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Brother BAS-423 Supplement Sheet

Standard adjustments flat to cap conversion.
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BAS- 423-1230 (Flat To Cap Conversion)
With the power to the machine in the ON position.
1) Remove the tubular arms by releasing the clasps on the pantograph.
2) Remove the Flat needle plate (A) and replace with the Cap needle plate. On all Heads.
(Leave the screw slightly loose for later adjustment).
3) Move the needle case to needle #1. (Using the "Needle Select" button).
4) Using your fingers pull needle #1 down until it locks into place. On All Heads.
5) Place a folded business card between the presser foot and needle plate. Repeat All
6) Turn the pulley in the direction of the arrow to 200 degrees. The needle will lower
the business card.
7) Loosen the screw that secures the presser foot (B) and adjust the height of the foot to the
card, then re-tighten screw.
8) Turn the pulley back to 100 degrees and remove the business card.
9) Turn the pulley in the direction of the arrow to 200 degrees.
10) Align the hole in the needle plate to the needle to ensure proper clearance during sewing.
Then tighten the needle plate screws.
11) Press the "Thread Trimming" button on the control panel. To return the needle to home.
12) Slide the cap driver unit onto the lower arm of the machine and place the driver over the
locator pins (C) and secure with the small black thumb nuts (D).
13) Slide the guide bar (F) into the hole to the rear of the arm until it stops.
14) Tighten the black thumb knob (G) to secure the pivot bar.
15) Slide the rocker arm bracket (H) under the pantograph (M) and pivot the arm (K) to
the bracket to the pantograph. (Be sure the arm has been pivoted before preceding to
16) Attach the black thumb screw (J) located on the right side of the cap system and tighten
securely. Note: When securing this thumb screw please be sure it has both a spring
and flat washer. This will eliminate some registration problems.
17) Repeat steps 12 through 16 for the remaining two machine heads heads.
18) Turn the machine off and move the switch (L) to "CAP" mode and turn the power back

Standard Adjustments

SB 2000/2 - 002


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