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Clifford Tazor 4 Owner's Manual

Dei clifford tazor 4 car alarms: user guide.
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    The fol low ing are stan dard fea tures of this sys tem. Some ve hi cles may re quire op tional parts/wir ing and a few are in com pati ble with some fea tures. Lifetime warranty (see terms & conditions) þ...

  • Page 3: Your Re Mote Con Trols

    Your remotes will never transmit the same code twice, and the control unit will never accept the same code twice. Thus the code played back by the code-grabber — even the latest generation smart code-grabbers — will never be accepted by your Tazor 4 system.

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    Dealer (or direct from the Customer Service Department of your nearest Clifford Headquarters listed on the front cover) and program them into the system yourself. Tazor 4 will respond to as many as four remote controls. NOTE: Clifford G4 systems will re spond only to G4-type ACG 2 re mote con trols. Older Clif ford ACG and non- ACG re mote con trols are not com pati ble with G4 systems.

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    However, thieves can disable other alarm brands by simply hotwiring the ignition and flicking the alarm’s easy-to-find “hidden” valet switch. In contrast, your Tazor 4 system has safeguards that ensure a thief cannot enable the valet mode as a way of “turning off” your system. To enable valet mode, the driver must first enter the secret valet code on the PlainView 2 switch mounted on your vehicle’s dash or console.

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    Re mote con trolled timed head light activation option button on your remote control. Win dow AutoClose op tion Turbo timer op tion button to arm the system and lock the doors. While the system is armed, your Tazor 4 Smart Powe rUp™ 2...

  • Page 7: Smart Au Totest Ing, Smart Prior In Tru Sion At Tempt Alert

    This siren has these features: If triggered by a non-threatening event, you can silence the siren without remotely disarming. Press button Remote siren silencing: the siren is sounding. Two chirps confirm that the sensor activated the alarm and the system is remaining armed. Four chirps confirm that the system is still armed, but that the ignition is on or the hood, trunk or a door is open and that this may indeed be a genuine theft attempt.

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    If you opted to have the Clifford DataPort interface connector installed with your system, you can use our CliffNet Wizard software to access your system through your Windows PC. CliffNet Wizard will show you, on your PC screen, all your user-programmable feature settings. You can change settings simply by mouse-clicking the graphical button for each feature.

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    If you wish to reset all the user-selectable features to their normal factory presets, you can do so simply by choosing the Reset all features selection (column 1, row 7) on the Table of User-Selectable Features. If you do so, all features — except the programmed remote controls and your valet code — will be reset to the factory settings that are indicated in in column 2, row 6.

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