Canon imageprograf iPF680 Service Manual

Canon imageprograf iPF680 Service Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Service Guide...
  • Page 3 Pursuant to the authorized Service Agreement with Canon U.S.A., Inc., the Service Provider agrees to indemnify Canon U.S.A., Inc. and to hold it harmless from and against any and all claims arising out of Service Provider’s possession, use, or misuse of this Service Guide.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Contents Product Overview ..........................1 Design Features ..........................2 A. Direct Print and Share ........................2 B. imagePROGRAF Print Utility ......................2 C. Status Monitor ..........................2 D. Accounting Manager ........................2 E. Print Plug-In for Microsoft Office ...................... 3 F.
  • Page 5 C. Online Limited Warranty Credit Inquiry ..................24 VIII. Suggested End-User Customer Service Offerings ................ 26 A. End User Limited Warranty Support ....................26 1. Canon imagePROGRAF Large Format Printer Limited Warranty ..........26 2. Canon imagePROGRAF Printhead Limited Warranty .............. 26 B. On-Site Service ..........................26 C.
  • Page 6: Product Overview

    Service Guide Product Overview The Canon U.S.A. Inc. (hereafter referred to as Canon USA) line of 5-color printers is expanded with the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 24-inch large format printers. These printers provide enhancements in both software and hardware capabilities.
  • Page 7: Design Features

    Service Guide Design Features Direct Print and Share Direct Print and Share is a Canon cloud-based portal solution that helps users expand their printing workflow. • Users can upload documents to their own cloud account using any WebDAV compliant cloud service.
  • Page 8: Print Plug-In For Microsoft Office

    300ml, with the latter helping to lower the ink cost per print. Tanks may be interchanged based on user preference. Sub-Ink Tank System Canon's unique sub-ink tank system allows users to replace empty ink tanks on the fly without stopping the printer. This is extremely useful during long print jobs.
  • Page 9: Economy Print Mode

    15,360 nozzles, produces sharp detail and excellent image quality. PosterArtist Lite Canon's bundled PosterArtist Lite poster creation software allows users to create professional large format prints quickly and easily. • Create posters for Office Presentation, Trade Shows, Retail Signage and more, in four (4) easy steps •...
  • Page 10: Configuration And Box Contents

    Table 4 – imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Printer eCarePAK Options imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 eCarePAK (Extended Warranty Options) Item Item Number Printer Install 36" and under 2113V969 imagePROGRAF iPF680: 1 Year eCarePAK 1708B294AA imagePROGRAF iPF680: 2 Year eCarePAK 1708B295AA imagePROGRAF iPF685: 1 Year eCarePAK 1708B298AA...
  • Page 11: Box Contents

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Table 5 – imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Printer Supplies and Consumables Supplies and Consumables for imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Printer Item Item Number Ink tank PFI-107MBK 6704B001AA Ink tank PFI-107BK 6705B001AA Ink tank PFI-107C 6706B001AA Ink tank PFI-107M 6707B001AA Ink tank PFI-107Y 6708B001AA Ink tank PFI-207MBK 8788B001AA...
  • Page 12: Iv. Dealer Sales/Service Authorization

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide IV. Dealer Sales/Service Authorization To become authorized and maintain authorization to service an imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printer, each Dealer location must have at least two (2) technicians that have completed the imagePROGRAF iPF750/755/650/655 online training course. imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide August 2014 Page 7...
  • Page 13: Educational Training

    This training program is a comprehensive learning program, which will prepare the service technician to setup and service the imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printers. The online training course modules are available on Canon USA’s e-Support Web site. Table 7 – Online Course Modules Course Name...
  • Page 14: Who Should Apply

    Center Web site for all technicians. (Refer to the Technical Support section on the e-Support Center Web site for entitlement details.) Online Training Course The online course is located in the e-Learning center on Canon USA’s e- Support Center Web site:
  • Page 15: Vi. Servicing Notes

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide VI. Servicing Notes Enhanced Service Mode Features Enhanced firmware has been added to provide functions for service mode adjustments and troubleshooting. The service mode enhancements when applied, will help reduce service costs and maintain uptime. Refer to the imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Manual for details.
  • Page 16: Imageprograf Ipf685/680 Printer Power And Plug Requirements

    Service Guide imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Printer Power and Plug Requirements Canon USA Inc. strongly suggests dedicated and properly grounded outlets be provided for these imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printer devices. • The imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printer requires a dedicated single- phase 120V/15A NEMA 5-15 receptacle for proper operation.
  • Page 17: Packaged Weight & Dimensions

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Packaged Weight & Dimensions The imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printers’ approximate packaged weight and dimensions differ depending on how they are configured. The dimensions are for reference only and should not be confused with the required space for installation.
  • Page 18: Installation Space Requirements

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Installation Space Requirements The imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printer’s approximate installation space requirements may differ, depending on how the printer is configured and the optional accessories attached. Always ensure that there is enough space for service and operation of the device. Refer to the imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Series Service Manual for details on transportation and installation of the imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printer.
  • Page 19: Estimated Installation Times

    Estimated installation times shown are the length of time needed to unpack and install the main unit. The estimated unpacking and installation times are based on two experienced technicians. Canon USA recommends that service personnel perform the installation, with four (4) or more persons to unpack and move the printer, and two (2) or more persons to install it.
  • Page 20: Installation Service Support Tools

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Installation Service Support Tools Table 19 – imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Printer Installation Service Support Tools List Tool Remarks Hexagonal wrench (Provided with For assembling the stand and Ships with printer the printer stand) removing other fixed parts For test printing after confirming Cut sheet paper of A3 size or larger, Ships with printer...
  • Page 21: Field Replacement Parts

    Therefore, recommended parts do not have a warranty, and Canon USA cannot guarantee a minimum life. Note: All field replacement parts shown in the table below are for reference purposes only, and are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 22: Periodically Replaced Parts

    30,000 Scale, Linear QD1-0007-000 3630B003AA Printhead Main Controller Ass’y QM7-7294-000 (imagePROGRAF iPF680) Main Controller Ass’y QM7-7295-000 (imagePROGRAF iPF685) Part numbers are subject to change without notice. Periodically Replaced Parts The imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printers do not have any periodically replaced parts.
  • Page 23: Maintenance Kit

    Service Guide Maintenance Kit Canon USA has prepared an imagePROGRAF Maintenance Kit to enhance the durability of the printer, while reducing operating costs. Reduced printer downtime can be achieved when the Maintenance Kit is utilized. The printer’s built-in counters and warning messages inform end-users when the maintenance kit is required.
  • Page 24: Vii. Authorized Servicer Offerings

    VII. Authorized Servicer Offerings The Authorized Servicer program enables Canon distribution product resellers to become authorized to service the Canon products they resell. Please refer to the Authorized Servicer Program Guide (found in the Download Center of the eSupport Center web site) for details to help an Authorized Servicer become familiar with Canon USA Inc.’s business processes and the resources that are...
  • Page 25: Ascr Registration Process

    To close out the service call, Section 2 of the Service Dispatch Form must be completed and e-mailed to Canon USA will not provide labor compensation for any service not dispatched by CITS.
  • Page 26: Warranty Marketing Program

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Should these not resolve the problem; the Service Provider of record will be dispatched (See the ASCR Registration Process for instructions on how to register your company as the Service Provider of record). Labor compensation of $155.00 per incident will automatically be issued to the dispatched service provider (your company) once the service call has been closed with CITS.
  • Page 27: E-Tag Warranty Claim Console

    Service Guide To register a machine, go to the warranty section of the Canon USA’s e- Support Center web site at select the Authorized Servicer Customer Registration Form. Figure 2 – Authorized Servicer Customer Registration Form All service calls dispatched by CITS must be closed out with CITS in order to qualify for labor compensation.
  • Page 28 imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide To submit a new warranty claim, select the type of claim from the dropdown list shown below and complete the required sections of the e-Tag limited warranty claim. Figure 4 – eSupport e-Tag Warranty Claim Console A copy of the e-Tag limited warranty claim form and the machine service history should be returned with the original defective part(s) to the address provided on the bottom of the e-Tag limited warranty claim.
  • Page 29: Online Limited Warranty Credit Inquiry

    To view your Online warranty credits, log onto the ISG Central web site. Go to the Canon Network Access (CNA) site to view e-Tag warranty credit information. After authorization, parts and labor credits are posted the following business day.
  • Page 30 imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide On the CNA web site, select Warranty Credit Inquiry; then select e-Tag Warranty Claims Reimbursement to perform an e-Tag Warranty claims search as shown in the following screen shots. Figure 6 – CNA Warranty Credit Inquiry Figure 7 –...
  • Page 31: Viii. Suggested End-User Customer Service Offerings

    The imagePROGRAF Large Format Printer Limited Warranty is effective for a period of one (1) year following delivery to the original purchaser. This warranty covers the Canon brand product and accessories. Note: No warranty is given for any consumables, such as paper or ink cartridges.
  • Page 32: Ecarepak Extended Service Plan

    Reseller is unable to, or chooses not to provide post-warranty service. With the eCarePAK Extended Service Plan, the customer will receive toll-free telephone support; and if needed, on-site service for their Canon product for the duration of the extended coverage. Extended coverage plans are available with either a one (1) year or two (2) year plan.
  • Page 33: Ix. Product Technical Support Offerings

    • Track and Modify logged Cases • Review all open Cases. In order to access e-Support, you must first register for a Support ID. To register for a Support ID, go Online to the Canon USA Engineering Services Solutions Division’s...
  • Page 34: Canon Usa Isg Central Web Site

    Service Guide Figure 8 - Canon USA e-Support Login Canon USA ISG Central Web site Complete versions of the Service Guides are available on the Canon USA ISG Central web site. Access is limited to the Authorized Dealer’s Management staff; please contact your Dealer Administrator to request access to the System and Technical Support Section of ISG Central.
  • Page 35 imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide When the user is logged onto ISG Central, they must select the Engineering Services and Solutions button to access the Service Guides area of the web site as shown below. Figure 10 - ISG Central Services imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide August 2014 Page 30...
  • Page 36: Canon Usa Technical Support Center Call Escalation

    Service Guide Canon USA Technical Support Center Call Escalation Canon USA provides a time-sensitive call escalation process for all authorized imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 printer Dealers. Each caller must be fully trained on the imagePROGRAF printer for which they are calling in order to obtain telephone support.
  • Page 37: Xi. Appendix

    imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide XI. Appendix Note: All specifications are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specifications Table 25 – imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Printer Specifications Item Specifications Type Bubble jet printer Media feed system Roll paper / Cut sheet, (Manual switching) One (1) roll: Outer diameter: 150mm or less Roll paper Media loading...
  • Page 38 GARO (Graphic Arts language with Raster Printer language Operations), HP-GL/2, HP RTL Support Language Job control CPCA Status response CPCA, SNMP-MIB (Standard MIB, Canon-MIB) Memory 32GB(physical memory 256MB) Hard Disk 320GB (imagePROGRAF iPF685 only) Full Speed(12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mode...
  • Page 39 imagePROGRAF iPF685/680 Service Guide Table 26 - Printhead PF-04 Specifications Printhead PF-04 Model PF-04 Type Bubble-jet on demand Head configuration 6 colors integrated type (6 chips per print head times one (1) Printhead) Nozzle pitch 1,200 dpi x 2 MBK: 5,120 nozzle Nozzle per chip BK/C/M/Y: 2,560 nozzles for each color...
  • Page 40: Canon Imageprograf Large Format Printer Limited Warranty

    Canon Service Provider (the "Service Provider") or Canon will send you a replacement part for any defective user replaceable item. You will be charged at the then-current service call rates of Canon or the Service Provider if the defects in the Product are not covered by this limited warranty, or if the applicable warranty period for the Product has expired or warranty coverage has not been sufficiently established by appropriate documentation.
  • Page 41: Canon Imageprograf Printhead Limited Warranty

    (c) installation or repair by other than service representatives qualified by Canon who are acting in accordance with Canon's service bulletins, or (d) use of supplies or parts (other than those distributed by Canon) which damage the Printhead or cause abnormally frequent service calls or service problems. Nor does this warranty extend to any Printhead on which the original identification marks or serial numbers have been defaced, removed, or altered.
  • Page 42: List Of Tables

    Figure 6 – CNA Warranty Credit Inquiry ..................25 Figure 7 – CNA e-Tag Warranty Claims Search ................25 Figure 8 - Canon USA e-Support Login ................... 29 Figure 9 - Welcome to ISG Central ....................29 Figure 10 - ISG Central Services ..................... 30 Figure 11 –...

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