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Fcc Notice; Ce Declaration Of Conformity - Acer X243H Quick Setup Manual

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Regulations and safet y not ices

FCC notice

This device has been t ested and found to compl y with the limi t s f or a Class B digi tal
device pur suant t o Part 15 of t he FCC ru les. These limits are designed t o prov id e reason-
able pr ot ection against harmful inte rference in a residenti al installa ti on. This device
generat es, uses, and can radiate radi o f requency energy and , if not insta lled and used in
accordance wi t h t he inst ru ctions, may cause harmful int erf erence t o radi o communica-
However, t here is no guarantee t hat int erf erence w ill no t occur in a particul ar insta lla-
t ion . If t his device does cause harmf ul int erf erence t o radio or te levisio n reception, which
can be det erm ined by turni ng t he device of f and on , t he user is e n cou raged t o t ry to
corr ect th e int erfe rence by one or mor e of t he f oll owi ng measures:
Reorient or relocat e t he receiving ante nna.
Increase t he separat io n between t he device and receiver.
Conn ect th e device into an outlet on a circuit di f f erent f rom that t o w hi ch t he
receiver is conn ected.
Consult the dealer or an experi enced radio /t elevision technician f or help.

CE declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Acer Inc., declares that this LCD monitor is in compliance with the essential requirements
and requirements and other relevant provisions of EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, amended by
92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, and RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
o t ice: Shi el d ed cab l es
l connect io ns t o other computing devices must be made using shi eld ed cables to
main ta in comp liance with
Notice: Peripheral d evices
Only perip herals (inpu t /output devices, te rmin als, prin te rs , etc.) cert if ied to compl y w ith
t he Class B limi t s may be at ta ched to th is equ ipm ent . Operati on w ith non-cert if ied
peri pherals is likely t o result in interference to radio and TV reception.
Changes or modificat io ns not expressly appr oved by t he manuf acturer could void t he
user a u t ho rit y, w hich is grant ed by t he Federal Comm uni cat ion s Comm ission ,t o operate
t his produ ct.
Operation con ditions
This device comp lies w ith Part 15 of t he FCC Rules. Operati on is sub ject t o t he f ol low ing
t w o condit ion s : (1) this device may no t cause harm f ul in te rfe rence, and (2) this device
must accept any int erference received, includin g int erf erence t hat may cause und esired
op eration.
Notice: Canadian users
This Class B digita l apparatus comp lies w ith Canadi an ICES-003.
Remarqu e à l 'int ention des util isat eurs canad i ens
Cet app areil num éri que de la classe B est confo rme a la nor me NM B-003 du Canada.
regulat io ns.
LCD M o n i t o r Qu ick Se t u p Gu i d e



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