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Sony Walkman NWZ-B133F Quick Start Manual

Mp3 walkman™: 1gb digital music player.
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Quick Start Guide

NWZ-B133 / B135 / B133F / B135F
©2008 Sony Corporation Printed in China
4-113-288-11 (1)
About the Manual
 Quick Start Guide: Explains set up, enabling you to import songs to a
computer, and to transfer them to the player.
 Operation Guide (PDF file): Explains advanced features of the player and
offers troubleshooting information.
 Troubleshooting: Explains symptoms, causes and remedies when the player has
 Precautions: Explains important notes to prevent accidents.
To view the Operation Guide (PDF file)
1. Connect the player directly to a USB port on your computer.
2. Double-click [My Computer] - [WALKMAN] or [Removable Disk] -
[Storage Media]*
- [Operation Guide] - [xxx_NWZB100.pdf*
Data hierarchy may differ, depending on your computer environment.
Language name is displayed in the place of "xxx. " Choose the manual of your language.
 You need Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader 5.0 in your computer. Adobe Reader can
be downloaded from the Internet for free.
Supplied Accessories
Please check the accessories in the package.
 Headphones (1)
 Operation Guide (PDF file) (1)
 Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)
Charging the Battery
The player's battery is recharged while the player is connected to a running computer.
About 70 minutes
Fully charged
Parts and Controls
 REC/STOP button
 Power Illuminator
Starts/stops recording. You can record
Illuminated by LED. The pattern of
the sound from the microphone or
the illumination varies by each
the currently received FM program
(NWZ-B133F/B135F only).
 BACK/HOME button
 VOL +/– button
Returns to the previous menu. Press
and hold this button to display the
 BASS button
HOME menu.
Activates the Bass function to
 Display
emphasize the low sound range.
  button
 Microphone
Turn on the player. Turn off the
For recording sound by the player.
player by pressing and holding it.
  (Headphone) jack
Starts/pauses song playback or
 RESET button
pauses/restarts recording. When a
Resets the player when you press the
menu appears on the display, use this
RESET button with a small pin, etc.
button to confirm menu item.
 Strap hole
 / button
Selects a song, album, artist, folder or
 HOLD switch
menu item. You can also skip to the
 USB cap
beginning of the song/album/artist/
Remove the USB cap and connect the
folder, fast-forward or fast-rewind.
USB connector of the player to a USB
connector on your computer.
When playing back a song
 Song title/File name indication
 Current song number indication
Displays song title or file name
Displays the song number currently
currently being played back.
selected or being played back.
 Play mode indication
 Playback range indication
Displays the current play mode icon.
Displays the playback range.
If the play mode is set to "Normal, "
 Playback progress bar
no icon appears.
Displays playback progress.
 Bass function/equalizer mode
 Playing status indication
Displays the current play mode (  :
Displays whether the Bass function is
playback,  : pause,  (  ): fast-
activated or which equalizer mode is
rewind (or fast-forward), 
(  ): skip to the beginning of the
 Remaining battery indication
current (or next) song).
Displays the remaining battery power.
Turning the Player On and Off
To turn on the player
Press the  button to turn on the player. The player resumes the operation
from the point where you last turned off.
To turn off the player
Press and hold the  button to turn off the player. "POWER OFF" appears.
About the HOME menu
The HOME menu appears when you press and hold the BACK/HOME button
of the player. The HOME menu is the starting point to play songs, listen to FM
, play recorded sound files, or change settings. For details, refer to the
Operation Guide (PDF file).
When menu items appear on the HOME menu, press the / button to
select an item, and then press the  button to confirm.
You can return to the previous menu by pressing the BACK/HOME button, and
you can return to the HOME menu by pressing and holding it.
HOME menu*
The icons appear in the HOME menu and the color of the selected icon is inverted.
By pressing the / button, you can select an icon, and then press the 
button to confirm.
Plays/deletes recorded sound file.
Music Library
Plays transferred songs on the player.
Plays FM radio, or plays back or deletes a recorded FM program.
Sets function settings of music, FM*
, voice recording, or the player.
NWZ-B133F/B135F only
See reverse side. 



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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

     Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1) Charging the Battery The player’s battery is recharged while the player is connected to a running computer. NWZ-B133 / B135 / B133F / B135F ©2008 Sony Corporation Printed in China 4-113-288-11 (1) Parts and Controls Front...
  • Page 2 Secure Content Owners.  Sony is not responsible for incomplete recording/downloading or damaged data due to Program ©2008 Sony Corporation problems of the player or computer.