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Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 7500 Series Frequently Asked Questions Manual page 6

Beard and stubble trimmer


Battery operated devices
Some Philips grooming devices run on disposable AA batteries. To charge these devices you need to
ensure that the disposable batteries have not run out. In case your trimmer does not switch on or
runs slower than before, its time to replace the batteries.
Only use the disposable batteries as specified in your user manual. Do not mix different types of or
old and new batteries. When putting in new batteries make sure the + and - poles of the battery
point in the right direction.
5. How do I replace the attachments of my Philips Groomer?
Your Philips Groomers, Hair Clippers and Beard Trimmers may come with a lot of different
attachments. Find out here how to replace and use these attachments.
Click-on cutting element
The cutting element is the main unit of your Philips Groomer. It has short, sharp edges and is used to
give you a fast and clean trim.
To remove the cutting unit from the body of your groomer, check if there is a release button on the
body of your groomer. If yes, press the button to detach the unit.
If the groomer does not have a release button, then place a finger under the teeth of the cutting unit
and pull it upwards to take it off. To reattach it, first insert its bottom part in the body of the groomer
and then push in the teeth part until you hear a click. Do not force the attachment in, as this may
damage the device.
If you are having difficulty attaching it, check if there is something stuck inside the body, and try
cleaning it with a small brush or cotton bud.
Cutting units with legs
Some cutting units have long legs on the side. To remove these type of attachments, hold them from
both sides and pull them off the appliance. To reattach them, push them back in the slot, until you
hear a click.



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