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Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 7500 Series Frequently Asked Questions Manual page 7

Beard and stubble trimmer


Combs with legs
Trimming combs can be added on top of the cutting unit of your Philips Groomer. These can be used
to clip the hair on your head or trim your beard to a certain length.
Removing these types of combs is easy. Just pull them off the body of your groomer. To attach the
comb gently slide it down on top of your cutting element, so that the legs fit in the designated slots
at the side.
Combs for Philips Kids' Hair Clippers
The Philips Kid's Hair Clippers have a different way to replace the trimming comb. You have to push
the comb backwards from one side until it completely comes off.
To attach this comb, make sure the side with the desired hair length points upwards. Start by fitting
on side of the comb in the clipper's body. Then push the other side also in and press to hear a click.
Shaving foil
Some Philips Groomers come with a shaving foil, which can be used to comfortably shave body hair.
To remove the shaving foil, pull it off the shaver head. Be careful that you hold the shaving foil by its
edges as the middle part can be very sharp. To reattach the shaving foil, snap it back on to the
shaving head until you hear a click.



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