LG LX600 User Manual

Mobile phone with music player, 2.0 mp camera and camcorder, qwerty keyboard.
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© 2009 Sprint. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint.
Other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:10 AM Page A User Guide LG LOTUS www.sprint.com © 2009 Sprint. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. 06/03/09...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Table of Contents Looking for something? If you don’t see it in the headings listed here, try the Index on page 176. Introduction ......i Your Phone’s Menu .

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 2D. Security ......54 Accessing the Security Menu ....54 Using Your Phone’s Lock Feature .

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using the World Clock ..... .81 Updating Phone Software ....81 Updating the PRL .

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Browser Options Menu ....137 Phone as Modem ......140 Data Services FAQs .

  • Page 6

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:10 AM Page F...

  • Page 7

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Introduction This UserGuide introduces you to Sprint the features of your new phone. It’s divided into four sections: Section 1: Getting Started Section 2: Your Phone Section 3: Sprint Service Section 4: Safety and Warranty Information Throughout this guide, you’ll find tips that highlight special shortcuts and timely reminders to help you make the most of your new phone and service.

  • Page 8

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Your Phone’s Menu The following table outlines your phone’s menu structure. For more information about using your phone’s menus, see “Navigating Through the Menus” on page 18. 1: Web 2: Maps 1:Sprint Navigation 2:Sprint Family Locator 3: Entertainment 1:Music 2:TV 3:Games...

  • Page 9

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 2: ColorTone Normal Black & White Negative Sepia 3: Image Controls 1: Brightness 2: White Balance 4: Fun Frames 5: Settings 1: Resolution 2: Quality 3: Shutter Sound 4: Status Bar 5: Night Mode 6: Review/Send Media 7: CamcorderMode 2: Camcorder Select OPTIONS (right softkey) and press the navigation key up and down to display the following options:...

  • Page 10

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 8: Messaging 1: Voicemail 1: Call Voicemail 2: Voicemail Details 3: ClearIcon 2: Send Message 1: Text Message 2: Email 3: Picture Mail 4: VoiceSMS 5: IM 3: Text Messages 4: Picture Mail 1: Inbox 2: Sent Mail 3: Saved Mail 4: Pending Messages 11:10 AM...

  • Page 11

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 0: Settings 1: Display 1: Main Screen 1: Screen Saver 2: Backlight 3: Incoming Calls 2: OuterScreen 1: Screen Saver 2: Clock 3: Font Size 1: Messages 2: Browser 3: Notepad 4: Keypad Light 5: Language 1: English 2: Español 6: Status Light 2: Sounds...

  • Page 12

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 6: Keyguard 7: Text Entry 1: Auto-Capital 2: Auto-Space 3: Word Choice List 4: Word Prediction 5: Word Completion 6: Use My Words 7: My Words 8: Help 8: Phone Information 1: Phone Number 2: Icon Glossary 3: Version 4: My Account 5: Advanced 9: More...

  • Page 13

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 *: Tools 1: Memory Card Manager 2: Alarm Clock 1: Alarm 1 2: Alarm 2 3: Alarm 3 4: Walk the Dog 5: Quick Alarm 3: Bluetooth 1: Pairwith Hands Free 2: Send a Contact 3: Send Files 4: Add a New…...

  • Page 14

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:10 AM Page viii...

  • Page 15: Section 1: Getting Started

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:10 AM Page 1 Section 1 Getting Started...

  • Page 16: A. Setting Up Service, Setting Up Your Phone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 1A Setting Up Service Setting Up YourPhone (page 2) Activating YourPhone (page 3) Setting Up YourVoicemail (page 3) Sprint Account Passwords (page 4) Getting Help (page 5) Setting up service on yournew phone is quick and easy. This section walks you through the necessary steps to set up and turn on your phone, set up your voicemail, establish passwords, and contact Sprint for assistance with your...

  • Page 17: Activating Your Phone, Setting Up Yourvoicemail

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Note Your phone’s battery should have enough charge to turn on, find a signal, set up your voicemail, and make a call. You should fully charge your battery as soon as possible. See “Charging the Battery”on page 17for details. ActivatingYourPhone If you purchased your phone at a Sprint Store, your phone should be activated and ready to use.

  • Page 18: Sprint Account Passwords

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Follow the system prompts to: Create your passcode. Record your name announcement. Record your greeting. Choose whether to activate One-Touch Message Access (a feature that lets you access messages simply by pressing and holding need for you to enter your passcode). Note Voicemail Passcode If you are concerned about unauthorized access to...

  • Page 19: Getting Help

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Getting Help Managing YourAccount Online: www.sprint.com Access your account information. Check your minutes used (depending on your Sprint service plan). View and pay your bill. Enroll in Sprint online billing and automatic payment. Purchase accessories. Shop for the latest Sprint phones. View available Sprint service plans and options.

  • Page 20

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To call Sprint 411: Press Sprint OperatorServices Sprint Operator Services provides assistance when placing collect calls or when placing calls billed to a local telephone calling card or third party. To access Sprint OperatorServices: Press For more information or to see the latest in products and services, visit us online at www.sprint.com .

  • Page 21: Section 2: Your Phone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:10 AM Page 7 Section 2 Your Phone...

  • Page 22: A. Phone Basics, Your Phone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2A Phone Basics YourPhone (page 8) Viewing the Display Screen (page 11) Features of YourPhone (page 13) Turning YourPhone On and Off (page 15) Using YourPhone’s Battery and Charger(page 16) Navigating Through the Menus (page 18) Displaying YourPhone Number(page 19) Making and Answering Calls (page 20) Entering Text (page 29) Yourphone is packed with features that simplify yourlife and...

  • Page 23: Key Functions

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Key Functions Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated prompts. Signal Strength Indicator represents the signal strength by displaying bars. The more bars displayed, the better the signal strength. Battery Strength Indicator represents the amount of remaining battery charge currently available in your phone.

  • Page 24

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Speakers let you hear the different ringers and sounds. You can mute the ringer when receiving incoming calls by pressing the side keys. The speaker also lets you hear the caller’s voice in speakerphone mode. Navigation Key scrolls through the phone’s menu options.

  • Page 25: Viewing The Display Screen

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 microSD Slot lets you use the microSD card to expand the memory of your phone. Side Volume Button allows you to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode or adjust the voice volume during a call. The volume key can also be used to scroll up or down to navigate through the different menu options.

  • Page 26

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 indicates you are “Roaming” off the Sprint National Network. indicates your data connection is active. (Data is being transferred.) indicates you are using 3G service. indicates full battery. indicates low battery. indicates ringer only is set for call alert. indicates ringer volume is set to vibrate.

  • Page 27

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 indicates speaker is activated. indicates memory card has been inserted. indicates Bluetooth Enabled (Hidden). indicates Bluetooth Enabled (Visible). indicates Bluetooth Connected. indicates alarm is activated. indicates voice guide and speaker is activated. indicates voice guide and speaker is off. indicates missed calls number.

  • Page 28: Features Of Your Phone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Features of YourPhone The LG LOTUS is lightweight, easy to use, and reliable, and it offers many features and service options. This list previews some of those features and provides page numbers where you can find out more: The easy-to-use Sprint One Click main screen brings all your favorite features to your fingertips (page 32).

  • Page 29: Turning Your Phone On And Off

    ® word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LG Electronics, Inc. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. The built-in camera allows you to take full-color digital pictures and view your pictures using the phone’s...

  • Page 30: Using Your Phone's Battery And Charger

    Sprint-approved or LG -approved batteries and accessories can be found at Sprint Stores or through LG ; Section 2A. Phone Basics 11:10 AM Page 16 or call 1-866-343-1114 to order. They’re also available at www.sprint.com .

  • Page 31

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Installing the Battery Push and slide the cover downward until it comes free from the phone. To install, insert the battery into the opening on the back of the phone, aligning the battery contacts with the contacts in the compartment (1) and then gently press the battery down until it clicks into place (2).

  • Page 32: Navigating Through The Menus

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 icon ( ) blinks and the phone sounds a warning tone. Always use a Sprint-approved or LG -approved desktop charger, travel charger, or vehicle power adapter to charge your battery. Note Actual battery life will depend on network configuration, product settings, usage patterns, battery and environmental conditions.

  • Page 33: Displaying Your Phone Number

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 first-level menu by pressing the navigation key right or left. For a diagram of your phone’s menu, please see “Your Phone’s Menu” on page ii. Selecting Menu Items As you navigate through the menu, menu options are highlighted. Select any option by highlighting it and pressing .

  • Page 34: Making And Answering Calls, Making Calls

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Making and Answering Calls Making Calls Placing a call from your wireless phone is as easy as making a call from any landline phone. Enter the number, press , and you’re on your way to clear calls. Make sure your phone is on. Enter a phone number from standby mode.

  • Page 35: Answering Calls

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Contacts Details allows you to check details for contacts entries that are saved in phone. Save allows you to enter a seven- or ten-digit number (phone number and area code) and save the phone number in your Contacts. (See “Saving a Phone Number”...

  • Page 36: Missed Call Notification

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Answering a Roam Call With Call Guard Enabled Call Guard is an option that helps you manage your roaming charges when making or receiving calls while outside the Sprint National Network. Please see “Roaming “ on page 59 for more information about roaming.

  • Page 37: Calling Emergency Numbers

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Calling Emergency Numbers You can place calls to 911 (dial your phone is locked or your account is restricted. Note When you place an emergency call, your phone automatically enters Emergency mode. During an emergency call, press options. SpeakerOn or SpeakerOff to route the phone's audio through the speakerorthrough the earpiece.

  • Page 38: In-call Options

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 In-Call Options During a call you can use the following features. Mute or Unmute to mute your microphone, or to unmute the microphone if it was muted earlier. Speaker routes the phone’s audio through the speaker orthrough the earpiece. Press to route the phone’s audio through the speaker.

  • Page 39: Saving A Phone Number

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 End-of-Call Options After you receive a call from or make a call to a phone number that is not in your Contacts, the phone number and the duration of the call are displayed. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Save Contact to add the new number to your Contacts.

  • Page 40: Finding A Phone Number

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Use the QWERTY keyboard to enter the new contact name and press DONE (left softkey) to save the new entry. – or – Search for an existing contact name and press to save the new number. Press DONE (left softkey) to save the new entry. Finding a Phone Number You can search Contacts for entries by name.

  • Page 41: Using Abbreviated Dialing

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 – or – To save the number in your Contacts list, press OPTIONS (right softkey), highlight Save and press Note When dialing a number with a hard pause, press to send the next set of numbers. TALK Using Abbreviated Dialing Abbreviated Dialing is similar to speed dialing.

  • Page 42: Dialing From The Contacts List, Using Speed Dialing

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Dialing From the Contacts List Highlight and press > Contacts . Shortcut From standby mode, press (right softkey) to list entries. Select the entry you want to call and press dial the entry’s default phone number. – or – To dial anothernumberfrom the entry, select the name and press , and then select a numberand...

  • Page 43: Entering Text

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Entering Text Your phone features a QWERTY keyboard, specifically designed for easy and comfortable text entry. The QWERTY keyboard uses the same layout and works just like the keyboard on your computer. Use your thumbs to enter text. To change capitalization, press To enter alternate characters on a key, press then press the key.

  • Page 44

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Entering Characters Using Predictive Text Input Predictive Text Input lets you enter text by a few key strokes per word. (To select the Predictive Word mode when entering text, see “Selecting a Text Input Mode” on page 29.) T9 Text Input uses an intuitive word database to analyze the letters you enter and create a suitable word.

  • Page 45

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Entering Numbers, Symbols, Smileys To entersymbols: Select the Symbols mode. (See “Selecting a Text Input Mode” on page 29.)To enter a symbol, press the appropriate key indicated on the display. To enter“emoticons”(smileys): Select the Emoticon mode and press the appropriate key.

  • Page 46: B. Navigating The Main Screen, Getting To Know Sprint One Click

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2B Navigating the Main Screen Getting to Know Sprint One Click (page 32) Personalizing the Carousel (page 34) Personalizing the Home Screen (page 37) The easy-to-use Sprint One Click main screen gives you instant access to all yourfavorite features. This section explains what Sprint One Click does, how to navigate within the main screen, and how to personalize your main screen so you get the most out of your phone.

  • Page 47

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 The Sprint One Click Main Screen Bubbles Right softkey Left softkey The illustration above shows the basic layout of your phone’s main screen, also known as the standby screen. The callouts highlight what you’ll need to know to get started with Sprint One Click. Carousel –...

  • Page 48: Personalizing The Carousel

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Softkeys: Press the left or right softkey to perform the action or access the menu indicated by the text directly above it on the display. In the illustration, pressing the left softkey displays OPTIONS , and pressing the right softkey displays CONTACTS.

  • Page 49

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Sprint One Click Tiles Home – View Home screen and bubbles. Press OK to access the phone’s full menu. Messaging – Access Voicemail, Send Message, Text Message, Picture Mail, and Email. My Account – Access links to Account Details Hear Minutes, and Hear Balance.

  • Page 50: Removing A Tile From The Carousel, Rearranging Tiles On The Carousel

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Removing a Tile From the Carousel Highlight and press OPTIONS (left softkey) > Personalize Carousel . Press the navigation key right or left to highlight a tile, and then highlight Remove Tile and press Shortcut From the main screen, highlight a tile and press OPTIONS (left softkey)

  • Page 51: Personalizing The Home Screen

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Editing Tiles Certain tiles, such as Shortcuts and Favorite Contacts, contain editable content. You can use the Personalize Carousel menu to edit these tiles. Highlight and press OPTIONS (left softkey) > Personalize Carousel . Press the navigation key right or left to select a tile, and then highlight Edit Tile and press Use your navigation key and function keys to edit the tile.

  • Page 52

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 When you are finished, press Sprint One Click – Home Screen Bubbles Weather– Check out the current forecast in your city. News – Instantly access breaking news and top stories. Horoscope – View your daily horoscope. Finance – Track your favorite stocks. Sports News –...

  • Page 53: C. Settings, Sound Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2C Settings Sound Settings (page 39) Display Settings (page 42) Location Settings (page 46) Messaging Settings (page 47) Airplane/Music Mode (page 49) TTYUse With Sprint Service (page 50) Phone Setup Options (page 51) You can customize yourphone to sound, look, and operate just the way you want it to .

  • Page 54: Selecting A Key Tone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Unknown #s You can set a ringer type for anonymous calls. (A list of ring type categories will be displayed.) Select a category, and then use your navigation key to scroll through the available ringers. A sample ringer will sound as you highlight each option. Press to assign a ringer.

  • Page 55: Alert Notification

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Adjusting the Phone’s Volume Settings Adjust your phone’s volume settings to suit your needs and your environment. Highlight and press Volume . Select Ringer , Earpiece , Speakerphone , Keytones, Messages, Alarm & Scheduler, Applications, Alerts or PowerOn/Off . Using the navigation key, choose a volume level and press You can adjust the ringer volume in standby mode...

  • Page 56: Display Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Silence All The Silence All option allows you to mute all sounds without turning your phone off. To activate Silence All: With the phone open, press and hold the volume button down in standby mode. (The screen will display “Silence All.”) To deactivate Silence All: Press the volume button up repeatedly to select a...

  • Page 57: Changing The Backlight Time Length

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 You can choose what to be displayed on the outer screen while powering on or off and when in standby mode. Highlight and press OuterScreen > Screen Saver . Select Preloaded, My Albums, Assigned Media, My Stuff, or New Picture . Use the navigation key to select an image and press to view the image.

  • Page 58: Incoming Calls, Changing The Text Input Font

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Changing the Display Screen for Incoming Calls You can set the screen saver to be shown on the Incoming Calls display. To set the incoming calls display: Highlight and press > Settings > Display > Main Screen > Incoming Calls . Select CallerID or No CallerID .

  • Page 59: Changing The Status Light Mode, Display Language

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Changing Keypad Light Mode The keypad light setting lets you to turn the keypad light on/off. To change the keypad light setting: Highlight and press Keypad Light . Select On or Off and press Display Language You can choose to display your phone’s onscreen menus in English or in Spanish.

  • Page 60: Location Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Location Settings Your phone is equipped with a Location feature for use in connection with location-based services. The Location feature allows the network to detect your position. Turning Location off will hide your location from everyone except 911. Note Turning Location on will allow the network to detect your position using GPS technology, making some...

  • Page 61: Messaging Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Messaging Settings Staying connected to your friends and family has never been easier. With your phone’s advanced messaging capabilities, you can send and receive many different kinds of text messages without placing a voice call. (For more information, see “Accessing Messaging” on page 131.) Messaging settings make text messaging easier by letting you decide how you would like to be notified of...

  • Page 62

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 CallbackNumber Highlight and press > Settings > Messages > Callback Number . Select None , My Phone Number , or Other and press . (If you select Other , enter a number and press Adding a Customized Signature Add a customized signature to each message you send.

  • Page 63: Airplane/music Mode

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To add a new preset message: Highlight and press > Preset Messages . (The list of preset messages will be displayed.) To add a new message, select ADD (right softkey). Enter your message (see “Entering Text” on page 29), and press .

  • Page 64: Tty Use With Sprint Service

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 TTYUseWith Sprint Service A TTY(teletypewriter, also known as a TDD orText Telephone) is a telecommunications device that allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have speech or language disabilities, to communicate by telephone. Your phone is compatible with select TTY devices. Please check with the manufacturer of yourTTY device to ensure that it supports digital wireless transmission.

  • Page 65: Phone Setup Options

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 WARNING 911Emergency Calling Sprint recommends that TTYusers make emergency calls by other means, including Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), analog cellular, and landline communications. Wireless TTYcalls to 911 may be corrupted when received by public safety answering points (PSAPs), rendering some communications unintelligible.

  • Page 66: Auto Keyguard

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To create a new shortcut: Select shortcut to access the Shortcuts menu. Use the navigation key to select Add Shortcut and press Select from one of the following categories: My Stuff, My Albums, BrowserBookmark, or Menu Item . Press ASSIGN (left softkey) to make the new shortcut assignment.

  • Page 67: Contacts Match, Setting Abbreviated Dialing, Text Entry

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Select an option and press Off to disable Auto-Answer. Headset to answer calls automatically when the phone is connected to a headset (sold separately). Remember, your phone will answer calls in Auto-Answer mode even if you are not present.

  • Page 68: Accessing The Security Menu, Using Your Phone's Lock Feature, D. Security

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2D Security Accessing the Security Menu (page 54) Using YourPhone’s Lock Feature (page 54) Using Special Numbers (page 56) Erasing Private BrowserData (page 56) Erasing Contacts (page 56) Resetting YourPicture Mail Account (page 57) Resetting Default Settings (page 57) Resetting YourPhone (page 58) Security Features forData Services (page 58) By using the security settings on yourphone, you receive...

  • Page 69: Locking Pictures, Changing The Lock Code, Calling In Lock Mode

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Highlight and press Security and enter your lock code. Select Lock My Phone > Lock Now . (To set your phone to lock the next time it is turned on, select On PowerUp .) Unlocking YourPhone From standby mode, press Unlock (left softkey). Enter your lock code.

  • Page 70: Using Special Numbers, Erasing Private Browser Data, Erasing Contacts

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using Special Numbers Special numbers are important numbers that you have designated as being “always available.”You can call and receive calls from special numbers even if your phone is locked. You can save up to 10 special numbers in addition to your Contacts entries (the same number may be in both directories).

  • Page 71: Resetting Your Picture Mail Account, Resetting Default Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 ResettingYourPicture Mail Account This option resets your authentication ID for your Sprint Picture Mail account. To reset yourPicture Mail account: Highlight and press Security and enter your lock code. Select Delete/Reset > Reset Picture Mail . (A disclaimer appears.) Read the disclaimer and press If you are certain that you would like to reset your...

  • Page 72: Resetting Your Phone, Security Features For Data Service

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Resetting YourPhone Resetting the phone restores all the factory defaults, including the ringer types and display settings. All data from Contacts, Messaging, Pictures, My Contents, Tools, and Settings will be lost, and preference settings will be set to factory defaults. Highlight and press >...

  • Page 73: Understanding Roaming, E. Roaming

    Using Data Roam Guard (page 62) Roaming is the ability to make or receive calls when you’re off the Sprint National Network. Your new dual-band LG LOTUS works anywhere on the Sprint National Network and allows you to roam on 1900 and 800 MHz digital networks.

  • Page 74: Setting Your Phone's Roam Mode

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Note If you’re on a call when you leave the Sprint National Network, your call is dropped. If your call is dropped in an area where you think Sprint service is available, turn your phone off and on again to reconnect to the network.

  • Page 75: Using Call Guard

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using Call Guard Your phone has two ways of alerting you when you are roaming off the Sprint National Network: the onscreen roaming icon and Call Guard. Call Guard makes it easy to manage your roaming by requiring an extra step before you can place or answer a roaming call.

  • Page 76: Using Data Roam Guard

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using Data Roam Guard Depending on service availability and roaming agreements, your phone may be able to access data services while roaming on certain digital systems. You can set your phone to alert you when you are roaming off the Sprint National Network and try to use data services such as messaging.

  • Page 77: Viewing History, F. History

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2F History Viewing History (page 63) History Options (page 64) Making a Call From History (page 64) Saving a Phone NumberFrom History (page 65) Prepending a Phone NumberFrom History (page 66) Erasing History (page 66) History keeps track of incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls.

  • Page 78: History Options, Making A Call From History

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 History Options Select a History entry and press and time of the call, the phone number (if available), and the caller’s name (if the number is already in your Contacts). By pressing OPTIONS (right softkey), you can select from the following options: New Group allows you to save the current history entry to a new group.

  • Page 79: Saving A Phone Number From History

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Saving a Phone NumberFrom History Your phone can store up to Contacts entries. Contacts entries can store up to a total of numbers, and each entry’s name can contain characters. Select a History entry and press Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Save Contact and press Select New Entry to create a new Contacts entry for the number or Existing Entry to save the number to...

  • Page 80: Prepending A Phone Number From History, Erasing History

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Prepending a Phone Number From History If you need to make a call from History and you are outside your local area code, you can prepend the number by adding the appropriate prefix. Select a History entry and press Go to option and select Prepend and press Enter the prefix and press –...

  • Page 81: G. Contacts, Adding A New Contacts Entry

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2G Contacts Adding a New Contacts Entry (page 67) Finding Contacts Entries (page 68) Contacts Entry Options (page 69) Adding a Phone Numberto a Contacts Entry (page 69) Editing a Contacts Entry’s Phone Number(page 70) Assigning Speed Dial Numbers (page 70) Editing a Contacts Entry (page 71) Selecting a RingerType foran Entry (page 72) Secret Contacts Entries (page 72)

  • Page 82: Finding Contacts Entries

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Press DONE (left softkey). After you have saved the number, the new Contacts entry is displayed. (See “Contacts Entry Options” on page 69.) ICE– In Case of Emergency To make it easier for emergency personnel to identify important contacts, you can list your local emergency contacts under “ICE”in your phone’s Contacts list.

  • Page 83: Contacts Entry Options, Adding A Phone Number To A Contacts Entry

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Contacts Entry Options To access a Contacts entry’s options, after displaying the entry, press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit and press Select an option and press [Add Name] to add a new contact name to the entry. [Add Number] to add a phone to the entry. [Add Email] to add an email address to the entry.

  • Page 84: Editing A Contacts Entry's Phone Number, Assigning Speed Dial Numbers

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Editing a Contacts Entry’s Phone Number Display a Contacts entry (see page 68). Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Contact and press Select the number you wish to edit and press Press to clear one digit at a time, or press and hold to erase the entire number.

  • Page 85: Editing A Contacts Entry

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Press DONE (left softkey) to save the new speed dial number. To assign a speed dial numberto an existing phone number: Display a Contacts entry. (See “Finding Contacts Entries” on page 68.) Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Contact and press Highlight the phone number for which you wish to assign a speed dial number, and press...

  • Page 86: Selecting A Ringertype For An Entry, Secret Contacts Entries

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Selecting a RingerType foran Entry Assign a ringer type to a Contacts entry so you can identify the caller by the ringer type. (See “RingerTypes” on page 39.) Display a Contacts entry. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Contact and press Select Default Ringer >...

  • Page 87: Dialing Sprint Services

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Dialing Sprint Services Your Contacts list is preprogrammed with contact numbers for various Sprint services. To dial a service from yourContacts: Highlight and press Press OPTIONS (right softkey) and select Settings > Services . Select Sprint Customer Service, DirAssistance (Sprint 411) , Pay Bill, Account Info, Sprint Operator, Voice Command, Community Information, Non-Emergency Svcs, Traffic Information, CarrierService Repair, TRS for...

  • Page 88: Wireless Backup

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Wireless Backup This feature allows you to back up all of your contacts to the Sprint Web site and restore them if your phone is lost, stolen, damaged, or replaced. To use the wireless backup service, you are required to activate the service from your phone.

  • Page 89

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Note Wireless Backup can also be activated by highlighting Menu > Settings > More... > and pressing Wireless Backup and following steps 3-4 above. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an SMS text message with your password, which is required when you access the Sprint Wireless Backup Web site (www.wirelessbackup.sprint.com) in order to edit...

  • Page 90: H. Scheduler And Tools, Using Your Phone's Scheduler

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2H Scheduler and Tools Using YourPhone’s Scheduler(page 76) Using YourPhone’s Alarm Clock (page 79) Using YourPhone’s Notepad (page 80) Using EZTips (page 80) Using the Calculator(page 81) Using the World Clock (page 81) Updating Phone Software (page 81) Updating the PRL(page 81) Yourphone is equipped with several personal information management features that help you manage yourbusy...

  • Page 91: Viewing Events, Event Alert Menu

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Select None , Daily , Mon – Fri , Weekly , Monthly , or Yearly and press Select an alarm time for the event by highlighting the alarm field and pressing Select None , On time, 5 minutes , 10 minutes , 1hour , 1day , or 2days and press Select a ringer type for the alarm by highlighting the ringer field and pressing...

  • Page 92

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Going to Today’s SchedulerMenu To go to the Schedulermenu fortoday’s date: Highlight and press > Tools > Scheduler , press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Go to Today . Erasing a Day’s Events Press > Tools > Scheduler . Select the day for which you would like to erase events and press In the calendarview, days with events scheduled are...

  • Page 93: Using Your Phone's Alarm Clock

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Erasing All Events Highlight and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Delete All . (A dialog will be displayed informing you that all events will be deleted.) Select Delete to erase all events or Cancel to return to the calendar view. Using YourPhone’s Alarm Clock Your phone comes with a built-in alarm clock that has multiple alarm capabilities.

  • Page 94: Using Your Phone's Notepad, Using Ez Tips

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using YourPhone’s Notepad Your phone comes with a notepad that you can use to compose and store reminders and notes to help keep you organized. To compose a note: Highlight and press > Tools > Notepad > ADD (left sofkey). Type your note using the QWERTY keyboard.

  • Page 95: Using The Calculator, Using The World Clock, Updating Phone Software, Updating The Prl

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using the Calculator Your phone comes with a built-in calculator. Highlight and press Calculator . Enter numbers using your keypad. Press to enter decimal points. Press to change the numeric value from positive to negative. Press CLEAR (left softkey) to clear all numbers. Press for the total.

  • Page 96: Managing Voice Memos, I. Voice Services

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2I Voice Services Managing Voice Memos (page 82) Using Voice Control (page 84) Yourphone’s Voice Services let you record memos right on yourphone. This section includes easy-to-follow instructions for using and managing voice memos. Section 2I. Voice Services 11:11 AM Page 82 Managing Voice Memos...

  • Page 97: Playing Voice Memos, Voice Memo Options, Erasing Voice Memos

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To end the recording of yourconversation: Select OPTIONS (right softkey) > Stop Voice Memo and press to end the recording prior to the countdown completion. Note Your phone can store a total of memos in up to 30 memos. Playing Voice Memos To play the voice memos you have recorded: Highlight...

  • Page 98: Using Voice Control

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using Voice Control To access Voice Control through Menu: Highlight and press > Tools > Voice Control . After hearing the message “Call: please say a command,” simply say, in a natural voice, “Call” and the name of the person you'd like to call. (For example, you can say, “Call Jane Smith work,”“Call John Bakermobile,”...

  • Page 99: Using The Microsd Card, Using Your Phone's Microsd Card And Adapter, J. Microsd Card

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2J Using the microSD Card Using YourPhone’s microSD Card and Adapter (page 85) microSD Settings (page 87) microSD Folders (page 89) Connecting YourPhone to YourComputer(page 89) Yourphone lets you use a microSD card and an adapterto expand the available memory space. This highly secure digital card enables you to exchange images, music, and voice data between SD-compatible devices.

  • Page 100: Microsd Icon Indicators

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Removing the microSD Card Open the microSD access panel located on the right side of the phone. Push in and then release the microSD card to eject. Pull the microSD card out of the phone. Note The microSD card and its adapter can be easily damaged by improper operation.

  • Page 101: Microsd Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using the microSD Adapter A microSD adapter (included when you purchase a microSD card) allows microSD cards to be used in SD- compatible devices. Before using, you will need to insert the microSD card into the microSD adapter. To insert the microSD card into the microSD adapter: With the label side of the microSD card facing up, insert the card into the supplied microSD adapter,...

  • Page 102: Viewing Memory In The Microsd Card, Formatting The Microsd Card

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Viewing Memory in the microSD Card With the microSD inserted, highlight > Tools > Memory Card Manage r. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) and select Memory Info . (The used and available memory space will be displayed.) Section 2J. microSD Card 11:11 AM Page 88 Formatting the microSD Card...

  • Page 103: Microsd Folders, Connecting Your Phone To Your Computer

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 microSD Folders Displaying YourmicroSD Folders All the files stored in your microSD are accessible through your microSD card folders. With the microSD inserted, highlight > Tools > Memory Card Manager . Select a folder and press To view or play a file, select it and press appropriate softkey.

  • Page 104

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:11 AM Page 90 Note No driver installation is required forWindows Vista/2000/ME/XPusers. If you use Windows 98/98SE, you have to download and install the USB Mass Storage Driver from the Sprint website at www.sprint.com. To avoid loss of data, DO NOTremove the USB cable, the microSD card, or the battery while files are being accessed or transferred.

  • Page 105: Taking Pictures, K. Camera

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2K Camera Taking Pictures (page 91) Recording Videos (page 96) Storing Pictures and Videos (page 98) Sending Sprint Picture Mail (page 101) Managing Sprint Picture Mail (page 104) Printing Pictures From YourPhone (page 108) Settings and Info (page 109) Yourphone’s built-in camera gives you the ability to take full- colordigital pictures, view yourpictures using the phone’s display, and instantly send them to family and friends.

  • Page 106

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using the phone’s main display screen as a viewfinder, aim the camera lens at your subject. Press CAPTURE (left softkey), camera button until the shutter sounds. (The picture will automatically be saved in phone album.) To return to camera mode to take another picture, press the side camera button.

  • Page 107: Camera Mode Options

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Note When taking a picture with the phone closed, the subject image is displayed in reverse on the external display. The captured image will not be saved in reverse. Press the side camera button to take the picture. (The picture will automatically be saved in the In Phone album.) RegisteringYourSprint Picture Mail...

  • Page 108

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 ColorTone : Press the navigation key right or left to select Normal , Black & White , Negative , or Sepia . (The default setting is Normal .) Image Controls to select from the following options: Brightness to select Auto or Manual brightness control.

  • Page 109: Selecting Camera Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using the Zoom This feature allows you to zoom in on an object when you take a picture. Depending on your resolution settings, you can adjust the zoom from 1 step to 15 steps. Objects can be zoomed in 2 x. From camera mode, press the navigation key up or down, or the side volume button up or down to adjust the zoom.

  • Page 110: Recording Videos

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Recording Videos In addition to taking pictures, you can also record, view, and send videos to your friends and family with your phone’s built-in video camera. Highlight and press > Photos > Camcorder to activate video mode. (Additional video options are available through the video mode Options menu.

  • Page 111: Video Mode Options, Selecting Video Settings

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Video Mode Options When the phone is open and in camcorder mode, press OPTIONS (right softkey) to display additional camera options: Self Timer to activate the timer ( Off , 5 seconds , or 10 seconds ). ColorTone : Press the navigation key right or left to select Normal , Black &...

  • Page 112: Storing Pictures And Videos

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Storing Pictures and Videos Your phone’s picture and video storage area is called My Albums . There are three types of folders in My Albums: In Phone Memory Card Online Albums In Phone Folder Your phone’s internal storage area is called the In Phone folder.

  • Page 113

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Assign to display the currently highlighted picture or video for all incoming calls or to assign a picture as a screen saver. Delete to delete pictures or videos from the In Phone folder. Select Delete selection or Delete all . Note Deleting pictures and videos will free up memory space in your phone to enable you to take more...

  • Page 114: Online Albums

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 When you are viewing images in a folder, press EXPAND (left softkey) to display the following option: Expand/Thumbnail to switch the display from expanded view to thumbnail view (up to four pictures per screen). Online Albums Sprint Picture Mail allows you to save your pictures and videos to Online Albums that make it easy to save, organize and share all your pictures and videos.

  • Page 115: Sending Sprint Picture Mail

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Post to Service to send the image to a number of popular third-party web image services. Save To to download the image to your phone’s In Phone Folder or memory card. Copy/Move to copy or move pictures to a selected album.

  • Page 116

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Note The first time you send Sprint Picture Mail, you will be prompted to register your Sprint Picture Mail account. (See “Registering Your Sprint Picture Mail Account” on page 93.) Select Go to Contacts or NEW ADDR to enter the recipients.

  • Page 117

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 (right softkey). Select the picture(s) by pressing and press NEXT (left softkey). Press Send (left softkey) to send the picture. If you are notified that “ Yourmessage is being sent ,” press Continue (left softkey) to complete the process of sending the picture.

  • Page 118: Managing Sprint Picture Mail

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Managing Sprint Picture Mail Using the Sprint Picture Mail Website Once you have uploaded pictures or videos to your online Sprint Picture Mail account at www.sprint.com/picturemail (see “In Phone Folder Options” on page 98), you can use your computer to manage your pictures.

  • Page 119: Uploading Pictures

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To expand a selected picture from thumbnail to full- screen, press Expand (left softkey). Select a picture and press OPTIONS (right softkey) to display your online picture options. Uploading Pictures Highlight and press In Phone . (Thumbnail pictures will be displayed.) Select the picture(s) you wish to upload and press Options (right softkey) and select Upload .

  • Page 120

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To include a text message, highlight the box under Text Message and press the appropriate softkey. Enter your message and press Confirm your recipients and attached data. Press SEND (left softkey) to send the Sprint Picture Mail. To send an album from the online pictures menu: From the online albums display, select an album you wish to send and press SEND (left softkey).

  • Page 121

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Copy All to copy all pictures in the current ● album (or Inbox) to the target album. Move This to move the selected picture to the ● album. ● Move All to move all pictures in the current album (or Inbox) to the target album.

  • Page 122: Printing Pictures Directly From Your Phone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Printing Pictures Directly From YourPhone Your phone is PictBridge compatible, allowing you to print directly from your phone without connecting to a computer. Simply connect your phone to a PictBridge- enabled printer and enjoy printing your photos. Note Make sure your battery is fully charged before using the PictBridge.

  • Page 123: Settings And Info

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Select Yes . Follow the instructions on the display to unplug the USB cable from the phone. PictBridge From time to time you may encounter printing problems. Any printer error Error messages will be displayed on your phone, Messages informing you of the specific problems encountered.

  • Page 124: L. Bluetooth, Turning Bluetooth On And Off

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 2L Bluetooth Turning Bluetooth On and Off (page 110) Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu (page 111) Bluetooth Profiles (page 112) Pairing Bluetooth Devices (page 113) Sending Contacts Using Bluetooth (page 114) Yourphone features built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to share information more easily than everbefore.

  • Page 125: Using The Bluetooth Settings Menu

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Bluetooth Status Indicators The following icons show your Bluetooth connection status at a glance: indicates Bluetooth Enabled (Hidden). indicates Bluetooth Enabled (Visible). indicates Bluetooth Connected. Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu The Bluetooth Settings menu allows you to set up many of the characteristics of your phone’s Bluetooth service, including: Setting your phone’s visibility (or “discoverability”) for...

  • Page 126: Bluetooth Profiles

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Bluetooth Profiles All of the Bluetooth settings you configure are stored in your phone’s Bluetooth user profile. You can use different profiles for specific Bluetooth functions. HSP: Headset Profile – This profile functions as a wireless headset. When an incoming call is received, the voice caller ID can be heard through the headset and the phone will vibrate.

  • Page 127: Pairing Bluetooth Devices

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Pairing Bluetooth Devices Paired Devices The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish trusted connections between your phone and another Bluetooth device. When devices are paired, a passkey is shared between devices, allowing for fast, secure connections while bypassing the discovery and authentication process.

  • Page 128: Sending Contacts Using Bluetooth

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Sending Contacts Using Bluetooth This allows you to send all Contacts information in your phone to another party via Bluetooth . To send all Contacts: If Bluetooth is not set to on, set to On . Highlight and press >...

  • Page 129: Section 3 : Sprint Service

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:11 AM Page 115 Section 3 Section 3 Sprint Sprint ® ® Service Service...

  • Page 130: A. Sprint Service Features: The Basics, Voicemail

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 3A Sprint Service Features: The Basics Voicemail (page 116) Text Messaging (SMS)(page 119) VoiceSMS Messaging (page 122) CallerID (page 123) Call Waiting (page 124) Making a Three-Way Call (page 124) Call Forwarding (page 125) Now that you’ve explored yourphone’s fundamentals, it’s time to learn about the calling features that enhance yourSprint service.

  • Page 131: Voicemail Notification, New Voicemail Message Alerts

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Note Voicemail Passcode If you are concerned about unauthorized access to your voicemail account, Sprint recommends that you enable your voicemail passcode. (Do not activate One-Touch Message Access.) Voicemail Notification There are several ways your phone alerts you to a new message: By displaying a message on the screen.

  • Page 132

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using the Menu Keys on YourPhone to Access YourMessages Highlight and press > Messages > Voicemail > Call Voicemail . Press to listen to your messages. Note You are charged for airtime minutes when you are accessing your voicemail from your wireless phone.

  • Page 133: Text Messaging (sms)

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Using Expert Mode Using the Expert Mode setting for your personal voicemail box helps you navigate through the voicemail system more quickly by shortening the voice prompts you hear at each level. Press and hold to access your voicemail. (If your voicemail box contains any new messages, press to access the main voicemail menu.) Press...

  • Page 134

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your Contacts. (Qualifying Contacts entries must contain a wireless phone number or an email address.) NEW ADDR (right softkey) to use the keypad to enter the wireless phone number or email address of the person to whom you wish to send a message.

  • Page 135: Using Preset Messages

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 AccessingText Messages To read a text message: When you receive a text message, it will be displayed automatically on your phone’s screen. Use your navigation key to scroll down and view the entire message. To reply to a text message: Highlight and press Message >...

  • Page 136: Voicesms Messaging

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 VoiceSMS Messaging In addition to Text Messaging, your phone is enabled with VoiceSMS Messaging. With VoiceSMS Messaging, you can send a voice message to other SMS-enabled phones or to working email addresses without making a phone call. Just record a message and send it directly to the recipient’s phone messaging inbox.

  • Page 137: Caller Id

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 AccessingVoiceSMS Messages When you receive a voice message, a pop-up notification will automatically be displayed on your phone’s screen. Use your softkeys to access and play the voice message. To reply to an VoiceSMS message: From the VoiceSMS inbox, press REPLY (left softkey). Record your reply, and then press SEND (left softkey).

  • Page 138: Call Waiting, Making A Three-way Call

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Call Waiting When you’re on a call, Call Waiting alerts you to incoming calls by sounding two beeps. Your phone’s screen informs you that another call is coming in and displays the caller’s phone number (if it is available and you are in digital mode).

  • Page 139: Call Forwarding

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Call Forwarding Call Forwarding lets you forward all your incoming calls to another phone number – even when your phone is turned off. You can continue to make calls from your phone when Call Forwarding is activated. To activate Call Forwarding: Press Enter the area code and phone number to which your future calls should be forwarded.

  • Page 140: B. Web And Data Services, Data Services Applications

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 3B Web and Data Services Data Services Applications (page 126) Getting Started With Data Services (page 127) Accessing Messaging (page 131) Downloading Games, Ringers and More (page 134) Browser Options Menu (page 137) Phone as Modem (page 140) Data Services FAQs (page 141) Sprint offers web and data services you will really use.

  • Page 141: Getting Started With Data Services

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Phone as Modem – Use your phone as a high-speed Internet connection for your laptop computer. Getting Started With Data Services With your Sprint service, you are ready to start enjoying the advantages of data services. This section will help you learn the basics of using your data services, including managing your user name, launching a data connection, and navigating the web with your phone.

  • Page 142: Launching A Web Connection, Net Guard

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Launching a Web Connection Highlight and press > Web . (Your data connection starts and the home page is displayed.) The Sprint Home Page Note If Net Guard is enabled and displayed (see page 128), press (right softkey) to continue and launch the web.

  • Page 143: Data Connection Status And Indicators, Navigating The Web

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Data Connection Status and Indicators Your phone displays the current status of your data connection through indicators at the top of the screen. The following symbols are used: Your phone is connected to the high-speed Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (EVDO). When the triangles are green , data is being transferred (for...

  • Page 144

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 To use softkeys: Press a softkey. (If an additional pop-up menu is displayed when you press the softkey, select the menu items using your keypad [if they’re numbered], or by highlighting the option and pressing Scrolling As with other parts of your phone’s menu, you’ll have to scroll up and down to see everything on some websites.

  • Page 145: Accessing Messaging

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Going Home To return to the home page from any otherpage: Press and hold – or – Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > MYHOMEPAGE. Accessing Messaging You can send and receive email messages, instant messages, and text messages and participate in web- based chat rooms right from your phone.

  • Page 146: Accessing Email

    Work email accounts. Read the onscreen setup information for additional information about using Work email options on your LG Lotus Follow the setup wizard instructions to enter the required sign-up information. Press Accept (right softkey) if you are prompted to accept any license agreements or disclaimers.

  • Page 147: Accessing Sprint Instant Messaging

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Use your keypad and navigation keys to read, manage, and reply to your email messages. Press Menu (right softkey) to select messaging options, such as Delete , Compose , Reply , Send/Receive , or Settings . Press Menu (right softkey) > Send/Receive to manually check for new messages.

  • Page 148: Downloading Games, Ringers And More

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 name or password, and select Sign In . (Your IM screen for the selected provider will be displayed.) The information required to sign in will vary Note depending on the instant messaging provider you are accessing. Follow the onscreen instructions to read, reply to, compose, and send messages and manage your IM account.

  • Page 149

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Selecting an Item to Download You can search for available items to download in a number of ways: Featured displays a rotating selection of featured items. Categories allows you to narrow your search to a general category, such as Country or Pop/Rock for Ringers or For the Ladies for Screen Savers.

  • Page 150

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Press to quit the browser and return to standby mode. Using MyContent Manager Whether you purchase your Premium Services content from your phone or from your online account management page at www.sprint.com , all of your purchases are stored in My Content Manager and may be downloaded to your phone from there.

  • Page 151: Browser Options Menu

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Press to quit the browser and return to standby mode. You can also access My Content Manager through the phone’s main menu. Press [Games, Ringers, Screen Savers, orApplications] . The browser will open and > My Content Manager take you to the corresponding content.

  • Page 152

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Opening the BrowserOptions Menu The browser options menu may be opened anytime you have an active data session, from any page you are viewing. To open the browseroptions menu: Press OPTIONS (right softkey). Options available in the Options menu include: BACK to go back to the most recent web page.

  • Page 153

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Accessing a Bookmark Press OPTIONS (right softkey) to open the browser options menu. Select MYPAGES. Select a bookmark you wish to access in the list and press Deleting a Bookmark Press OPTIONS (right softkey) to open the browser options menu.

  • Page 154: Phone As Modem

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Phone as Modem Your phone’s data capabilities enable you to use its high-speed data connection as a modem for your laptop computer. You’ll be able to send and receive email, browse the Internet, and access your company’s network anywhere on the Sprint National Network. Note To use this service, you are required to sign up on a Sprint with Phone as Modem plan.

  • Page 155: Data Services Faqs

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 When you’re ready to terminate the data connection, double-click the Sprint PCS Connection Manager icon in the system tray, and then click Disconnect to end the session. Note While your data connection is active, you will not be able to receive incoming calls;...

  • Page 156

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Can I make calls and use data services at the same time? You cannot use voice and data services simultaneously. If you receive a call while data service is active, the call will be forwarded to voicemail. You can place an outgoing call anytime, but it will interrupt any in-progress data session.

  • Page 157: C. Entertainment: Tv And Music

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 3C Entertainment: TV and Music TV (page 143) Music – Sprint Music Store (page 146) Streaming Music (page 151) Sprint TV gives you the ability to listen to audio clips and to view video clips right from your phone’s display. Watch live TV and catch up on episodes of your favorite shows –...

  • Page 158

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Watching TV Highlight and press > Entertainment > TV. Depending on your settings, you may be asked to accept a data connection. Select Sprint TV , Sprint Radio, Sprint Movies, or Premium Channels to display channel options. Use your navigation key and press channel from the Sprint TV listings or to select an available category.

  • Page 159

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 duration will depend on the story or content being provided, and can be fairly short or as long as a few minutes. Can I access a clip wherever I am, as long as I have my phone? As long as you are on the Sprint National Network, you will have access to the audio and video clips.

  • Page 160: Music – Sprint Music Store

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 your phone is in “headset mode,” a phone call will not disconnect when you close the phone.) Can I surf to a different channel while I am playing a clip? Yes. While you are playing a clip, you can use the up and down navigation keys to surf to a different channel.

  • Page 161

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 From the Sprint Music Store opening page, select an option to browse the store: Featured Musi c offers a revolving selection of highlighted songs and artists. Categories allows you to choose from categories such as Top 10s, New This Week, What’s Hot, Songs You Know, and specific musical genres.

  • Page 162

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Create Playlist... to set up a custom playlist of songs you like to hear together. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a name for the playlist, select songs by artist, genre, and title, and create an order for the playlist. Once you’ve displayed a list of songs, you can browse through your available titles by Song, Artist, or Genre to select a specific song.

  • Page 163

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Multitasking Multitasking is a way of maintaining one application active while using another. While your current music selection is playing, you can activate the Application Manager screen and choose from a list of available applications which can be run in tandem with your music.

  • Page 164

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Receiving an Incoming Call While Playing Music An incoming call causes the currently played music file to be paused while the phone call is active. Once the current call is ended, you can select to resume any paused applications. (Music will resume playing automatically.) Answer an incoming call by pressing TALK (left softkey).

  • Page 165: Streaming Music

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Streaming Music In addition to the Sprint Music Store, Sprint offers a variety of musical options through the Music category in the Sprint TV menu, including SIRIUS Music, Music Choice, VH1, and many others. Choose from rock, pop, hip-hop, and R&B, and access exclusive video clips, music industry news, performances, and interviews with your favorite artists.

  • Page 166: D. Gps Navigation, Sprint Navigation

    Getting Driving Directions (page 154) Configuring YourNavigation Preferences (page 161) Launching the Product Tour(page 162) The LG LOTUS™ allows you to utilize built-in GPS hardware to easily access both directional information and location-ready features such as nearby companies and services.

  • Page 167: Using Sprint Navigation

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Registering forService Before you can fully take advantage of the navigation feature, you must first properly register your device. Highlight > Drive To and press – or – Highlight and press Navigation . Select each of the onscreen registration fields and use the keypad to enter the required information.

  • Page 168: Getting Driving Directions

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 City : used when you do not know a physical address but would like driving directions to a city. Businesses: locations based on business categories. Airports: local airports based on current GPS location. Search lets you search for locations based on Name, Category, or Location.

  • Page 169

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Select Type It or Speak It and press Type It requires that you enter the physical address using the keypad. Speak It to place a call to the TeleNav™ operator where you will speak the desired address. This is similar to calling 411 for directory assistance.

  • Page 170

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Once you have entered your desired location and your phone has begun providing you with driving directions, you can alter the information being displayed by using one of three other driving options, press View (right softkey): Route Summary, Traffic Summary, 2D or3D Map, and Search Along.

  • Page 171: Using A Local Business Category

    157. 11:11 AM Page 157 Using a Local Business Category The LG LOTUS™ can also cross-reference your current location with local business and points of interest, such as Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Wi-Fi Spots, Malls, > Maps > Sprint Hospitals, etc.

  • Page 172

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Where returns you to the Search Near page where you can choose from a set of seven location categories. Entries with more than one available category (a subcategory) appear with an adjacent grey arrow. These entries can be expanded and then closed. To organize and arrange yoursearch results: Select a category entry from the Search page.

  • Page 173: Creating A My Favorites Location

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Creating a My Favorites Location Once you have begun using Sprint Navigation to find your destination, you can then either recall those locations and add them to your list of favorite destinations or create a new entry from one of the available location categories (Address, Business, Airport, or Contacts).

  • Page 174: Sharing A Recent Location With Others

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Sharing a Recent Location with Others Recently queried locations can be saved to your My Favorites list and also shared with other cellular devices. Highlight > Share & More > Share Address and press – or – Highlight and press >...

  • Page 175: Configuring Your Navigation Preferences

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Configuring YourNavigation Preferences Highlight > Share & More > Preferences and press – or – Highlight and press Navigation > Share & More > Preferences . Scroll down the list and select an entry to change its current setting: Name : allows you to alter the current first and last name registered with the service.

  • Page 176: Launching The Product Tour

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Call In : to alter the number used when accessing Spoken directions from the TeleNav™ operator. Help Card : allows you to configure the settings for the onscreen help message (card). Options include: Show Three Times, Always On, or Always Off .

  • Page 177: Information

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:11 AM Page 163 Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information...

  • Page 178: A. Important Safety Information, General Precautions, Maintaining Safe Use Of And Access To

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 4A Important Safety Information General Precautions (page 164) Maintaining Safe Use of and Access to YourPhone (page 165) Using YourPhone With a Hearing Aid Device (page 166) Caring forthe Battery (page 168) Radio Frequency (RF)Energy (page 169) Owner’s Record (page 171) UserGuide Proprietary Notice (page 171) This phone guide contains important operational and safety...

  • Page 179: Your Phone

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Maintaining Safe Use of and Access to YourPhone Do Not Rely on YourPhone forEmergency Calls Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions. Therefore you should never rely solely upon any mobile phone for essential communication (e.g., medical emergencies).

  • Page 180: Using Your Phone With A Hearing Aid Device

    Not all phones have been rated for compatibility with hearing devices. Phones that have been rated have a label located on the box. and a T3 rating Your LG LOTUS has an M3...

  • Page 181

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 These ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary depending on the user’s hearing device and individual type and degree of hearing loss. If a hearing device is particularly vulnerable to interference noise; even a phone with a higher rating may still cause unacceptable noise levels in the hearing device.

  • Page 182: Caring For The Battery

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Position the phone so the internal antenna is farthest from your hearing aid. Move the phone around to find the point with least interference. Caring forthe Battery Protecting YourBattery The guidelines listed below help you get the most out of your battery’s performance.

  • Page 183: Radio Frequency (rf) Energy

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Special Note: Be sure to dispose of your battery properly. In some areas, the disposal of batteries in household or business trash may be prohibited. Radio Frequency (RF)Energy Understanding How YourPhone Operates Your phone is basically a radio transmitter and receiver. When it’s turned on, it receives and transmits radio frequency (RF) signals.

  • Page 184: Fcc Notice

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 phone meets strict federal guidelines. Variations in SARs do not represent a variation in safety. All phones must meet the federal standard, which incorporates a substantial margin of safety. As stated above, variations in SAR values between different model phones do not mean variations in safety.

  • Page 185: Owner's Record, User Guide Proprietary Notice

    Record the serial number in the space provided below. This will be helpful if you need to contact us about your phone in the future. Model: LOTUS by LG Serial No.: 11:11 AM Page 171...

  • Page 186: B. Manufacturer's Warranty

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Section 4B Manufacturer’s Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty (page 172) Yourphone has been designed to provide you with reliable, worry-free service. If for any reason you have a problem with your equipment, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty in this section. For information regarding the terms and conditions of service for your phone, please visit www.sprint.com or call Sprint Customer Service at...

  • Page 187: Manufacturer's Warranty

    LG, including damage caused by shipping, blown fuses, or spills of food or liquid. (3) Breakage or damage to antennas unless caused directly by defects in material or workmanship.

  • Page 188: How To Get Warranty Service

    (11) Consumables (such as fuses). 3. WHAT LG WILL DO: LG will, at its sole option, either repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any unit that does not conform to this limited warranty. LG may choose at its option to use functionally equivalent re-conditioned, refurbished or new units or parts or any units.

  • Page 189

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 11:11 AM Page 175 Tel. 1-800-793-8896 Email: http://us.lgservice.com Please call or write for the location of the LGE authorized service center nearest you and the procedures for obtaining warranty claims. Section 4B. Warranty...

  • Page 190

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 INDEX Abbreviated Dialing 27, 53 Account Management 5 Activating YourPhone 3 Alarm Clock 79 Alert Notification 41 Answering Calls 21 Auto-AnswerMode 52 Battery 16-18 Capacity 16 Charger18 Charging 17 Disposal 168 Installing 17 Removing 17 Bluetooth 110 Bluetooth Profiles 112 Index 11:11 AM Page 176...

  • Page 191: Table Of Contents

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Emergency Numbers 23 End-of-Call Options 25 Enhanced 911(E911) 23 Entering Text 29-31 Numbers, Symbols, Smileys and Preset Messages 31 Settings 53 Entertainment: TVand Music 143 EZTips 80 FCC Notice 170 Features List 14 Getting Driving Directions 154 GPS Navigation 152 Hearing Aid Usage 166 History 63-66 Calling From 64...

  • Page 192

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Finding 26 Saving 25 With Pauses 26 Phone Software 81 PictBridge 108 Picture Mail Managing 104-107 Registering Account 93 Resetting Account 57 Sending Pictures and Videos Pictures 91-95 Online Albums 100 Printing 108 Settings and Info 109 Storing 98 Uploading 105 Preset Messages 48, 121 Resetting YourPhone 58...

  • Page 193

    LX600(1.2)_0603.qxp 6/3/09 Composing 120 Preset Messages 121 Three-Way Calling 124 TTYUse 50 Turning Bluetooth On and Off Turning YourPhone Off 16 Turning YourPhone On 15 TV143 Unlocking YourPhone 55 Updating the PRL81 11:11 AM Page 179 Videos 96-97 Storing 98 Voice Control 84 Voicemail 116-119 Alerts 117...

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