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  Summary of Contents for LG GC-F399BVQA.CSWQECZ

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instruction

    Important Safety Instruction Water tank can fill with potable water only. Do not install the fridge-freezer in the wet place or the place which water or rain splashes. Deterioration of insulation of electric parts may cause electric leakage. Do not use or store inflammable materials ether, benzene, alcohol, medicine, LP gas, spray or cosmetics near or in the fridge-freezer.
  • Page 20: Water Dispenser

    Operation Water Dispenser Features Install • Please assemble the VALVE ASSEMBLY after correctly adjusting it with a DOOR HOLE.
  • Page 28: How To Reverse The Door

    To Reverse the Doors Your fridge-freezer is designed with reversible doors,so that they may open from either the left or right hand side to suit your kitchen design. Precaution Before reversing the door, first of all,you should take out food and accessories like shelves or trays which are not fixed in the fridge-freezer.
  • Page 29 Loosen the bolt of the Hinge Middle Middle , and lift up the freezer door (When separating the refrigerator door, separate the bush together.)Separate the hinge cover and set it on the separated part of middle hinge . After unscrewing the screw connected to the bottom cover connect the cover cap on the right side.