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Dell Rugged 7220 User Manual page 15

Rugged barcode scanner module with usb for latitude
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Serial mode requires a driver that must be installed in your system.
Ensure that you restart Rugged Control Center if it is running in your
system after connecting the scanner or changing the communication
About this task
To setup the scanner using serial mode communication, do the following:
1. By default, the scanner is set to the serial mode.
If the scanner is not set to the serial mode, scan the barcode
2. In your system, go to Device Manager and expand the Ports section.
3. Search for HoneyWell Gen7DB(COM xx).
4. Right-click HoneyWell Gen7DB(COM xx) and select Properties.
5. In the Properties window, go to Power Management and clear the
Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power checkbox.
6. Click OK and close Device Manager.
Configure Dell Rugged Scanner module with USB
1. Restart your system, and launch Dell Rugged Control Center.
2. Go to Settings > Barcode Settings.
3. Go to Scanner and select one of the following Scanner Source from
the drop-down menu:
Dell Scanner Module—This is the old scanner providing Magstripe
reader along with Zebra scan engine.
Dell Scanner Module with USB—This is the new scanner
providing Honeywell scan engine with 2x USB-A ports.
Rear Camera—Uses the system rear camera, if applicable.
Front Camera—Uses the system front camera.
To view the supported symbologies of Dell Rugged Scanner
module, Dell Rugged Scanner module with USB, and camera-
based scanners, see
the symbologies in the Settings section.
after installing the driver.
symbologies. You can also view
RCC User Guide│ 15

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