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Whirlpool W11411645A Quick Start Manual

Water and ice dispenser controls
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Water and Ice Dispenser Controls
A. Ice/Water dispenser paddle
Press Ice/Water to toggle through the following choices in a
continuous loop:
� Water (default) - Dispenses water.
� Cubed - Dispenses cubed ice.
� Crushed - Dispenses crushed ice.
1. Select water.
2. Press a sturdy glass against the water dispenser paddle.
NOTE: While dispensing water and for 3 seconds after
dispensing has stopped, the digital display will show how much
water has been dispensed.
3. Remove the glass to stop dispensing.
Measured Fill allows you to dispense a specified amount of water
with the touch pad.
NOTE: The amount of water you select will be dispensed. Be sure
that the container is empty and can hold the entire volume. If ice is
in the container, you may need to adjust your selection.
Household water pressure may affect the accuracy of the
Measured Fill feature. For optimum performance of your water
dispenser, you must first calibrate Measured Fill. For best results,
calibration should be performed when water is not being used in
the house.
How to calibrate Measured Fill:
IMPORTANT: Flush the water system before calibrating Measured
1. Place a sturdy measuring cup (1-cup [237 mL] size) on the
dispenser tray centered in front of the ice/water dispenser
NOTE: Depending on your model, a measuring cup may be
2. Press and hold the Options and Lock buttons at the same time
for 3 seconds. The words "Back" and "1 Cup" will appear on the
display screen. Also, the Calibrate Measured Fill icon will
illuminate and remain lit while the Measured Fill feature is being
NOTE: You may press Ice Type "Back" at any time to exit
calibration mode. The Calibrate Measured Fill icon will disappear.
3. Press and release the water dispenser paddle, as needed, to
dispense water to the 1 cup fill line.
NOTE: If overfilling or spilling occurs, discard the water and
press "Back" to restart the calibration process.
4. Press Measured Fill to turn on the feature. When the feature is
on, the Measured Fill screen appears on the display.
When Measured Fill calibration has been confirmed, the
Calibration icon will disappear and the display will return to the
home screen.
1. Press Measured Fill to turn the feature on. When the feature is
on, the Measured Fill screen appears on the display. Press Ice/
Water "Back" to manually turn off the Measured Fill feature.
NOTE: The dispenser will automatically turn off Measured Fill
after 1 minute of inactivity. When Measured Fill is turned off,
any changes you have made will be lost and all defaults will be
2. You can dispense water by the ounce, cup, or liter. The default
unit is ounces. To switch to cups or liters, press the Light
Default, minimum, and maximum volumes are listed below.
3. Press the Lock and Options buttons to adjust the volume as
desired. The Lock button increases the volume, and the
Options button lowers the volume.
NOTE: Most coffee cups (commonly 4 to 6 oz [118 to 177 mL]
per cup) are not the same size as a measuring cup (8 oz [237
mL]). You may need to adjust the volume to avoid
unintentionally overfilling coffee cups.
When increasing or decreasing the dispense volumes, if an
adjustment button (-/+) is held for approximately 10 seconds or
longer the control may stop responding. Release the button for
approximately 2 seconds and then continue making the



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  • Page 1 F F r r e e n n c c h h D D o o o o r r B B o o t t t t o o m m M M o o u u n n t t D D i i s s p p e e n n s s i i n n g g a a n n d d S S t t o o r r a a g g e e G G u u i i d d e e Water and Ice Dispenser Controls NOTE: You may press Ice Type “Back”...
  • Page 2: Temperature-Controlled Drawer

    4. Dispense water. 3. Remove the glass to stop dispensing. NOTE: While dispensing water, the digital display will count NOTE: Ice may continue to dispense for several seconds after down how much water remains to be dispensed, according to removing the glass from the dispenser paddle. The dispenser the volume you selected.
  • Page 3 To remove EasySlide bin: DISABLING SOUNDS 1. Remove all three crisper drawers. � To turn off all control and dispenser sounds, press and hold 2. Hold the upper sliding lid near the trim and lift up to remove. Ice/Water and Measured Fill at the same time for 3 seconds. Remove the lower lid.
  • Page 4 G G u u i i d d e e d d e e r r a a n n g g e e m m e e n n t t e e t t d d u u d d i i s s t t r r i i b b u u t t e e u u r r d d u u r r é é f f r r i i g g é é r r a a t t e e u u r r à à p p o o r r t t e e à à d d o o u u b b l l e e b b a a t t t t a a n n t t e e t t c c o o n n g g é...
  • Page 5 2. Il est possible de puiser l’eau par once, par tasse ou par litre. L’écran affiche « Ice » (glaçons) et indique le type de glace L’unité utilisée par défaut est l’once. Pour passer aux tasses ou sélectionné (concassée ou sous forme de glaçons). aux litres, appuyer sur le bouton Light (éclairage).
  • Page 6 Pour replacer le bac EasySlide : Appuyer sur Select (sélectionner) pour alterner entre les 1. Incliner légèrement l’arrière du bac vers le haut. différents réglages de température. L’icône s’allume lorsque le réglage souhaité est sélectionné. 2. Aligner l’arête centrale et les languettes du bac EasySlide avec les arêtes et encoches du cabinet.
  • Page 7 G G u u í í a a d d e e d d e e s s p p a a c c h h o o y y a a l l m m a a c c e e n n a a m m i i e e n n t t o o d d e e l l r r e e f f r r i i g g e e r r a a d d o o r r d d e e d d o o s s p p u u e e r r t t a a s s c c o o n n m m o o n n t t a a j j e e e e n n l l a a p p a a r r t t e e i i n n f f e e r r i i o o r r Controles del despachador de agua y hielo Cómo calibrar Measured Fill (Llenado medido):...
  • Page 8 2. Puede despachar agua por onza, taza o litro. La unidad La palabra “Ice” (Hielo) aparecerá en la pantalla cuando se prefijada es onzas. Para cambiar a tazas o litros, presione el seleccione hielo picado o en cubos. botón Light (Luz). Para obtener hielo picado, los cubos de hielo se trituran antes de A continuación se enlistan los volúmenes prefijados, mínimos y despacharse.
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