Canon FK14.5-60 Pocket Manual

Canon FK14.5-60 Pocket Manual

Canon camera lens user manual


KJ20x8.2B IRSD
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  • Page 1 KJ20x8.2B IRSD ©2011 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved. Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be a registered trademark or trademark in other countries. IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark of Canon.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Zoom, Iris, and Focus • Production Platform 3 Significant Cost Reduction • Cost-Effective Optics • Lower-cost Optomechanics (Aluminum and Plastic) • Analog Servos for Zoom, Iris, and Focus Nomenclature of Canon Broadcast Lenses Image Size *(1) Image Size *(1) inch inch...
  • Page 3 Recognizing the importance of 3D program origination, Canon gave priority to adoption of most of the standard HD lens series for 3D production systems. 3D Lens Solutions...
  • Page 4 • Weather POV • Traffic POV • Tourism Promotion Common Features of the Canon BU-46H and BU-51H Remote-Control HD PTZ Cameras High Quality HDTV/SDTV Video Images The BU-46H and BU-51H employ a 1/3 inch 3-CCD Canon HD camera with 1,670,000 pixels per CCD. Both offer exceptional video quality for broadcasting, event coverage, and high quality surveillance, among other uses.
  • Page 5: Digisuper 22Xs "Compact" Studio Lens

    Controllability The DIGISUPER 22xs can be used with Canon's current Studio/Field lens controllers as well as those for Canon ENG lenses. The DIGISUPER 22xs HD Compact Studio Lens also offers compatibility with our new digital demands by use of a conversion cable.
  • Page 6: Hj14Ex4.3B Irse/Iase Explanation

    After nearly a decade of advances in its world-renowned optical R&D - and ongoing dialogue with hands-on users worldwide - Canon has introduced the evolutionary next-step in high definition imaging: the HJ14ex4.3B IRSE/IASE wide-angle portable HDTV lens. Totally new and unique in its design, the HJ14 is the product of Canon's very latest optical design tools, newly developed glass elements, and highly advanced optical coatings.
  • Page 7: Hj18Ex28B Iase A Explanation

    HD POV cameras from all of the major professional camera manufacturers. Whether a camera uses a 2/3, 1/2, or 1/3-inch imager, there's a Canon HDgc portable lens that's just right for it. Canon's HDgc lens line offers a dozen models, some including Canon's exclusive eDrive feature enabling users to automate control of iris, zoom, focus, and position memory settings.
  • Page 8: Wireless Lens Control System

    Wireless Lens Control System Canon offers a new wireless control system as an alternative to the cumbersome control cabling that is often required between the lens controllers and the lens-camera system. This consists of a Transmitter Box (WB-10T) that is connected to the lens controllers, and a Receiver Box (WB-10R) that is mounted close to the lens.
  • Page 9 PL Mount Cine Zoom Lenses Canon is proud to debut two advanced-design 4K PL-Mount lenses specifically developed to support high-end digital motion imaging. These precision matched lenses inherently ensure the very highest performance in contemporary 2K and HD digital 35mm motion imaging, while definitively future proofing the transition to 4K production.
  • Page 10 2/3” ENG/EFP Zoom Lenses W I D E Lens HJ14ex4.3B IRSE/IASE Zoom Ratio/Format Range of Focal Length 4.3-60mm (with Extender) (8.6-120mm) Maximum Relative 1:1.8 at 4.3-40mm Aperture 1:2.7 at 60mm (with Extender) (1:3.6 at 8.6-80mm) (1:5.4 at 120mm) Angular Field 96.3°...
  • Page 11 Lens HJ40x10B IASD-V Zoom Ratio/Format Range of Focal Length 10-400mm (with Extender) (20-800mm) Maximum Relative 1:2.0 at 10-220mm Aperture 1:3.65 at 400mm (with Extender) (1:4.0 at 20-440mm) (1:7.3 at 800mm) Angular Field 51.3° x 30.2° at 10mm 1.4° x 0.8° at 400mm of View 16:9 (with Extender) (27.0°...
  • Page 12 DIGISUPER 100xs Lens XJ100x9.3B IE-D Zoom Ratio/Format 100x Range of Focal Length 9.3-930mm (with Extender) (18.6-1860mm) Maximum Relative 1:1.7 at 9.3-296mm Aperture 1:4.7 at 930mm (with Extender) (1:3.4 at 18.6-592mm) (1:9.4 at 1860mm) 54.6 ° x 32.4 ° at 9.3mm Angular Field 0.59°...
  • Page 13 DIGISUPER 27 Lens XJ27x6.5B Zoom Ratio/Format Range of Focal Length 6.5-180mm (with Extender) (13-360mm) Maximum Relative 1:1.5 at 6.5-123mm Aperture 1:2.2 at 180mm (with Extender) (1:3.0 at 13-246mm) (1:4.4 at 360mm) 72.9 ° x 45.1 ° at 6.5mm Angular Field 3.1°...
  • Page 14 HDgc 1/2” ENG/EFP Zoom Lenses Lens KH21ex5.7 IRSE A Zoom Ratio/Format Range of Focal Length 5.7 – 120mm (with Extender) (11.4 - 240mm) Maximum Relative 1:1.4 at 5.7 – 86mm Aperture 1:1.95 at 120mm (with Extender) (1:2.8 at 11.4 - 172mm) (1:3.9 at 240mm) Angular Field 62.9°...
  • Page 15 W I D E Lens KJ13x6B KRSD Zoom Ratio /Format Range of Focal Length 6 – 78mm Maximum Relative 1:2.0 at 6 – 58mm Aperture 1:2.7 at 78mm Angular Field of View 77.3° x 48.5° at 6mm 16:9 7.0° x 4.0° at 78mm M.O.D.
  • Page 16: Hdtv/Sdtv Optical Accessories

    HDTV Optical Accessories Tele-Side Converter Focal length is shifted to the telephoto side by a • T15 HD factor of 1.5x F No. of the original lens is not affected • Only the telephoto side of the lens can be used, •...
  • Page 17: Zoom And Focus Accessories

    Focus Positional FPD- Servo Demand 400D • For a complete list of all accessories, please contact a CANON sales office. SS-41-IASD for use with Compact Studio Kit or ENG lens A. FPD-400D – Focus Demand B. ZSD-300D – Zoom Demand C.
  • Page 18 Studio/Field Zoom And Focus Accessories A. Servo Cable R. FFP-T61 – Focus Controller B. Servo Cable S. SBJ-I01 – IE SW Box C. CR-30 – Clamper T. IE SW Box Cable D. SMJ-D02 – Servo Module U. ZDJ-P21 – Zoom Servo Controller E.
  • Page 19: Remote Control Systems

    Remote Control Systems Remote Control Lens Series The Canon Remote Control Series offers a wide variety of lenses and accessories that have been designed for various applications such as broadcasting, teleconference, distance learning and other remote control purposes. The lenses provide quiet and fast servo control of Zoom, Focus and Iris.
  • Page 20: Optical Shift Image Stabilizer Explanation

    Mount Converters for Different Image Format Size Cameras Canon offers a variety of Mount Converters to be used between a lens and a camera of different image format sizes. Each converter will extend the effective angular field of view of the associated lens...
  • Page 21: Pro-Video Lenses

    • Canon's exclusive Auto Tracking feature—standard on all Canobeam systems—maintains precise beam alignment despite vibrations due to wind, heavy vehicle traffic, or unsteady camera platforms.
  • Page 22: Broadcast And Communications Sales Consultants

    Broadcast and Communications Sales Consultants United States Canon USA, Inc. - New Jersey Broadcast & Communications Sales & Marketing Division (Headquarters) 65 Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Rich Eilers Patrick Breheny John Rose Sales: (800) 321-4388...