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Free-motion Quilting - Brother EX-660 Operation Manual

Computerized sewing machine.
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Free-motion quilting

With free-motion quilting, the feed dogs can be
lowered (using the feed dog position lever) so that
the fabric can be moved freely in any direction.
The optional quilting foot is needed for free-motion
Remove the presser foot and the presser foot
• For details, refer to "Removing the presser
foot holder" (page 25).
Align the quilting foot with the lower-left side
of the presser bar.
The pin on the quilting foot should be
positioned over the needle clamp screw.
a Pin on quilting foot
b Presser foot holder screw
c Needle clamp screw
Hold the quilting foot in place with your right
hand, and then tighten the presser foot holder
screw using the screwdriver in your left hand.
a Presser foot holder screw
● Be sure to securely tighten the screws with
the screwdriver, otherwise the needle may
touch the presser foot, causing it to bend or
Slide the feed dog position lever, located at the
rear of the machine on the base, to
the right as seen from the front of the machine).
a Feed dog position lever
(as seen from the rear of the machine)
The feed dogs are lowered.
Turn on the sewing machine, and then select a
Use both hands to hold the fabric taut, then
move the fabric to follow the pattern.
Reinforcement stitches are sewn at the
beginning and end of sewing.
a Pattern
After sewing is finished, slide the feed dog
position lever to
(to the left as seen from
the front of the machine) to raise the feed dogs.
• Normally, the feed dog position lever is
positioned at


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