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Maintenance - AEG ALT58BC Original Instructions Manual


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Use only ABC58S charger for charging the battery pack. Do not use battery
pack from other systems.
Compatible battery pack: ABP58LI401
Battery acid may leak from damaged batteries under extreme load or extreme
temperatures. In case of contact with battery acid, wash it off immediately with
soap and water. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly for at least 10 minutes
and immediately seek medical attention.
WARNING! To reduce the risk of fire, personal injury, and product
damage due to a short circuit, never immerse your tool, battery pack,
or charger in fluid or allow a fluid to flow inside them. Corrosive or
conductive fluids, such as seawater, certain industrial chemicals, and
bleach or bleach-containing products, etc., can cause a short circuit.
Even when the product is used as prescribed, it is still impossible to completely
eliminate certain residual risk factors. The following hazards may arise during
use, and the operator should pay special attention to avoid the following:
injury caused by vibration
Hold the product by designated handles and restrict working time
and exposure.
injury caused by exposure to noise
Wear hearing protection and limit exposure.
injury caused by flying debris
Wear eye protection at all times.
Contact with cutting means. Ensure that the blade protectors are fitted when
the product is not in use. Keep hands and feet away from the blades at all
Kickback can occur when using the brushcutter. Ensure proper control by
using both hands on the designated handles. Read and follow the directions
elsewhere in this manual to help reduce the risk of kickback.
Risk of falling objects. During brushcutting, wear head protection if there is
any risk of falling objects.
It has been reported that vibrations from handheld tools may contribute
to a condition called Raynaud's Syndrome. Symptoms may include tingling,
numbness, and blanching of the fingers, usually apparent upon exposure to
cold. Hereditary factors, exposure to cold and dampness, diet, smoking, and
work practices are all thought to contribute to the development of these
symptoms. There are measures that can be taken by the operator to possibly
reduce the effects of vibration:
Keep your body warm in cold weather. When using the product, wear
gloves to keep the hands and wrists warm. It is reported that cold weather
is a major factor contributing to Raynaud's Syndrome.
After each period of operation, exercise to increase blood circulation.
Take frequent work breaks. Limit the amount of exposure per day.
If you experience any of the symptoms of this condition, immediately
discontinue use and see your physician.
WARNING! Injuries may be caused, or aggravated, by prolonged use
of a tool. When using any tool for prolonged periods, ensure you take
regular breaks.
The cordless line trimmer / brushcutter is intended to be used only by adults
who have read and understood the instructions and warnings in this manual
and can be considered responsible for their actions. The product is only
intended for use outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
For safety reasons, the product must be adequately controlled by a two-
handed operation.
The product fitted with the line trimmer head (and appropriate guard) is
intended for cutting long grass, pulpy weed, and similar vegetation at or about
ground level.
When fitted with the blade (and appropriate guard), it can also cut bushes. The
cutting plane should be approximately parallel to the ground surface.
The product should not be used to cut or trim hedges, bushes, or other
vegetation where the cutting plane is not parallel to the ground surface. Do
not use the product for any purpose not listed in the Specified Conditions
Of Use.
See pages 5-6.
Attachment hanger
Bike handle
Upper shaft
Lower shaft
Brushcutter guard
Blade head
Throttle trigger
Line trimmer head
Line trimmer guard
Throttle lock
Stop the product, remove the battery pack, and allow the product to cool down
before storing or transporting.
Clean all foreign materials from the product. Store it in a cool, dry, and well-
ventilated place that is inaccessible to children. Keep away from corrosive
agents, such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Do not store outdoors.
If a cutting blade is fitted, cover it with the blade protector.
For storage, always remove the battery pack.
For transportation in a vehicle, secure the product against movement or falling
to prevent injury to persons or damage to the product.


WARNING! Use only AEG accessories and AEG spare parts. Failure to
do so can cause possible injury, contribute to poor performance, and may
void your warranty. Should components need to be replaced which have
not been described, please contact one of our AEG service agents (see our
list of guarantee/service addresses).
WARNING! Servicing requires extreme care and knowledge and
should be performed only be a qualified service technician. For service,
bring the product to an authorised service centre for repair. When
servicing, use only original replacement parts.
WARNING! Make sure that the nylon locking nut torque is ≥ 25 Nm
when assembling the blade. Failure to follow this procedure can result in
serious injury. Nylon locking nut should have at least 4 turns after finger
Switch off and remove the battery pack before conducting any maintenance
or cleaning work.
You may only make adjustments and repairs described in this manual. For
other repairs, contact an authorised service centre.
For the replacement line, use only nylon filament line of the diameter described
in the specification table of this manual.
After extending the new cutter line, always return the product to its normal
operating position before starting.
After each use, clean the product with a soft, dry cloth. Any part that is
damaged should be properly repaired or replaced by an authorised service
Check all nuts, bolts, and screws before each use and at frequent intervals for

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