Replacing The Interior Light Bulb - Beko CS5342APW Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

7.4 cu ft
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B) Freezer compartment
Defrosting is very straightforward and without mess, thanks to a special defrost collection
Defrost twice a year or when a frost layer of around 7 (1/4") mm has formed. To start the
defrosting procedure, switch off the appliance at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug.
All food should be wrapped in several layers of newspaper and stored in a cool place (e.g.
fridge or larder).
Containers of warm water may be placed carefully in the freezer to speed up the defrosting.
Do not use pointed or sharp-edged objects, such as knives or forks to remove the
Never use hairdryers, electrical heaters or other such electrical appliances for defrosting.
Sponge out the defrost water collected in the bottom of the freezer compartment. After
defrosting, dry the interior thoroughly.
Insert the plug into the wall socket and switch on the electricity supply.
Should the light fail to work, proceed as follows.
1. Switch off at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug.
• You may find it useful to remove shelves for easy access.
2. Use a flat tipped screwdriver to remove the light diffuser cover by inserting the blade in
each of the two recesses to prise off each side.
3. First check that the bulb hasn't worked loose by ensuring it is screwed securely in the
holder. Replace the plug and switch on. If the bulb works, replace the light cover by inserting
the rear lug and pushing up to locate the front two lugs.
4. If the light still fails to work, switch off at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug.
Replace the bulb with a new 15 watt (max) screw cap (SES) bulb.
5. Carefully dispose of the burnt-out light bulb immediately.
Replacement light bulb can easily be obtained from a good local electrical or DIY store.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents