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Connecting External Devices To The Port Replicator - Dell Inspiron 7500 User Manual

Port replicator user’s guide
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Dell™ Inspiron™ 7500 System
Port Replicator User's Guide
The port replicator integrates your computer quickly and easily into a desktop environ-
ment. Use the instructions in this document to attach external devices to the port
replicator and to connect your computer to the port replicator.
Two types of port replicators are available for your computer: advanced and pass-
through. The advanced port replicator (APR) has a network interface controller (NIC).
To connect the computer to a network, you must have a NIC in your computer. If you
are using the advanced port replicator, another PC Card NIC is not required. However,
the pass-through port replicator does not have a NIC, so you must install a PC Card
NIC in your computer.
NOTE: If you received a basic input/output system (BIOS) upgrade diskette with your
port replicator, use the diskette to upgrade the BIOS on your computer before attach-
ing the computer to the port replicator. For instructions, see the document that came
with the BIOS upgrade diskette.
NOTICE: Do not attempt to lift the computer while it is docked in the port
replicator. Doing so will damage the docking connector. For instructions,
refer to "Detaching the Computer From the Port Replicator" found later in
this guide.
Connecting External Devices to the Port
The input/output (I/O) connectors on the back of the port replicator duplicate the pri-
mary connectors on the back and side of your computer. Table 1-1 shows the icons for
each of the connectors on the back of the port replicator and indicates the type of
external device(s) that you can attach to each connector.
Dell Inspiron 7500 System Port Replicator User's Guide


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