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Canon BJ/BJ148 Brochure page 19

Canon games and puzzles brochure
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Fashion Design Studio
Become the ultimate fashion
designer with this Design
Studio Set which includes 24
markers, 24 coloured pencils,
5 rubbing plates, style guide,
shoe croquis pad, Fashion
Angels croquis pad, swatch
book, design folder, newsprint
pad, tracing paper, colour
theory guide and fabric
swatch guide! (refills available
for pads and fabrics).
Fashion Design Studio
Order: FA/11301
Studio Set Refill
Order Ref. FA/11303£ 3.00
Design a Heavenly
Design fabulous clothing and
accessories for 5 totally today
15-inch paper dolls! Cut out
the outfits and use your
designer talents to apply the
glam trims. Each kit comes
with a bonus boy doll! 1 of 6
new friends of the Fashion
Angels. Which one will you
get?? Design cool fashions for
him with new patterns inside.
Includes 5 paper dolls,
patterns, design guide, fabric,
glitter, ribbon, sequins,
colored glues, puffy stickers,
buttons, and more treasures.
(36 x 41 x 5cm)
Order: FA/11315
Party Planning
The key to a great party is
great planning! This kit is a
must for future party-planners.
Includes cake design sketch
pad, invitation and decoration
design sketch pad, 8
invitations, 8 place cards, 40+
stickers, 12 mini markers and
a guide book.
Order: FA/11392 £14.00
Adorable range of hand
produced felt sewing kits,
suitable for boys and girls
in a variety of designs.
All kits are beautifully
presented in natural
gift boxes.
Jolly Jumbo Sewing Kit
Kit includes fabrics, thread, needle,
ribbons and a bell to decorate your
elephants. 6 yrs + (with adult
Order: BB/CC
Adventure Peg Doll Kit
Contains everything needed to make six figures,
including three knights, one warrior king, one pirate
and a Robin Hood!
Order: BB/APD
Fairytale Peg Doll Kit
A compact box bursting with more
than a dozen assorted fabrics, lace,
sequins, wool and ribbon. Contains
everything needed to make six dolls.
Order: BB/OPD£9.50
Felt Jewellery Kit
A charming kit which makes two brooches and two
hair clips. The kit contains seven assorted felt
rectangles, needle and 3 embroidery silks, plain
brooch and hair clips fixings, patterns, glue and
beads. Children can choose to sew or glue their
Order: BB/FJK
Creative Play


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