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  • Page 1 Washer-Dryer WDA 105614 User’s Manual Document Number 2820524451 / 19-12-14.(9:29)
  • Page 2 This product was manufactured using the latest technology in environmentally friendly conditions.
  • Page 3: Important Instructions For Safety And Environment

    Important instructions for safety and environment This section contains safety instructions that will help protect from risk of personal injury or property damage. Failure to follow these instructions shall void any warranty. 1.1 General safety CAUTION ¾ This product can be used by children at and above 8 years old and by persons whose physical, sensory or mental capabilities were not fully developed or who lack experience and knowledge provided that they are supervised or trained on the safe usage of the product and the risks it brings out.
  • Page 4: Product Safety

    Important instructions for safety and environment 1.1.2 Product safety DANGER ¾ Never open the loading door or remove the filter while there is still water in the drum. Otherwise, risk of flooding and scalds from hot water will occur. CAUTION ¾...
  • Page 5: Intended Use

    Important instructions for safety and environment CAUTION ¾ Drying should not be performed on leather garments or garments containing leather (e.g. leather jeans tags, etc.). Leather piece may colour. ¾ Turn off the machine in failures that cannot be eliminated by applying the information given in the safety instructions, then unplug it and call the Authorized Service Agent.
  • Page 6: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications Models WDA 105614 Maximum dry laundry capacity (kg) _Washing 10.5 Maximum dry laundry capacity (kg)_Drying Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Net weight (±4 kg.) 230 V / 50 Hz Electrical input (V/Hz) Total current (A) 2200 Total power (W) 1400 Spin speed (rpm max.)
  • Page 7: Appropriate Installation Location

    Installation Refer to the nearest Authorised Service Agent for installation of the product. To make the product ready for use, review the information in the user manual and take care that the electricity, tap water supply and water drainage systems are appropriate before calling the Authorized Service Agent.
  • Page 8: Connecting Water Supply

    Installation 1 Loosen all bolts with the tool supplied in the User Manual bag until they turn freely. (C) 2 Remove transportation safety bolts by turning them gently. 3 Attach the plastic covers supplied in the User Manual bag into the holes on the rear panel. (P) NOTE ¾...
  • Page 9: Connecting To The Drain

    Installation 1 Connect the special hoses supplied with the product to the water inlets on the product. Red hose (left) (max. 90 ºC) is for hot water inlet, blue hose (right) (max. 25 ºC) is for cold water inlet. CAUTION ¾...
  • Page 10: Adjusting The Feet

    Installation 3.7 Adjusting the feet CAUTION ¾ In order to ensure that the product operates more silently and vibration-free, it must stand level and balanced on its feet. Balance the machine by adjusting the feet. Otherwise, the product may move from its place and cause crushing and vibration problems.
  • Page 11: Sorting The Laundry

    Preparation 4.1 Sorting the laundry • Sort laundry according to type of fabric, colour, and degree of soiling and allowable water temperature. • Always obey the instructions given on the garment tags. 4.2 Preparing laundry for washing • Laundry items with metal attachments such as, underwired bras, belt buckles or metal buttons will damage the machine. Remove the metal pieces or wash the clothes by putting them in a cotton laundry bag or cotton pillow case.
  • Page 12: Correct Load Capacity

    Preparation 4.5 Correct load capacity The maximum load capacity depends on the type of laundry, the degree of soiling and the washing programme desired. The machine automatically adjusts the amount of water according to the weight of the loaded laundry. DANGER ¾...
  • Page 13 Preparation 4.7.2 Detergent, softener and other cleaning agents • Add detergent and softener before starting the washing programme. • Never leave the detergent drawer open while the washing programme is running! • When using a programme without prewash, do not put any detergent into the prewash compartment (compartment nr. "1"). •...
  • Page 14: Tips For Efficient Washing

    Preparation NOTE ¾ Tablet detergents may leave residues in the detergent compartment. If you encounter such a case, place the tablet detergent between the laundry, close to the lower part of the drum in future washings. ¾ Use the tablet or gel detergent without selecting the prewash function. 4.7.8 Using starch •...
  • Page 15 Preparation 4.9 Tips for efficient drying Programs Synthetics Cottons Drying Babyprotect + Wash&Dry Wash&Wear Drying Washes and dries Washes and dries Bed sheets, duvet directly! Bed sheets, directly! Bed sheets, covers, baby Lightly soiled and duvet covers, baby duvet covers, baby clothes, t-shirts, unstained shirt, clothes, t-shirts,...
  • Page 16: Operating The Product

    Operating the product 5.1 Control panel 6 - End Time Adjustment button 1 - Programme Selection knob 7 - Start / Pause button 2 - Temperature Adjustment button 8 - Auxiliary Function buttons 3 - Display 9 - Spin Speed Adjustment button 4 - Drying Selection knob 5 - On / Off button 5.2 Display symbols...
  • Page 17: Preparing The Machine

    Operating the product 5.3 Preparing the machine 1. Check if the hoses are connected tightly. 2. Plug in your machine. 3. Turn the tap on completely. 4. Place the laundry in the machine. 5. Add detergent and fabric softener. 5.4 Wash programme selection 1.
  • Page 18 Operating the product For curtains and tulle, use the Synthetic 40˚C programme with prewash and anti-creasing functions selected. As their meshed texture causes excessive foaming, wash the veils/tulle by putting little amount of detergent into the main wash compartment. Do not put detergent in the prewash compartment.
  • Page 19: Temperature Selection

    Operating the product Use this programme to wash your lightly soiled and unspotted cotton laundry in a short time. NOTE ¾ You can dry your laundry immediately after washing them (Automatic or scheduled drying can be made after washing). For this, you have to select the drying function too before starting the washing programme. •...
  • Page 20: Selecting The Spin Speed

    Operating the product 5.7 Selecting the spin speed 50’ 1000 88:88 Whenever a new programme is selected, the recommended spin speed for the selected programme is displayed on the Spin Speed indicator. NOTE ¾ It is possible that the recommended spin speed value is not the maximum spin speed that can be selected for the current programme.
  • Page 21: Washing And Drying Programmes

    Operating the product NOTE ¾ Load 4.5kg of laundry to dry the towels and bathrobes only. ¾ For dry weights of laundry, see Section 4, Step 4.5 5.9 Washing and Drying Programmes CAUTION ¾ Piles coming from the clothes during drying are automatically cleaned by the machine. Water is automatically taken in to perform cleaning.
  • Page 22: Programme And Consumption Table

    Operating the product 5.10 Programme and consumption table (For washing) Auxiliary functions Selectable Programme (°C) temperature range °C Cottons 10.5 2.55 1600 • • • • • • • 90-Cold Cottons 10.5 2.05 1600 • • • • • • •...
  • Page 23 Operating the product Program and consumption table (For drying) Auxiliary functions Drying level Selectable Programme (°C) temperature range °C Cotton Dry 1600 • • • • Synthetic Dry 2.45 • • • • Anti Allergy Wash&Dry 60 1600 • • •...
  • Page 24: Auxiliary Function Selection

    Operating the product 5.11 Auxiliary function selection 180’ extra 1880 88:88 Select the required auxiliary functions before starting the program. Whenever a programme is selected, frames of the auxiliary function symbols that can be selected together with it illuminate. And when you select an auxiliary function, the interior area of the auxiliary function symbol also starts to illuminate and the name of the selected function appears on display for "3"...
  • Page 25: Drying Steps

    Operating the product • Drying This function provides drying of laundry after washing. Check from the programme table in which programmes this auxiliary function is selectable. 5.12 Drying Steps 5.12.1 Iron Dry Drying is carried on until dryness level reaches Iron Dry step. 5.12.2 Wardrobe dry Drying is carried on until dryness level reaches Wardrobe Dry step.
  • Page 26: Starting The Programme

    Operating the product NOTE ¾ Do not use liquid detergents when you activate End Time function! There is the risk of staining of the clothes. ¾ Loading door remains locked during the End Time countdown period. Machine must be switched to Pause mode by pressing the Start/Pause button to open the loading door.
  • Page 27: Child Lock

    Operating the product NOTE ¾ The loading door will not open if the water temperature in the machine is high or the water level is above the door opening. 5.18 Child Lock Use Child Lock function to prevent children from tampering with the machine. Thus you can avoid any changes in a running programme. NOTE ¾...
  • Page 28: Entering The Settings Menu

    Operating the product 5. 21 Entering the Settings menu You can perform the following operations in Settings menu: • Changing the language selection, • Changing the screen brightness setting, • Turning on and off the volume, Press Temperature Adjustment button and Spin Speed Adjustment button simultaneously for 3 seconds to enter the Settings menu. “Select Language”...
  • Page 29 Operating the product 3. If you want to turn up the volume, press the light button on the lower right corner of the display when "VOLUME ON" is selected. Light goes off and “Set” appears on the display. 4. If you want to turn down the volume, press the light button on the lower right corner of the display when "VOLUME OFF" is selected. Light goes off and “Off”...
  • Page 30: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning Service life of the product extends and frequently faced problems decrease if cleaned at regular intervals. 6.1 Cleaning the detergent drawer Clean the detergent drawer at regular intervals (every 4-5 washing cycles) as shown below in order to prevent accumulation of powder detergent in time.
  • Page 31: Cleaning The Air Suction Filter

    Maintenance and cleaning 6.3 Cleaning the air suction filter To clean the air suction filter: Unplug the machine. 1 Attach the rear of the tool supplied in the Operation Manual bag to the place on the filter cap illustrated in Fig. 1. 2 Pull the filter cap towards yourself with the help of a finger after pulling the latch leftwise with the back side of the appartus as illustrated in Fig.
  • Page 32 Maintenance and cleaning CAUTION ¾ Temperature of the water inside the machine may rise up to 90 ºC. To avoid burning risk, cleaned the filter after the water in the machine cools down. 2 Open the filter cap. Press the tab on the filter cap downwards and pull the piece out towards yourself. 6.6.2 To discharge the water: a Pull the emergency draining hose out from its seat b Place a large container at the end of the hose.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Program does not start after closing the door. • Start / Pause / Cancel button was not pressed. >>> *Press the Start / Pause / Cancel button. Programme cannot be started or selected. • Machine has switched to self protection mode due to a supply problem (line voltage, water pressure, etc.). >>> Press and hold On/ Off button for 3 seconds to reset the machine to factory settings.
  • Page 34 Troubleshooting Washing takes longer than the specified in the manual.(*) • Water pressure is low. >>> Machine waits until taking in adequate amount of water to prevent poor washing quality due to the decreased amount of water. Therefore, the washing time extends. •...
  • Page 35 Troubleshooting Washing performance is poor: Clothes smell unpleasantly. (**) • Odours and bacteria layers are formed on the drum as a result of continuous washing at lower temperatures and/or in short programmes. >>> Leave the detergent drawer as well as the loading door of the machine ajar after each washing. Thus, a humid environment favorable for bacteria cannot occur in the machine.
  • Page 36 Troubleshooting Drying process lasts long. Wash the Air inlet filter with lukewarm water. • Pores of the Air inlet filter in front of the machine might be clogged. >>> Remove everything, if any, that is blocking ventilation in front of the Air inlet •...
  • Page 37 Too much foam forms in the machine. (**) • Improper detergents for the washing machine are being used. >>> Use detergents appropriate for the washing machine. • Excessive amount of detergent is used. >>> Use only sufficient amount of detergent. •...

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