Ronix RH-4604 Manual

Ronix RH-4604 Manual

Dc arc welding inverter


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  • Page 2: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Model RH-4604 Input voltage 220V± 15% Frequency 50Hz No-load voltage Out-put current range 30~200A Rated out-put voltage 25.6V Max input power capacity 9.5KVA Max in-put current Power factor 0.75 Duty cycle (25°C) Insulation class Protection IP21S Diameter 1.6 ~ 5.0 Weight 6.48 Kg...
  • Page 3 Make sure that you are insulated from the ground and work piece Make sure that your working position is safe Smoke & Gas-may be harmful to health Keep your head away from smoke and gas to avoid inhalation of exhaust gas from welding.
  • Page 4: General Description

    Please seek professional help when encountering machine failure Consult the relevant contents of this manual if you encounter any difficulties in installation and operation. Contact the service center of your supplier to seek professional help if you still cannot fully understand after reading the manual or still cannot solve the problem.
  • Page 5 OPERATION CONTROL AND DESCRIPTION Arc Force knob Handle Cable On/Off Switch Over Heating LED AC 220V Power LED Digital Display Current knob Output terminal(+) Output terminal(-) ACCESSORIES 1.8 m welding holder 1.2m earth clamp Welding Mask Steel brush INSTALLATION, DEBUGGING AND OPERATION NOTE: Please install the machine strictly according to the following steps.
  • Page 6 front panel of the welding machine, and tighten it clockwise 5) Insert the cable plug with work clamp into the socket on the front panel of the welding machine, and tighten it clockwise 6) Ground connection is needed for safety purpose. The connection as mentioned above in 6.1(4) and 6.1(5)is DCEP connection.
  • Page 7: Working Environment

    NOTE: This table is suitable for mild steel welding. For other materials, consult related materials and welding process for reference. WORKING ENVIRONMENT CAUTION: 1) Welding should be carried out in dry environment with humidity of 90% or less. 2) The temperature of the working environment should be between -10c and 40c.
  • Page 8: Maintenance

    importance to the normal performance and lifespan of the machine 2.2 Welding operation is forbidden while the machine is overload. Remember to observe the max load current at any moment (refer to the corresponding duty cycle). Make sure that the welding current should not exceed the max load current.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    welding environment with heavy smoke and pollution, the machine should be cleaned daily. The pressure of compressed air should be at a proper level in order to avoid the small parts inside the machine being damaged. 4. Avoid rain, water and vapor infiltrating the machine. If there is, dry it and check the insulation of the equipment (including that between the connections and that between the connection and the enclosure).
  • Page 10 Turn on the machine, the power Check if any loose contact exists inside LED is on, the fan work, but no the machine. welding output. Open circuit or loose contact occurs at the joint of output terminal. The overheating LED is on. The machine is under over-heating protection status.

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