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Troubleshooting Tips - D-Link 5102S Quick Install Manual


Troubleshooting Tips

I just finished installation and cannot get dial tone.
I had a dial tone before, but do not receive a dial
tone now.
I can surf the Internet but do not have dial tone.
My telephone doesn't ring.
I am having voice quality problems with my phone. If you set up your TA behind the router, your data connection may be interfering with your voice
I cannot use my existing phone jacks throughout
the house for my AT&T CallVantage Service.
I cannot get this to work with my home
security system.
For more troubleshooting topics go to or call AT&T Technical Support
24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (866) 596-8464.
Make sure you follow the instructions step by step.
Make sure your phone is plugged into the jack of the TA.
Check your connection between your TA and cable or DSL modem. Make sure that these
connectors "click" into place when they are plugged in.
See if your cable/DSL internet service is operational. You should be able to access the web with
a browser.
Repeat Installation Steps 2-4 and power down and power up all devices.
If you still cannot get a dial tone, try a hard re-set of your TA to restore it to its factory settings.
Power all devices down in Step 2 but when powering up the TA, HOLD down the reset button at
the back and continue to HOLD down for about 10 seconds. Repeat Step 5 and verify your
connection again.
If problem persists, contact AT&T Technical Support.
Verify that the cabling is correct to Step 3. You can also try a hard reset of your TA to restore it to its
factory settings. If problem persists, contact AT&T Technical Support.
Verify that your phone is securely plugged into the phone port on the back of the TA. Verify that the
ringer on your phone is turned on and set to the proper volume.
connection and reducing the quality of your calls. To ensure the highest quality call quality, AT&T
recommends that you follow the standard setup in Alternative Step 3 with the TA in front of the router.
After you have installed your TA and ensured that it works properly, you can use the AT&T Home Wiring
Guide to connect the phone jacks throughout the house. The AT&T Home wiring guide can be found on
If you have a home security system you must have also have a separate phone line from your local
phone company, home security or alarm systems are not supported by AT&T CallVantage Service.



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