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AEG LAVATHERM 35600 Operating And Installation Instructions

Aeg clothes dryer user manual.
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Vented Tumble Dryer
Operating and Installation Instructions


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   Summary of Contents for AEG LAVATHERM 35600

  • Page 1 LAVATHERM 35600 Vented Tumble Dryer Operating and Installation Instructions...
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    If you require assistance or advice on your appliance, please contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone: Customer Care Department AEG Domestic Appliances Limited 55-77 High Street Slough Berkshire SL 1 1DZ Tel: 08705 350350 Printed on environmentally friendly paper ...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Information ........5 General Safety .
  • Page 4 Contents Program tables ..........26 A small glossary of textile information .
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    1 Important Safety Information Your safety is of paramount importance, please ensure you read these warnings before installing or using the appliance. If you are unsure about any of the meanings of these warnings, contact the Customer Care Department. General Safety •...
  • Page 6: Child Safety

    • Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out by qualified per- sonnel. Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunction. Contact your local AEG Service Force Centre for repair. • Washing that is in poor condition (heavily worn) and items with loose fillings (cushions) that could break open must not be dried or aired.
  • Page 7: For The Installer - Safety Information

    For the installer - Safety information • Check the appliance for transportation damage before installation. • Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. • Do not install the appliance on deep pile carpet. •...
  • Page 8: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data Height x Width x Depth Depth with the door open Height adjustable from Empty weight Load (depending on the program) Power consumption in acc. with IEC 1121 s.e. Area of use Permissible ambient temperature This appliance complies with the following EC directives: –...
  • Page 9: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. WARNING - THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety meas- ures not be observed. Before switching on, make sure the electricity supply voltage is the same as that indicated on the appliance rating plate.
  • Page 10: Permanent Connection

    Electrical Connection • The wire coloured green and yellow must be connected to the termi- nal marked with the letter “E“ or by the earth symbol green and yellow • The wire coloured blue must be connected to the terminal “N“ or col- oured black.
  • Page 11: Site Preparation

    Site Preparation • The installation surface must be clean and dry. • Do not install on a deep pile carpet. • If the appliance is installed next to a heat source (e. g. cooking appli- ance), a heat insulation pad (85 x 57 cm) must be placed between the washing machine and the heat source.
  • Page 12: Venting

    Venting Venting The appliance expels hot, moist air which must be able to flow freely from the tumble dryer vent. Tumble Dryer Vents View from left View from right The most efficient way of venting the expelled air is via a vent hose through to the outside.
  • Page 13: Venting Through A Vent Hose

    Example: A vent hose (Part number: 647 000 010) and wall box (Part number: 647 000 020) are available from your local AEG Service Force Centre. Ensure the vent hose is not squashed. The drying efficiency of the tumble dryer will be affected and may cause the safety cut outs to operate.
  • Page 14: Venting Without A Vent Hose

    Venting Venting without a Vent Hose If a vent hose is not connected to the tumble dryer, the air can be expelled into the installation room providing the following precautions are observed. • The vent(s) in use must be at least 30 cm from the wall or any other object.
  • Page 15: General Information

    3 General Information • To prevent creasing do not exceed the maximum load stated in the program table. • When using fabric conditioning sheets, we recommend the condi- tioning sheet is pinned (using a safety pin) to an article of laundry and placed in the tumble dryer.
  • Page 16: Environmental Protection Tips

    Environmental protection tips 2 Environmental protection tips • Your laundry will become light and soft in the tumble dryer even with- out a fabric softening agent. • Loosen your laundry before loading it into the dryer. This helps to pre- vent lengthy running times and creasing.
  • Page 17 • Observe the maximum load instructions. Whenever possible, dry full loads. • Select the appropriate drying program for the type and quantity of laundry. The dryer will then operate as economically as possible. Some typical consumption values: Drying program COTTONS CUPBOARD DRY COTTONS HAND IRON EASY CARES CUPBOARD DRY 1) spun at 800 revolutions per minute...
  • Page 18: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Description of the appliance Front view Fluff filter Control panel Rating plate Feet Removable Plinth Reversible door (all height-adjustable)
  • Page 19: Control Panel

    Description of the appliance Control panel A Program selector: To select the drying program B SPECIAL CARE button: For delicate fabrics C START button: For starting the drying program D OPERATING light: iIluminates when the appliance is switched on...
  • Page 20: The Program Selector Positions

    Before using the appliance for the first time The program selector positions • OFF: The tumble dryer is switched off. • Program group COTTON: Programs for drying cotton and linen fabrics; maximum load 5 kg. • Program group EASY CARES: Programs for drying mixed fabrics and synthetics;...
  • Page 21: Brief Operating Instructions

    Brief operating instructions Brief operating instructions • Ensure the laundry is well spun before tumble drying. • Prepare the laundry. • Load the laundry. • Select the drying program on the program selector. – Press the SPECIAL CARE button if required. –...
  • Page 22: Drying

    Drying Drying Prepare the laundry • To prevent tangled bundles of laundry: Close zip fasteners; button-up bed linen and pillow cases; tie-together loose tapes, e.g. aprons. • Empty all pockets. • Remove all metal objects (paper clips, pins, etc.). • Turn clothing consisting of double-layer fabric inside out (such as cotton-lined anoraks with the cotton layer facing outwards).
  • Page 23: Start The Drying Program

    Drying • SPECIAL CARE button This program operates with reduced heat. Press the SPECIAL CARE button for fabrics bearing the care symbol S. Gentle drying is advisable for heat-sensitive fabrics (such as acrylic and vis- cose). Start the drying program 0 Press the START button.
  • Page 24: Removing Laundry Or Loading Laundry When Necessary

    Drying Removing laundry or loading laundry when necessary You can interrupt the drying process at any time to remove some of the laundry or to add more laundry. 0 Open the door. Caution! The laundry and the drum may be hot.
  • Page 25: Clean The Fluff Filter

    Clean the fluff filter To ensure efficient operation of the tumble dryer, clean the fluff filter after each drying program. Also check whether there are any remnants or fluff from the washing in the drum; remove immediately. 0 Press the catch of the filter lid down- wards.
  • Page 26: Program Tables

    Program tables Program tables Program group COTTONS care symbols R, Q; maximum load 5 kg Program EXTRA DRY CUPBOARD DRY DAMP HAND IRON MACHINE IRON Program group EASY CARES care symbols R, S Program EXTRA DRY CUPBOARD DRY DAMP 1) Press the SPECIAL CARE button! Laundry Type Heavy weight or multi- layered fabrics...
  • Page 27: Time Programs

    TIME programs care symbols R, S , Q; loads less than 1kg You can select 20, 40 and 60 minutes program duration for additional drying of individual pieces of laundry or to dry small quantities. 1) Press the SPECIAL CARE button! AIRING Program The laundry is treated for 10 minutes in cold air;...
  • Page 28: A Small Glossary Of Textile Information

    A small glossary of textile information A small glossary of textile information Care symbols Ensure articles to be dried are suitable for tumble drying. If they are one of the following symbols should be present on the care label: Normal drying Drying with special care (press the SPECIAL CARE button!) This fabric can be tumble dried.
  • Page 29: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the filter area Important! A small amount of fluff may reach the area around the fluff filter. Therefore, you should clean the entire filter area from time to time, or at least every three months. 0 Remove the fluff filter. 0 Hold the filter lid by the top and pull it forwards until it is released from both holders.
  • Page 30: Something Not Working

    Something not working? Something not working? If the tumble dryer is not working correctly please carry out the follow- ing checks before calling an engineer. Symptom The tumble dryer will not start The results are unsatisfactory The drying process takes unusually long The door cannot be closed Possible cause...
  • Page 31 Something not working? If after these checks, the tumble dryer still does not work, contact your local AEG Service Force Centre. Please note that it will be necessary to provide proof of purchase for any in-guarantee service calls. In-guarantee customers should ensure that the above checks have been made as the engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a mechani- cal or electrical breakdown.
  • Page 32: Door Reversal Instructions

    Door Reversal Instructions Door Reversal Instructions The door opening direction can be changed if required. Warning! Before reversing the door, isolate the appliance from the mains supply. Proceed as follows to reverse the door opening direction: 0 Remove the screws A on the front panel of the appliance. 0 Take off the door by sliding the door towards the centre of the machine, disengaging the hinges from the front panel.
  • Page 33 0 Reposition hinges C and door catch D on the opposite side of the door and replace screws. 0 To release the door lock H remove the fixing screw and slide the lock upwards. To disconnect the wiring plug press the two plastic securing levers on the plug and pull out.
  • Page 34: Special Accessories

    Vent hose To conduct exhaust fumes, a flexible spiral conduit with a diameter of 105 mm can be obtained through your AEG Service Force Centre or at a specialised electrical shop. This spiral conduit is easy to fit and is easily attached to the vented tumble dryer using the adapter that comes with the appliance (see p.
  • Page 35: Guarantee Conditions

    Guarantee Conditions AEG offer the following guarantee to the first purchaser of this appli- ance. 1. The guarantee is valid for 12 months commencing when the appli- ance is handed over to the first retail purchaser, which must be verified by purchase invoice or similar documentation.
  • Page 36: European Guarantee

    Guarantee Conditions European Guarantee If you should move to another country within Europe then your guar- antee moves with you to your new home subject to the following qual- ifications: – The guarantee starts from the date you first purchased your product. –...
  • Page 37: Service & Spare Parts

    PNC no..S no. Customer care For general enquiries regarding your AEG appliance, or for further information on AEG products please contact our Customer Care Department AEG Domestic Appliances Limited 55-77 High Street...
  • Page 38: Index

    Acrylic ......28 AEG Service Force Centre ....31 Anorak .
  • Page 40 AEG Hausgeräte GmbH Postfach 1036 D-90327 Nürnberg © Copyright by AEG H 245 216 740 -00- 0900/PRO...

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