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GE XL Vu Quick Start Manual page 2

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Left Soft Key
: Activates screen command listed on system LCD. This
key will primarily be used to go BACK one screen.
: Turns system power on/off. Also used to exit menus,
return to live/frozen video and disable image control features.
Joystick: Controls All-Way articulation. Press to activate Live Main Menu,
Recalled Image Menu, and Freeze Frame Menu. Push joystick left/right/up/
down to navigate menus and sub-menus.
: Press and release to keep bending neck locked
Steering Control
in place after joystick is released. A
lock will appear on LCD when
enabled. Press and release again to unlock steering control. The
will disappear from LCD when disabled. Press and hold to engage HOME
function to straighten bending neck.
symbol will appear during HOME
: Freezes image on-screen. Also acts as enter key for
selecting options.
: Activates screen command listed on system LCD.
Right Soft Key
This key will primarily be used to SELECT active menu choices.
Still Images
To capture still image, compose picture, and press and release FREEZE
FRAME button. Press
right soft key with SAVE on LCD above to save to
default location. Alternately, from live video, press and hold
Freeze/Enter to auto-save.
To record live video, press and hold
left soft key labeled RECORD on
LCD above. A red record symbol will appear in the upper right hand corner.
When the video is stopped, it will automatically save to the default location.
System Power Off
Press and hold
Power/Exit key until "SYSTEM SHUTTING DOWN"
message apears. Key illumination and LED probe lights will go out when
system is completely powered down.
System Storage
Carefully place insertion tube and handset into the storage case. LCD screen
should face up.