Installation Instructions; Prepare Cooktop For Installation; Install Cooktop - Whirlpool W10353374B Installation Instructions Manual

Electric cooktop
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Available languages

The cooktop is rated 120/240 volt. Some models have a
neutral (white) wire.
The cooktop should be connected directly to the junction box
through flexible, armored or nonmetallic sheathed, copper
cable. The flexible, armored cable extending from the fuse
box or circuit breaker box should be connected directly to the
junction box.
Locate the junction box to allow as much slack as possible
between the junction box and the cooktop so that the
cooktop can be moved if servicing becomes necessary in the
Do not cut the conduit. Use the length of conduit provided.

Prepare Cooktop for Installation

Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install cooktop.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
Decide on the final location for the cooktop. Avoid drilling into or
severing existing wiring during installation.
1. Using 2 or more people, place the cooktop upside down on a
covered surface using the foam end posts from the
packaging. Make sure that the knobs are not resting on the
2. Remove foam strip roll from the package containing literature.
The roll contains four ¼" (0.64 cm) strips of foam. Remove
one strip at a time and apply foam strip adhesive-side down
around bottom of the cooktop glass.
NOTE: The foam strip helps avoid damage to the underside
of the cooktop glass from debris and helps the cooktop sit
flat on uneven counters.
A. Cooktop base
B. ¼" (0.64 cm) Foam strip
C. Cooktop


A UL listed or CSA approved conduit connector must be
provided at each end of the power supply cable (at the
cooktop and at the junction box). A listed conduit connector
is already provided at the cooktop.
If the house has aluminum wiring, follow the procedure
1. Connect a section of solid copper wire to the pigtail
2. Connect the aluminum wiring to the added section of
copper wire using special connectors and/or tools
designed and UL listed for joining copper to aluminum.
Follow the electrical connector manufacturer's recommended
procedure. Aluminum/copper connection must conform with
local codes and industry accepted wiring practices.

Install Cooktop

Style 1: Cooktop over undercounter built-in oven
IMPORTANT: Clamping brackets should not be used.
1. Using 2 or more people, place cooktop right side up into the
NOTE: Make sure that the front edge of the cooktop is
parallel to the front edge of the countertop. If repositioning is
needed, lift entire cooktop up from cutout to avoid scratching
the countertop.
Style 2: Cooktop over cabinets
1. Determine whether your cabinet construction provides
clearance for installing clamping brackets at cooktop base
30" (76.2 cm) and 36" (91.4 cm) traditional knob
A. Cooktop base bottom
B. Attachment screw
C. Clamping bracket
2. The clamping brackets can be installed before or after the
cooktop is placed into the cutout. Complete the following
steps for the option you choose.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents