Safety Precautions - Hitachi L44 Instruction Manual

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Safety Precautions

Never use the probe if the probe is damaged.
Do not use the latex probe cover for latex sensitive patients.
The probe cover, which contains latex, may cause allergic
reactions such as itching, rubor, urticaria, swelling, fever,
anhelation, wheezing, depression of blood pressure, and shock.
Keep the acoustic power low and minimize the ultrasound exposure
time for the examination of an early pregnancy.
Do not expose the connector to water or other liquids. The
connector is not waterproof.
Do not hit or drop the probe. The probe is easily damaged by
mechanical shock.
Do not use detergents and disinfectants other than listed in
"8.2 Suppliers list".
Use a sterile probe cover to avoid staining or damaging the
acoustic lens.
Clean, disinfect and sterilize the probe and the elasto coupler
before the first use as it is not sterilized in the factory.
Use only the soft cloth or tissue to clean the acoustic lens.
A biopsy should be performed only by a well-trained physician.
Do not attach unapproved devices to the probe.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents