Reversing The Door - Beko CS5342APW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

7.4 cu ft
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(You may need somebody to help you.)
1- Switch off the appliance at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug.
2- Remove all loose items and fittings and food, if any, from inside the appliance and door racks.
3- Unscrew the bolts and remove the middle hinge while holding doors. (1)
4- Remove the fridge door from the top hinge. (2)
5- Remove the freezer door. (3)
6- Remove the plastic covers on the front top trim. (4)
7- Unscrew the bolts of the top hinge and remove top hinge. (5)
8- Reposition plugs on the opposite side. (6)
9- Carefully tilt the appliance on its back. (7) (You may need somebody to help you.)
10- Unscrew the screw level. (8)
11- Take off lower hinge. (9)
12- Remove the plastic cover and fit the tap which is in the plastic bag to the other side. (10)
13- Unscrew and remove the middle hinge bushing from fridge door. (11)
14- Screw and fix the new middle hinge bushing which is supplied in plastic bag to the other side. (12)
15- Reposition the hinge bushing and the tap on the freezer door. (13)
16- Unscrew and reposition the bottom hinge bushing. (14)
17- Take on lower hinge. (15)
18- Screw the screw level. (16)
19- Rotate the top hinge 180° . Unscrew the hinge
pin and re-tighten it to the opposite side. (17)
20- Fit the top hinge and tighten the bolts. (18)
21- Fit the plastic cover on the front top trim. (19)
22- Locate the freezer door to the bottom hinge
and attach to the cabinet. (20)
23- Locate the middle hinge on the freezer door
(21) and put the freezer door between the
top and middle hinge carefully. (22)
24- Fit the middle hinge. Adjust the doors
and tighten the bolts. (23)
25- Carefully stand your appliance (you
may need somebody to help you)
adjust the front feet.
26- Put back all, loose items and fittings.
27- Wait for at least 4 hours to allow the
system to settle before switching on.
28- Once the correct storage temperatures
have been reached in the appliance,
put back all the food.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents