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Dell Rugged 7220 User Manual page 16

Rugged barcode scanner module with usb for latitude
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4. Select one of following scanner modes:
Multi Scan Mode—Scans the barcode continuously one after
Single Scan Mode—Scans only one barcode at a time and
5. Select one of the following options in the prefix and suffix settings:
None—Displays the scanned data without any settings.
Alphanumeric Character—Specify an alphanumeric character to
add with the scanned data.
Recording—Record any key or key combination to add along with
the scanned data. For example, Record Enter in the suffix settings
to capture the next scanned data in next line.
The barcode scanner is configured and displayed in the Feature List
Use Dell Rugged Scanner with USB
1. To use the barcode scanner, do one of the following:
Go to FEATURE LIST > Barcode, and click.
Go to Programmable Buttons or Edge Menus, and select
Barcode Scanner.
The Barcode Scanner is launched.
2. Open any input source such as Notepad, Excel, Word, and so on to
capture the barcode.
Ensure that the cursor is positioned in the input source.
3. Place the barcode in front of the scanner. The barcode is captured in
the input source.
Supported Symbologies
The supported symbologies can vary depending on your system.
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