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Lenovo THINK VISION E2223 User Manual

Lenovo THINK VISION E2223 User Manual


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E2223 Wide Flat Panel Monitor
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 E2223 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User's Guide...
  • Page 2: Product Numbers

    © Copyright Lenovo 2013. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and are sold to governmental entities as commercial items as defined by 48 C.F.R. 2.101 with limited and restricted rights to use, reproduction and disclosure.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety information General Safety guidelines For tips to help you use your computer safely, go to: Before installing this product, read the Safety Information. í í í Safety information...
  • Page 5: Chapter 1.Getting Started

    Chapter 1.Getting started This User’s Guide contains detailed information on your Flat Panel Monitor. For a quick overview, please see the Setup Poster that was shipped with your monitor. Shipping contents The product package should include the following items: • Setup Poster •...
  • Page 6: Product Overview

    Product overview This section will provide information on adjusting monitor positions, setting user controls, and using the cable lock slot. Types of adjustments Tilt Please see the illustration below for an example of the tilt range. -5° 22° Monitor controls Your monitor has controls on the front which are used to adjust the display.
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Monitor

    Setting up your monitor This section provides information on how to set up your monitor. Connecting and turning on your monitor Note: Be sure to read the Safety information located on page iii before carrying out this procedure. 1. Power off your computer and all attached devices, and unplug the computer power cord.
  • Page 8 4. Connect the digital cable to the DVI connector of the monitor and the other end on the back of the computer. 5. Insert the power cord into the monitor, then plug the monitor power cord and the computer cord into grounded electrical outlets. Note: A certified power supply cord has to be used with this equipment.
  • Page 9 6. Power on the monitor and the computer. 7. When you install the monitor driver, download the driver that corresponds to your monitor model from the Lenovo website Refer to the “ Manually Install Monitor Driver” section to install the driver.
  • Page 10: Registering Your Option

    Thank you for purchasing this Lenovo™ product. Please take a few moments to register your Product and provide us with information that will help Lenovo to better serve you in the future. Your feedback is valuable to us in developing product and services that are important to you, as well as in developing better ways to communicate with you.
  • Page 11: Chapter 2.Adjusting And Using Your Monitor

    For more detailed information on any of these topics, visit the Healthy Computing Web site at: http:// Arranging your work area Use a work surface of appropriate height and available working area to allow you to work in comfort.
  • Page 12: Quick Tips For Healthy Work Habits

    Accessibility information Lenovo is committed to providing greater access to information and technology to people with disabilities. With assistive technologies, users can access information in the way most appropriate to their disability. Some of these technologies are already provided in your operating system;...
  • Page 13: Adjusting Your Monitor Image

    Adjusting your monitor image This section describes the control features to adjustyour monitor image. Using the direct access controls The direct access controls can be used when the On Screen Display (OSD) is not displayed. Table 2-1. Direct access controls Icon Control Description Input Change Switches the video input source.
  • Page 14 Table 2-2. OSD functions Controls and OSD Icon on Controls and Submenu Description Adjustments Main Menu Adjustments (DVI) (Analog) Same as Analog Adjusts overall brightness Brightness Brightness/ Adjusts difference between Contrast light and dark areas Contrast Controls Locked - not Moves image left or right. required for DVI input Horizontal Position Image Position Moves image up or down.
  • Page 15 Table 2-2. OSD functions Controls and OSD Icon on Controls and Submenu Description Adjustments Main Menu Adjustments (DVI) (Analog) Same as Analog Shows resolution, refresh rate, and product details. Note: This screen does not allow any changes to Information the settings. Changes languages of menu. Note: The language chosen only affects the Menu Language language of the OSD.
  • Page 16: Selecting A Supported Display Mode

    Selecting a supported display mode The display mode the monitor uses is controlled by the computer. Therefore, refer to your computer documentation for details on how to change display modes. The image size, position and shape might change when the display mode changes. This is normal and the image can be readjusted using automatic image setup and the image controls.
  • Page 17: Understanding Power Management

    Understanding power management Power management is invoked when the computer recognizes that you have not used your mouse or keyboard for a user-definable period. There are several states as described in the table below. For optimal performance, switch off your monitor at the end of each working day, or whenever you expect to leave it unused for long periods during the day.
  • Page 18: Caring For Your Monitor

    Caring for your monitor Be sure to turn off the power before you perform any maintenance on the monitor. Do not: • Apply water or liquid directly to your monitor. • Use solvents or abrasives. • Use flammable cleaning materials to clean your monitor or any other electrical equipment.
  • Page 19 Step 3: Remove the base from the monitor, refer to "Detaching the monitor base and stand". Step 4: Attach the mounting bracket from the VESA compatible wall mounting kit (100mm x100mm distance), VESA Mounting Screw M4 x 10 mm. Step 5: Attach the LCD display to the wall, following the instructions in the wall-mounting kit.
  • Page 20: Chapter 3.Reference Information

    Chapter 3.Reference information This section contains monitor specifications, instructions to manually install the monitor driver, troubleshooting information. Monitor specifications Table 3-1. Monitor specifications for type-model 60AF-HAR1-WW Dimensions Height 379.4 mm (14.94 in.) Depth 167.2 mm (6.58 in.) Width 514.5 mm (20.26 in.) Panel Size 21.5 in. Backlight Aspect ratio 16:9...
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you have a problem setting up or using your monitor, you might be able to solve it yourself. Before calling your dealer or Lenovo, try the suggested actions that are appropriate to your problem. Table 3-2. Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Suggested action Reference The words "Out...
  • Page 22: Manual Image Setup

    Table 3-2. Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Suggested action Reference Adjust the resolution settings on your “Adjusting your • Fuzzy lines • Image setup has not in text or a been optimized system to match the native resolution monitor image” on blurryimage • Your system for this monitor: 1920x1080 at 60Hz page 2-3 •...
  • Page 23 Note: On LCD monitors, unlike CRTs, a faster refresh rate does not improve display quality. Lenovo recommends using either 1920 x 1080 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, or 640 x 480 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Page 24 Note: On LCD monitors, unlike CRTs, a faster refresh rate does not improve display quality. Lenovo recommends using either 1920 x 1080 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, or 640 x 480 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Page 25 Note: On LCD monitors, unlike CRTs, a faster refresh rate does not improve display quality. Lenovo recommends using either 1920 x 1080 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, or 640 x 480 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Page 26: Service Parts

    Scratches or punctures on monitor screens. Service parts The following parts are for use by Lenovo service, or Lenovo aurthorized dealers, to supprot the customer warranty. Parts are for service use only. The table below shows information for model 60AF-HAR1-WW.
  • Page 27: Appendix A. Service And Support

    Installation and configuration support through the Customer Support Center will be available until 90 days after the option has been withdrawn from marketing. After that time, the support is cancelled, or made available for a fee, at Lenovo’s discretion. Additional support is also available for a nominal fee.
  • Page 28 Warranty service and support: +358-800-1-4260 (Finnish) France Warranty service and support: 0810-631-213 (hardware) (French) Germany Warranty service and support: 0800-500-4618 (toll-free) (German) Greece Lenovo Business Partner (Greek) Guatemala Dial 999-9190, wait for operator, and request to reach 877-404-9661 (Spanish) Appendix A. A-2...
  • Page 29 Malaysia 1-800-88-0013 03-7724-8023 (Standard Charges Apply) (English) Malta 356-21-445-566 (English, Italian, Maltese Arabic) Mexico 001-866-434-2080 (Spanish) Netherlands 020-513-3939 (Dutch) New Zealand 0508-770-506 (English) Nicaragua 001-800-220-2282 (Spanish) Norway 8152-1550 (Norwegian) Panama Lenovo Customer Support Center: 001-866-434 (toll-free) (Spanish) Appendix A. A-3...
  • Page 30 Country or Region Telephone Number Peru 0-800-50-866 OPCION 2 (Spanish) Philippines 1-800-8908-6454 (GLOBE subscribers) 1-800-1441-0719 (PLDT subscribers) (Tagalog, English) Poland Laptops and tablets branded with logo Think: 48-22-273-9777 ThinkStation and ThinkServer: 48-22-878-6999 (Polish, English ) Portugal 808-225-115 (Standard Charges Apply) (Portuguese) Romania 4-021-224-4015...
  • Page 31: Appendix B.notices

    Web sites. The materials at those Web sites are not part of the materials for this Lenovo product, and use of those Web sites is at your own risk.
  • Page 32: Recycling Information

    Collecting and recycling a disused Lenovo computer or monitor If you are a company employee and need to dispose of a Lenovo computer or monitor that is the property of the company, you must do so in accordance with the Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources.

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