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Sanyo CDM-100R Operating Instructions

Cd changer remote control system


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Summary of Contents for Sanyo CDM-100R

  • Page 2: Parts And Their Functions

    BEFORE USING THE SYSTEM PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Be sure to press reset button when all wiring is completed. Load the discs into the CO magazine and install the magazine into the CO changer. INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL DISPLAY UNIT CDM-1 OOR (Wiring-Using FM Modulator) This system is designed to convert CD sound into FM signals (89.1 MHz or Remote control 88.7 MHz) and play them on the existing FM car stereo.
  • Page 3: Cd Changer Operation

    10 seconds each, and this operation is repeated. When optional SANYO CD Changer (FXD-Cl 00 or FXD-C200) are connected. When the scan button (@) is pressed for two seconds or more, m Playing a CD Press the play/pause button (@ ) or (0).
  • Page 4 CDM-IOOR (Wiring-FM Modulator unit) T o c a r a n t e n n a M o d u l a t o r R C A L i n e o u t F u s e 2 A Connect to where the power is Connect to where the wwer is supplied when the ACC power or...
  • Page 5: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL INSTALLATION Remote controller How to load the lithium battery (Reverse side) Installation of the display unit: Peel off the removable seal on the top of the numerical sequence shown in the diagram. display unit and install it in a location that will not obstruct driving.

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