £14.00 Lacing Shoe Colourful shoe to help little ones learn to thread and tie laces.
  • Page 8 Shopping List to educate about recycling rubbish. A fun and interactive shopping game. Order: O/058 £10.00 A favourite in the classroom as well as at home. Order: O/003 Games & Puzzles £6.00 £8.50 £8.50 £6.00 £6.00 GAMES & PUZZLES | 15...
  • Page 9 French find the picture Lotto game. Learn Order: O/280 £12.00 over 65 French words with five different games, developed in association with Tell the Time Linguaphone. Children listen to the tape Say the time out loud and try and make a...
  • Page 10 Order: P/74002 triangle, calk and a set of rules. Order: P/77001 £330.00 5’ 2 in 1 Pool/Hockey 9 in 1 Games Table This versatile games table Table adapts to a football, pool, air 5’ Pool table that transforms...
  • Page 11: Imaginative Play

    Eco House By living an environment-conscious way of life, recycling and exercise. Constructed in wood, we can aim to preserve our world. The Eco this item includes family, furniture and House promotes a healthy and world-friendly accessories. (59x54x50cm). way of living through energy conservation, Order: WW/6001 £95.00 MOTORBIKE/BEDROOM PLANTING TREES...
  • Page 12 Bluebell Stables with Pony • Stable yard with two stables • 2 Stalls with opening stable doors • Detachable roof for easy access • Clover the poseable pony with saddle and reins • Fencing and farm tools (32x23x32) (doll sold separately) Order: TV/ME073 £39.00 Riding Girl Jilly Poseable companion for Clover.
  • Page 13 Farmyard • Machinery barn • Hayloft • Milking parlour • Farmhouse & pigsty • Complete with fences and base board (52x42x58cm) Farmyard Order: TV/TV410 £44.50 Animals Order: TV/39176 £19.50 ACCESSORIES IMAGINATIVE PLAY Mike’s Auto Garage • Includes two vehicles • Working wind-up/down lift •...
  • Page 14 Pirate Ship with Crew Our pirate ship (constructed in wood) has removal masts, a door that opens and many accessories including a canon, a prison, a plank and a lifeboat. There is also a motley crew of 4 pirates complete with weapons. (18x48.4x46cm).
  • Page 15 Holiday House Exciting self-build kit for the budding builder! This kit is reusable after each build as the mortar used will dissolve in water. 3 yrs + with adult supervision. Order: M/TEF5600 £39.50 Small Castle Perfect starter kit for new builder to construct their own fort! This kit is reusable after each build as the mortar will dissolve in water.
  • Page 16 Honeybake Kitchen & Accessories Beautiful range of brightly coloured, wooden kitchen appliances and accessories which will provide hours of imaginative play! There are 3 different sets (suitable for 4 yrs +) Oven & Hob Set Counter top oven, perfect for saving space at home.
  • Page 17 Simply Baby 16” high quality baby doll, weighted to feel and sit just like a real baby. Complete with deluxe romper, hat, bib and teddy and scented with lavender! Order: P/1610 £29.50 Baby Layette Set Mix and match boxed layette set comprising blanket, teddy, two reversible bibs, two pairs of socks and two pairs of bootees.
  • Page 18: Creative Play

    Fashion Angels Living Dolls Plush dolls with cute embroidered faces and fabulous fashions! Fully posable with, they can be moved around. Don’t tell anybody, but ……. Their hairdo’s are wigs! You can change their wigs, as well as their clothes, to create completely different looks! (38cm tall).
  • Page 19 Fashion Design Studio Become the ultimate fashion designer with this Design Studio Set which includes 24 markers, 24 coloured pencils, 5 rubbing plates, style guide, shoe croquis pad, Fashion Angels croquis pad, swatch book, design folder, newsprint pad, tracing paper, colour theory guide and fabric swatch guide! (refills available for pads and fabrics).
  • Page 20 Fuzzy-Felt Travel Tin Great for when you’re on the move. A compact tin containing all the usual fun of traditional Fuzzy-Felts. Includes 1 fuzzy- Felt board and over 60 silhouette shapes. (type may vary). Order: TB/8789 £4.90 Glitter Princess Deluxe Set Special glitter princess edition with two drawers of shapes! Order: TB/9136...
  • Page 21 Toss-a-ring Easy to assemble game to help develop hand-eye coordination. It consists of 2 base pieces, 5 posts, 5 rings and 5 cardboard point indicators. Order: V/S911C £15.00 Umbrella Colourful themed umbrella for splashing outdoors fun! Available in two cheery designs.
  • Page 22 Bug Net Large colourful bug net. Order: BJ/BJ177 £6.00 Green Wheelbarrow Vegetable Garden Colourful, durable Order: LP/445 wheelbarrow for assisting in the garden! Butterfly & Insect Order: LP/396 £24.50 Garden Order: LP/444 Magnifying Glass Order: BJ/BJ172 £4.50 Thermometers Flower themed thermometers for the keen budding gardener.
  • Page 23 Perfect too for those who are yet to develop the coordination required by many such games as it’s available in two sizes of disc. This fabulous toy can be used for “Frisbee” style games, volleyball, quick...
  • Page 24: Pocket Money Toys

    Includes ruler and pencils. (design may vary) Order: BJ/HY078 £3.00 Animal Yo Yo’s Order: BJ/BJ139 £1.50 Farm Animal Push- Order: BJ/HY014 £2.50 Farm Pens Order: BJ/BJ148 £1.50 Farm Pencils Order:BJ/BJ194 £0.75 Spinning Tops Order: BJ/VG043 £1.00 Kaleidoscopes Order: BJ/VG045 £2.50 Pocket Money Toys...