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Epson Stylus Color Stylus Color II User Manual

Epson stylus color stylus color ii: user guide
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Printer Specifications

Printing method:
On-demand ink jet
Nozzle configuration:
64 monochrome (black) nozzles
60 color (cyan, magenta, yellow)
nozzles (20 3; 20 for each color)
Printable columns and printing speed: *
Character pitch
(characters per inch)
17 (10 condensed)
20 (12 condensed)
Print speeds vary depending on system configuration, software
application, resolution, and amount of page covered. Figures based
on letter-size paper with color printing.
Maximum 720 720 dpi
Paper feed speed:
92 milliseconds per
Input buffer:
Print direction:
Bidirectional with logic seeking for
text and graphics; unidirectional and
autodirectional modes available in
Default setting mode
Control code:
ESC/P 2 and expanded raster graphics
code; IBM X24/X24E emulation code
Paper feeding:
Auto sheet feeder
1 6
Line spacing:
programmable in
Character tables:
1 Italic and 8 graphics character tables
Character sets:
1 legal and 14 International character sets
Ink Jet Printers
LQ printing speed
(characters per second)
1 6
-inch line
1 8
-inch (default),
-inch, or
1 360
-inch increments
Paper path:
Sheet feeder, top entry
Feeder capacity:
100 sheets plain paper 17 lb (64 g/m
70 sheets of EPSON special coated paper
30 sheets of EPSON high-quality glossy
50 transparency films (with one sheet of
10 envelopes
Paper sheets:
Letter (8.5 11 inches)
A4 (210 297 mm)
Legal (8.5 14 inches)
Statement (8.5 5.5 inches)
Executive (7.5 10 inches)
Paper types
Plain paper and EPSON's special coated
paper and high-quality glossy paper
0.003 to 0.004 inch (0.08 to 0.11 mm)
Paper weight
17 to 24 lb (64 to 90 g/m
Use 24 lb (90 g/m
temperature and humidity conditions.
No. 10 9.5 4.1 inches (241 104 mm)
Paper types
Plain, bond, or air mail paper
0.006 to 0.02 inch (0.16 to 0.52 mm)
Paper weight
12 to 24 lb (45 to 90 g/m
A4 (210 297 mm)
Letter (8.5 11 inches)
Print on special coated paper, high-quality glossy paper, envelopes,
and transparencies only under these normal conditions:
59 to 77°F (15 to 25°C)
(High-quality glossy paper can be stored at 20 to 60% relative
paper (with one sheet of plain paper
beneath the stack)
plain paper at bottom of stack)
) paper under normal
8.7 4.3 inches (220 110 mm)
0.003 to 0.0033 inch (0.075 to 0.085 mm)
0 to 60% RH



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  Summary of Contents for Epson Stylus Color Stylus Color II

  • Page 1: Printer Specifications

    8/1/95 EPSON Stylus COLOR II Sheet feeder, top entry 100 sheets plain paper 17 lb (64 g/m 70 sheets of EPSON special coated paper 30 sheets of EPSON high-quality glossy paper (with one sheet of plain paper beneath the stack)
  • Page 2: Ink Cartridges

    ** The ink thaws in approximately 3 hours at 77°F (25°C). Caution: Use only genuine EPSON ink cartridges and do not refill them. Other products may cause damage to your printer that is not covered by EPSON’s warranties.
  • Page 3: Epson Stylus Color

    EMC: FCC part 15 subpart B class B Fonts The printer comes with an installed set of fonts, which are selectable using the Default setting mode. However, the printer always uses the fonts you select with your software program. The only time you need to select the printer’s installed fonts is when your software program does not allow you to select fonts.
  • Page 4: Control Panel

    Lights Power On when the printer is on. Data Flashes when data is being received by the printer. On when data remains in printer memory or when printing a self test or demonstration page. Ink Out O Flashes when the black ink cartridge is low on ink. On when the black ink cartridge is empty or not installed.
  • Page 5: Default Setting Mode

    Software. Specifies the printer control language to use: EPSON ESC/P 2 (default) or IBM X24/X24E. If your software allows you to select EPSON ESC/P 2, choose it for the most advanced fonts and graphics. Auto CR. Specifies that the printer perform a carriage return and line feed operation if the print positions exceed the right margin of the paper.
  • Page 6: Installing The Ink Cartridges

    1. Make sure the printer is turned on. 2. Lower the output tray at the front of the printer. Then lift up the printer cover using the notches at both sides. 3. Hold down the Alt button for about five seconds until the print head moves slightly to the left, the ink cartridge install position.
  • Page 7: Loading Paper

    Do not turn off the printer before pressing the Pause button. If the quality of the test output is not good, clean the print heads as described in “Printer Care.” (It may take as many as five cleaning cycles to fully solve the problem.)
  • Page 8: Loading Special Paper

    7. When you finish, click Quit. Loading Special Paper To ensure the best results, EPSON provides special papers and transparencies that are formulated for the inks used in EPSON ink jet printers.
  • Page 9: Loading Special Papers And Transparencies

    If a document is smeared, set the thickness adjustment lever to the + position (regardless of the paper type) and print it again. To access the lever, open the printer cover; the lever is in the left back corner, as shown in the following illustration. Ink Jet Printers...
  • Page 10: Paper Handling Problems

    If paper jams inside the printer frequently, try the following: Use a higher quality paper that is suitable for ink jet printers and is not too thin, too thick, or rough. For best quality, use EPSON special coated and high-quality glossy papers. See “Printer Specifications” for paper specifications.
  • Page 11 Black ink cartridge S020047 Color ink cartridge S020049 Caution: Use only genuine EPSON ink cartridges and do not refill them. Other products may cause damage to your printer that is not covered by EPSON’s warranties. Removing and Installing Ink Cartridges Follow these steps to replace either or both ink cartridges: 1.
  • Page 12 3. Carefully clean away loose dust and dirt with a soft brush. 4. Clean the exterior with a soft cloth dampened in mild soap. 5. To clean ink out of the printer’s interior, wipe it gently with a damp cloth.

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