DP Audio Video DP318AP User Manual

Car dvd/vcd/cd/mp3/mpeg-4 player with usb port.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents After reading, please keep this booklet in a safe place for future reference. Main Menu Before You Start Important Safeguards Main Menu Setup About this manual Audio Adjust Precautions Video Adjust Maintenance 6 Source Setup Location & function of the controls Others Remote control Specifications...

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    Contents VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG-4/USB/ IPOD Playing the IPOD Playing the Previous or Next Track 36 Playing Discs/USB/SD Fast forwarding and Rewinding 36 Playing the Previous or Next Track 32 Repeat Mode 36 Fast forwarding and Rewinding 32 Playing Tracks in Random Order System Button 32 Pausing the Playback Repeat Playing 32...

  • Page 4: Important Safeguards, About This Manual

    Before You Start About this manual IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS The interface has been designed for the easiest possible use, but many functions Be sure to connect the color-coded leads are not self-explanatory, so please take according to the diagram. Incorrect connections may cause the unit to the time to review this manual.

  • Page 5: Precautions

    Tuner Radio Menu LOCAL Press the SETUP button to display the RADIO MENU radio setup menu. Press to select your desired item, then press ENTER on the remote control. As a shortcut, you can also rotate VOL and briefly press it. AREA RADIO MENU Press[ ]or [ ] to select LOCAL, then...

  • Page 6: Maintenance, Remote Control

    Before You Start Maintenance Insert the battery into the battery holder with the (+) mark facing upward. Replacing the Fuse If a fuse is blown, disconnect the unit s power, replace the fuse, then reconnect the power. Make sure the amperage of the new fuse matches that of the old fuse.

  • Page 7: Before You Start

    Tuner Band Selector DX/LOC Selector In radio mode, repeatedly press the BAND In radio mode, press button on the radio, or OSD on the remote, remote control to switch between strong or to change to the next band. The bands are in weak station reception.

  • Page 8

    Before You Start /MOD button RESET button Press this button to turn on the unit. Press this button to reset the unit to Press and hold the button to turn the unit its factory settings. off. When the unit is on, pressing (but not holding) the button switches modes.

  • Page 9

    The unit will now back. play your IPOD on the main unit, allowing Pressing you to control the IPOD through the DP318AP. performs the same function. On-Screen Display Playing the Previous or Next Track During IPOD playback, pressing and holding...

  • Page 10

    Before You Start PWR (turn on/off) button RPT (repeat play) button GOTO(time,track) button RDM (play at random) button BAND/TITLE (band selection/ title (Play/pause) button menu) button (Stop play/ To display mode AMS/MENU/Root (preset stations, switch) button memory automatically/menu/back to root directory) button LOC/ /SUB-T (long distant or local SETUP (setup) button...

  • Page 11: Specifications

    VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG-4/USB/SD Number Buttons Program Playing During playback, you can select any track While in VCD/CD mode, you can program directly by using the number buttons on the playback sequence of your choice as the remote. follows: 1. Press PROG on the remote to display the program menu.

  • Page 12: Wiring Connections

    Installation Wiring Connection IPOD link wire White +5V Antenna Black L white Front RCA Dark Grey Video Out Grey R red L white Subwoofer Brown Rear RCA Light Grey Reverse Video In R red Brown Orange Reverse Gear Ignition Key FILTER Yellow Battery +...

  • Page 13: Inserting And Removing The Front Panel

    VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG-4/USB/SD System Button Playing Discs/USB/SD During VCD playback, press To play a disc, insert it labeled side up into the remote to select standard TV system as the disc loading slot. If the unit is off, loading following: a disc will turn the unit on automatically. When the disc is loaded, press the MODE button to begin playback.

  • Page 14

    Installation Installation Method DIN Front-Mount Bend these claws outward for a tight fit, if necessary. To support the unit Installation Method Installation using the screw holes at sides of the unit. 1. Remove the hooks on both sides. 2. Select a position where the screw holes of the mounting bracket supplied with the car and the screw...

  • Page 15: Detach The Unit

    ---Preferences page-- Disc Menu Example showing how to set Disc Menu Language: (Press (Press --Preference Page-- TV Type Auto TV Type Audio Audio Subtitle Subtitle Disc Menu Disc Menu Parental Parental Password Password Default Default Go To Preference Page Preferred Menu Language Parental Example showing how to set parental control: (Press...

  • Page 16: Cleaning The Connector

    Installation Cleaning the Connector If the connector between the main unit and the front panel is dirty, the unit may not function correctly. To avoid malfunctions, periodically detach the front panel and clean the connector with an alcohol swab. Here are some tips to protect your unit from static discharge: Clean gently to avoid damaging the connector.

  • Page 17: Reset The Unit, Turning The Unit On Or Off, Volume Control, Setting The Sound Characteristics

    --Dolby Digital Setup-- Dual Mono Example showing how to set the stereo mode: (Press (Press --Dolby Digital Setup-- Dual Mono Dynamic Go To Dolby Digital Setup Dual Mono (1+1) Setup Dynamic compression is, in simple terms, a type of volume control. Loud Dynamic sounds over a certain threshold are reduced, while quiet sounds remain unaltered.

  • Page 18: Turning Loudness On Or Off, Muting Sound, Clear, Force Disc Out, Night Mode

    Common Operations ¼ ò µ ¥ ¼ ò µ ¥ ¹ Ê Õ Ï Å Å ³ ý Ö ¸ Ä Ï Night Mode Turning Loudness On or Off In night mode, the blue screen is off and The loudness function increases the volume the button-light is dimmed.

  • Page 19: Audio Adjust

    --General Setup Page-- TV Display Example showing how to set TV Display mode: (Press (Press --General Setup Page-- TV Display Wide Angle Mark OSD Lang Captions Screen Saver Logo Type Go To General Setup Page Set TV Display mode Angle Mark Example showing how to set picture mode: (Press (Press...

  • Page 20: Video Adjust

    Main Menu EQUALIZER 2.Video Adjust Press[ ]or [ ] to select EQUALIZER, Selecting VIDEO in main menu, press then press ENTER, the setting menu ENTER to enter setting system. appears as follow: AUDIO SETUP BALANCE BASS TREBLE EQUALIZER FLAT LOUDNESS BACK The main menu includes items above.

  • Page 21: Source Setup

    Number Buttons Setting the Playing Time Typing a number on the remote control auto- During DVD mode, press matically plays the track of the number you to set the playing time, when the display entered. reads : /title time/chapter time/repeat /time disp. Press Repeat Playing ENTER to set the status.Then press...

  • Page 22: Basic Dvd Operation, Playing The Previous Or Next Track, Stopping Playback, Slow Motion Playback

    Main Menu 4.PREFERENCE SETUP Setting the time Select PREFERENCE, then press ENTER. PREFERENCE PREFERENCE CLOCK SYS CLOCK AD J CLOCK SYS 12 HOUR KEY BEEP CLOCK AD J 00:00:00 REV POLA KEY BEEP BACK REV POLA BATTERY BACK Setting CLOCK ADJ in this menu,Press [ ] and [ ] and ENTER.Press This menu can set up the above items by back to the previous menu.

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