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Definitive Technology SuperTower BP7000SC Equipment Reviews Page 4

Bipolar loudspeakers.
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"the bass performance was simply epic"
was rendered through the BP7000
and presence as if it was mixed for the center channel. The
s allow for every minute detail to come to life without
causing undue impact to the rest of the audio canvas. Across
all three front channels, the sonic characteristic was seamless,
bowling me over with a wave of sonic brilliance. When the scene
picks up and the score kicks in the rumbling drums, the surfer-
esque musical track was as home with the BP7000
in my own bed. The bass was, once again, simply stunning.
No scene illustrates this more than when the brace-faced villain
Darla thumps on the glass of the dentist's aquarium. The bass
was so tremendous that it moved my chunky wooden coffee table
across the floor of my theater, and did so without distortion or
bloat. Keep in mind that I had the subs dialed in to a third of
their total output. So, unless your theater is the size of, say, Rhode
Island, you're covered. Dynamically, the BP7000
have no rivals, as they are able to turn on a dime and go from zero
to everything in the blink of an eye.
"They do equal justice to music and movies
and everything else in between"
With the BP7000
s in my theater, the laser-like ray had an
added sense of sinister power, as you could hear the subtlest
sounds of cooking through the tweeters. When the bodies do
finally go "poof," the scattering of their ashes is much more
deliberate and textured through the BP7000
other speakers, which pass their ashes more or less like noise
then human matter. The added midrange warmth of the
s during these moments provided a greater sense
of air and weight to the vaporized bodies as the wind caught
the remains and tossed them about downtown. The shattering
glass as the aliens mow through town was amazingly nimble and
the BP7000
s' ability to resolve macro detail was more than
apparent, as I could audibly track seemingly every shard's journey
to the ground. Again, the bass performance was simply epic,
regardless of what was happening on the screen. The BP7000
produce the type of sound you need in your room if you're using
a projection-based system, for anything less will be anemic at
best and simply won't do if your screen is pushing upwards of
92 inches diagonally.
s with the same importance
s as I am
s seemingly
To go over the top with the
s, I spun up the Tom
Cruise and Steven Spielberg hit
War of the Worlds (Paramount
Home Entertainment). I skipped
ahead to the scene where the
aliens emerge from the city streets
and begin to wreak havoc on the
Boston common folk. Again, the
bass took center stage. However,
the BP7000
s' tweeters were
not to be outdone. Through lesser
speakers, the aliens' ray guns
sizzle with little fanfare, as they
turn the public into ashtray fodder.
s than through
I find it rationally hard to fault the Definitive Technology
s for anything. Frankly, past complaints about their size
and look I feel are a bit unfounded, for these are big speakers in
the business of producing big sound. What else can you expect?
Sure, BP7000
s need a bit of breathing room and a nearby
power outlet or two, but I have to imagine that those of you smart
enough to welcome the BP7000
enough to know how to call an electrician to move a socket or two.
These speakers are heavy and, because they are physically
thinner than most speakers in their class, are prone to tipping.
However, the included carpet spikes really go a long way toward
solving this problem.
"With a big yet detailed sound, it's just hard
to beat such a rocking loudspeaker
system ... simply amazing"
Quite honestly, the biggest issue I had with the BP7000
their piano gloss end caps, which not only showed fingerprints
like nobody's business, but were harder to keep clean and dust-
free than any speaker I've ever encountered. I had my Swiffer on
permanent standby throughout the duration of the review.
The Definitive Technology BP7000
a retail price just shy of five grand, are as close to a true
masterpiece of audio engineering as anything I've encountered
in all my years in audio. They do equal justice to music and
movies and everything else in between. No longer does the
rationale of compromise need to enter the audio debate.
Compare the Definitive Technology BP7000
with the best from the world of ultra-high end and you might find
overall the Definitive speaker system is the most well-rounded in
a group that includes speakers costing as much as a new Prius.
With a big yet detailed sound, it's just hard to beat such a rocking
loudspeaker system. At their price, the Definitive Technology
s are simply amazing.
s into your home are also savvy
SuperTowers, with
• The Peter Malick Group –
featuring Nora Jones (CD)
• Pearl Jam – Riot Act (CD)
• Finding Nemo (DVD)
• War of The Worlds (DVD)
Definitive Technology
11433 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, MD 21117
(410) 363-7148, March 2007.
s was


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