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  • Page 1 No-Frost GNE 46102 E GNE 46102 B GNE 46102 X...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1 The Refrigerator The Refrigerator........3 Technical specifications of your ........refrigerator 2 Safety precautions Safety precautions ......5 Electrical Safety ........5 3 Using your refrigerator Using the accessories......18 Placing the food .........24 Things to be done for saving energy..........25 Changing the illumination lamp..23 4 Deep-Freeze information 5 Cleaning your refrigerator...
  • Page 4: The Refrigerator

    The Refrigerator Freezer compartment Egg holder Fridge compartment Fridge Compartment door racks Fresh Freeze compartment Fridge Compartment interior light Ice container Snack tray Freezer Compartment interior light Crisper compartment Freezer Compartment glass shelves Crisper or Chiller Compartment Ice duct lid Crisper or Chiller Compartment Freezer compartment drawers adjustment bolt...
  • Page 5 The Refrigerator MAIN BOARD COVER: NEVER REMOVE THIS COVER Power mains cable Icematic water supply pipe Water pipe cover Cold water mains inlet valve REAR COVER: NEVER REMOVE THIS COVER...
  • Page 6: Technical Specifications Of Your Refrigerator

    Technical specifications of your refrigerator Refrigerator/deep-freeze for domestic use Product Category Energy Class Annual Energy Consumption (Actual consumption varies depending on (kWh/year) where and how the appliance is used) Fridge Compartment Volume (Net-lt) Frozen Food Compartment Volume (Net-lt) Star Class Two Star Compartment (lt) Cooling System NO-FROST...
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions pipe extensions or surface coatings are This product, included in the newest product punctured may cause skin irritations and eye line is particularly environment friendly. Your injuries. product is equipped with a natural cooling • Do not cover or block the ventilation holes system (R600a) which does not contain CFC on your refrigerator with any material.
  • Page 8 Prior to operating your refrigerator • Please remember that the Points to be Considered when manufacturer shall not be held liable Transporting the Product: if the information given in the Your refrigerator must be emptied and instruction manual is not observed. cleaned prior to any transportation.
  • Page 9 Placing and Assembly of Your Refrigerator Usage area measures Caution: Never plug the refrigerator in to the wall outlet during installation. Otherwise, risk of death or serious injury may arise. Following figure shows the required place to allow you use your refrigerator most efficiently. If the entrance door of the room where the refrigerator will be installed is not wide enough for the refrigerator to pass through, than call...
  • Page 10 Floor balance adjustment Door height adjustment If your refrigerator is not level, you can level In case there is a problem with the it by turning the front feet as illustrated in the alignment of the doors, with respect to figure below.
  • Page 11 Loosen the three screws of the hinges of • If the freezer compartment door is lower the lower door, which you wish to escalate, than the fridge compartment door, bring them with the help of a screwdriver as shown in to the same level by turning the turning the the figure below.
  • Page 12 Installation Requirements Connection to the Cold Mains Please follow the instructions below. In order to operate the automatic ice maker/dispenser and chilled water dispenser, MAKE SURE THAT STANDARD 1/2” your appliance needs to be plumbed into the VALVE FITTING FED BY COLD MAINS cold mains water supply in your house via a WATER SUPPLY IS AVAILABLE AND standard 1/2 “...
  • Page 13 Connection of the Water Pipe to the Cold Water Mains Line Adaptor Separate the nut from the tap adaptor. Figure A) As shown in the figure, assemble the tap Figure B) adaptor to 1/2” valve fitting ( As shown in the figure, after inserting the Water Tube water pipe to the nut, install it to the tap adaptor and insert to the tap as shown in the figure.
  • Page 14 Water Filter Water Pipe Water Pipe Filter By-pass Cover Bypass Cover To fit the water filter follow the instructions appear on the screen after about 6 months. below referring to figures supplied: The warning light will remain on for about 15 days before it starts to flash.
  • Page 15 Ice/Water Dispenser Prior to for 2 seconds and the warning will be reactivated. First Use Caution: Water filter is for cleaning some foreign particles in the water. It does not purify • Water mains pressure must not be below 1 water from microorganisms.
  • Page 16 may not be obtained from ice dispenser. fridge compartment and -18°C for freezer compartment. • Approximately the first 30 cubes of ice to 11. The compressor will start running be obtained from the ice dispenser must not approximately 5 minutes after the refrigerator be used.
  • Page 17: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator Setting Buttons and Temperature Control Control buttons allow you to make the settings of your refrigerator easily and without opening the doors. Thus, heat loss is avoided. Fridge Set/ Vacation button Freezer Set button Quick Cool Fresh button Freeze Button...
  • Page 18 Freezer Fridge Compartment Compartment Explanations Adjustment Adjustment -18°C 4°C This is the normal recommended setting. -20,-22 or -24°C 4°C These settings are recommended when the ambient temperature exceeds 30°C. Fresh freeze Use this when you wish to freeze your food or make ice in a Display will show short time.
  • Page 19 Quick Cool Function Ion+ Button (Ioniser) When you press “Quick Cool” button, the temperature of the compartment will be Ionizing in the refrigerator is carried out colder than the adjusted values. This function automatically. can be used for food placed in the fridge Press this button if you request extra ions.
  • Page 20: Using The Accessories

    Using the accessories Ice/Water Dispenser Spillage Tray With its three different functions, the dispenser Water drops that drip during use, accumulates efficiently meets your cold water, cube ice in the spillage tray. Remove the spillage tray and crushed ice needs without having to open by pressing down in the right corner.
  • Page 21 Warnings Cleaning the Icebox and the Water Dispenser • No ice must be added to the ice dispenser compartment. This may adversely affect the Follow the procedure and warnings below to ice supply or crushing the ice. clean the icebox: •...
  • Page 22 Humidity control in the crisper Humidity level can be adjusted by sliding the humidity adjustment slider to the right or left. • If you want to maintain humidity in this compartment, set the humidity adjustment slider to the closed position. (Left) •...
  • Page 23 Egg Holder storage of ready cooked chilled food. Important: You can install the egg holder to the desired door or body shelf. • Vegetables and fruits may freeze if the adjustment slider (2) is kept at Chiller Compartment position. Therefore, check the Never store the egg holder in the freezer position of the slider (2) before storing food.
  • Page 24 Home Bar Home bar gives you extra comfort using your refrigerator. You can access the home bar zone without opening your main refrigerator door. This provides you to reach your frequently used foods practically such as beverage, bottles and glasses, and saves energy. To open the home bar door, pull the door downwards by holding the handle as shown in the figure.
  • Page 25 Freezing Fresh Food Recommendation for Preservation of Frozen Food • It must be preferred to wrap or cover the food before placing them in the refrigerator. • • Prepacked commercially frozen food Prepacked commercially frozen food • Hot food must cool down to the room should be stored in accordance with the frozen should be stored in accordance with the frozen temperature before putting them in the...
  • Page 26 Replacing the Interior Light Bulb Should the light fail to work, proceed as follows: 1. Switch off at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug. • Remove all shelves and drawers for easy access. 2. Use a flat tipped screwdriver to gently remove the light diffuser cover by inserting the blade to prise off each side.
  • Page 27: Placing The Food

    Placing the food Snack tray Breakfast stuff, delicatessen Freezer compartment Various frozen food such as meat, fish, ice cream, vegetables and etc. shelves Freezer Store the food such as meat, chicken, fish and etc. after wrapping with thin cellophane. compartment drawer Butter &...
  • Page 28 Deep-Freeze information Food must be frozen as rapidly as possible when they are put in a refrigerator in order to keep them in good quality. The TSE norm requires (according to certain measurement conditions) the refrigerator to freeze 4.5 kg of foodstuff at 32°C ambient temperature to -18°C or lower within 24 hours for every 100-liters of freezer volume.
  • Page 29 To ensure you can preserve and maintain this, we recommend that you regularly wipe the doors, in an up and down motion with a soft, dry and clean piece of kitchen roll. For further information, please contact Beko Customer Services.
  • Page 36 48 5321 0000...

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