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Troubleshooting Guidelines; Troubleshooting Tips - LG RC9011C Use And Care Manual

9kg dryer
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roubleshooting Guidelines

Troubleshooting Tips

To save you time and money, the following page will help answer your questions before service call.
Dryer doesn't work
It takes a long time
to dry
"Clean Filter" lamp
Clothes are covered
in Fluff
The drying time is
not consistent
Water is leaking
The clothes are
The clothes shrinked
1. Check dryer is plugged in.
2. Check "Start" button is pressed.
3. Check door is properly closed.
4. Check Room temperature is below 5°C.
5. Check a fuse is not blown or the circuit breaker is tripped and replace them.
(Caution : electric dryers generally use two fuses or breakers)
After emptying the water container and Cleaning filter during operation, you must
press Start button, then the dryer operates again.
1. Filter should be cleaned after each load.
2. Check water container is emptied.
3. Check cleanness of condenser.
4. Check to select correct program setting for fabric type.
5. Check air ventilation grille or rear vents of the dryer to be obstructed.
6. Check the clothes is "excessively wet".
7. Check correct program selected.
8. Check dryer is overloaded.
1. Check filter is cleaned.
2. Check condenser unit is clogged.
1. Check lint filter is empty.
2. Check dryer has only clean items.
3. Check laundry is properly sorted in the drum.
4. Check laundry is overloaded.
5. Check there is any paper, tissue,or similar item in the pockets of laundry.
The drying time for a load will vary depending on the heat setting, the size of the load,
the type of fabrics, the wetness of the clothes and the condition of the lint filter.
Check the door and sealing cover is dirty and damaged.
Check the laundry is overloaded. Try a shorter drying time
and remove items while they still retain a slight amount moisture.
To avoid shrinkage, please carefully follow the care and use
instructions for your garment, because some fabrics will naturally shrink when washed.
Other fabrics can be washed but will shrink when dried in a dryer.
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Table of Contents

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