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Repeat Keys - Brother AX-325 User Manual

Brother electronic typewriter user's guide
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Special note: tn thi_ Guide, the "4-" sign between two keys, like _ +_ means that
you press _ and hold it down while pressing ]_ .
1 Repeat
The fotIowing keys wilI automaticaily repeat when held down.
All Character key
_ 4- _;:
[-] (hyphen)
(carrier moves from one tab to the next)
2 Inserting
and Moving
To insert paper: insert a sheet of paper and press _ 4- _.
Paper will
advance to approximately one inch from the top edge of the paper. Press
to position the carrier on the left margin.
To move paper: Press _ + ]_ to raise the paper by 1/12 inch. Press
4-:;_ to lower the paper by 1/12 inch.
To move the paper continuously in either direction, hold down the appro-
priate key(s) for more than half a second.
If you raise/lower the paper more than !/12 inch, the correction memory is
3 Viewing
Press _ ÷ [VIEW] to turn the viewing mode on or off.
(2D ©
Viewing Mode OFF
During continuous typing and during viewing, the paper remains at the
typing position.
4 Margins
Move the carrier to the desire0 position for the new left or right margin
using H
or [SPACE].
TO move beyond the position of a current margin, first position the carrier
on the margin and press [ALT] + _.
5 "i
When the carrier is on the desired position, press [ALT] + [<---{ ( if you are
setting the left margin), or [ALT] + 1-_ (if you are setting the right margin).
The minimum distance between the left and right margins is two (2)
inches, i.e. either 20 characters (Pica pitch), 24 characters (Elite pitch). -
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