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12-96 CG
Printed in the United States
Models: CCXR1060T CCXR2080T
Owner's Manual


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Summary of Contents for RCA CCXR1060T

  • Page 1 Models: CCXR1060T CCXR2080T Washer Owner’s Manual Important Safety Information Operating Instructions The Controls on Your Washer Other Washer Features Preparing to Wash Care of Product Helpful Information Specialized Fabric Guide Stain Removal Guide Removing Specific Stains If Something Goes Wrong...
  • Page 2: Start Here

    Welcome Welcome to the Concept II family. Best of all, you’ll experience We’re proud of our quality prod- these values each time you do ucts and we believe in dependable the laundry. That’s important, service. You’ll see it in this easy-to- because your new washer will be use manual and you’ll hear it in the part of your family for a long time.
  • Page 3 Important Safety Information Read all safety information before using Many washers are located near a gas dryer or a water heater in the home. WARNING: For your safety the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion or to prevent property damage, personal injury or loss of life.
  • Page 4 Important Safety Information Warning To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your appliance, follow basic precautions, including the following sections. Safety Precautions • Use this appliance only for its • Do not repair or replace any intended purpose as described part of the appliance or attempt in this Owner’s Manual.
  • Page 5 • Keep the floor around your • The laundry process can reduce appliances clean and dry to the flame retardancy of fabrics. reduce the possibility of slipping. To avoid such a result, the garment manufacturer’s care • Never reach into washer while instructions should be followed it is moving.
  • Page 7: Liquid Bleach Dispenser

    Operating Instructions Other washer features your model may have Agitator Cap This cap fits into the top of the agitator. If it accidentally comes off, simply put it back on. Do not pour anything into the agitator if the top is removed Liquid Bleach This dispenser dilutes liquid NOTE:...
  • Page 8: Fabric Softener Dispenser

    Fabric Softener This dispenser automatically NOTE: Dispenser releases liquid fabric softener at • Do not stop the washer during the proper time during the cycle. the first spin. This will cause To use, follow these steps: the dispenser to empty too soon. •...
  • Page 9: Preparing To Wash

    Operating Instructions Preparing to Wash Prepare Empty pockets, unroll cuffs, shake Turn poly knits inside-out to out loose dirt, zip zippers, fasten reduce pilling. snaps, hooks and buttons. Do any necessary mending. Treat/remove stains. See Stain Use a net laundry bag for Removal Guide.
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Load Load dry items loosely, spacing even- To add items after washer has ly around agitator, and close the lid. started, push in Cycle knob and submerge additional items next to A typical wash load: two twin sheets, the agitator. Close the lid and pull two pillow cases, three small bath Cycle knob out to restart.
  • Page 11: Helpful Information

    Helpful Information Specialty Care Guide Always follow Fabric Manufacturer’s Care Label or instructions when laundering. Otherwise use the information below as a general guide. Item Suggested Care Always wash down-filled garments separately from other types Down-Filled Garments of garments. Wet down gives off an odor that will disappear when the down is dried.
  • Page 12: Stain Removal Guide

    Stain Removal Guide General Hints • Check Fabric Care Label. • To make sure a stain removal product is safe for your fabric test • Remove stains as soon as it on a hidden inside seam. possible. The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove.
  • Page 13 Helpful Information Removing Specific Stains The Invisible Stain Foods on synthetic clothes may When They Become Visible: cause stains which are virtually • Rub the stain with undiluted invisible when you put the clothes liquid detergent. in the washer. If these stains are not •...
  • Page 14 Stain White and Bleachable Fabrics Other Washable Fabrics Coffee and Tea Without cream: Use the Bleach Solution; Sponge with warm water. If launder. stain remains, apply warm glycerine (available at drug With cream: Soak in cold water, then use stores), let stand 30 minutes the Bleach Solution;...
  • Page 15: If Something Goes Wrong

    If Something Goes Wrong Before you call for service Problem Possible Causes What to Do Washer won’t Operate • Make sure cord is plugged securely into a Washer is unplugged working outlet. • Turn both hot and cold faucets fully on. Water supply is turned off •...
  • Page 16 Problem Possible Causes What to Do Water Leaks • Tighten hoses at the faucets and turn the water Constant water pressure to the (continued) off after each use. fill hoses at the water source • Check condition of the fill hoses; they may need replacement after 5 years.
  • Page 17 If Something Goes Wrong Problem Possible Causes What to Do Lint or Residue • Make sure Load Size Selector matches Overloading on Clothes load size. (continued) • Check bleach package for correct amount. Too much bleach • Try using more detergent. Not enough detergent •...
  • Page 18 Problem Possible Causes What to Do Snags, Holes, Tears, • While this is not caused by the washer, Permanent press items Rips, or Excessive you can slow the fraying process by naturally fray (especially Wear washing small permanent press loads with collars and cuffs) higher water setting.
  • Page 19 If Something Goes Wrong Problem Possible Causes What to Do Yellowed Clothes • Always use the recommended amount Not enough detergent of detergent. on a consistent basis • Use non-chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach may yellow some fabrics • Use extra detergent plus a non-precipitating Iron or manganese in water may water softener dissolved in water and cause yellowing or yellow spots...
  • Page 20 Notes...
  • Page 21 Camco Service Numbers We’ll be there! Questions? If you have any questions about your appliance, contact: Manager, Consumer Relations, Camco Inc. 1 Factory Lane, Suite 310 Moncton, N.B. E1C 9M3 In-Home Repair Service A Camco consumer service profes- Our factory-trained technicians sional will provide expert repair know your appliance inside and 800-361-3400...
  • Page 22 Service Contracts You can have the secure feeling that Camco Consumer Service will still be there after your warranty expires. Purchase a Camco contract while your 800-461-3636 warranty is still in effect and you’ll receive a substantial discount. With a multiple-year contract, you’re assured of future service at today’s prices.
  • Page 23: Washer Warranty

    • Damage to product caused by accident, • Improper installation. fire, floods or acts of God. WARRANTOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Warrantor: CAMCO INC. Part No. 175D1807P165-1 CCXR1060T Pub. No. 49-9910 CCXR2080T 12-96 CG Printed in the United States...

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